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Science of People reaches millions of curious minds every month. Whether you’re reading our articles, watching our videos, or taking one of our courses, our mission is to demystify the world of human interaction – giving you actionable and fun ways to be people smart.

Van Edwards

AUTHOR & Founder

Hi, I’m Vanessa, and I am a recovering awkward person. I’m also the Lead Investigator at Science of People and the bestselling author of Captivate and Cues. My courses and Youtube training have helped over 50 million people level up their people skills. I give workshops for incredible companies like Google, Microsoft, and Nike.

I created People School for students who want to be master communicators. My mission is to help introverts leverage their strengths, show high achievers how to activate their secret skills, and teach awkward people to feel more confident. I currently live in Austin, Texas, with my daughter and husband of 10+ years.

More about Vanessa.

Scott Edwards

Scott Edwards

I run Operations, Marketing, and Technology at Science of People. I built the very first version of the website when Vanessa told me about her idea to help others with their communication. I officially joined the team as CEO in 2017.

I love working with data, systems, and, automation that enable small businesses to act big. If you’ve read Cues, I lean towards competence and love a good fact-checking mission.

Robert Hwang

Content Specialist

My name is Rob Hwang, and I’m passionate about people. But I didn’t always get along with them. When I was a child, I’d hang out alone in the corner by the tree. But as I silently watched, I slowly developed a superpower of my own. I saw exactly how others socialized. Why they laugh. What makes them tick. And how to be influential. And through my people-watching, I became a slightly more normal human being in the process (I’m still getting there!).

Through Science of People, I’m able to fully combine my passions for people skills and writing by managing the brand’s content.

Carolyn Remillard

Support Specialist

Hello! My name is Carolyn, and I am a jill-of-all-trades here at Science of People. I have always found people fascinating, and I love to work at a company so dedicated to understanding and helping people in a powerful way. I love the new daily dose of adventure that being Vanessa’s executive assistant brings!

Logan Hailey

Content Writer

Howdy! I’m Logan Hailey. I am a vivacious writer, van life nomad, and entrepreneur. I am passionate about helping people optimize their mindset and wellness to become the best version of themselves. I’ve always been a loquacious “people person” who loves to learn from others and make connections everywhere I go.

I write about personal development, communication, business, a healthy lifestyle, and joyful living. Through Science of People, I am able to merge these passions to empower others to become better leaders and forge deeper connections with their fellow humans.

Galina Hitching

Content Writer

I’m Galina Hitching, a trauma-informed writer who loves far-off places and multicultural communication. When my gap year turned into two years of living overseas, I knew I’d never see the world in the same way again. Connecting with people of different cultures changed my worldview. It opened my eyes to see each person has value and beauty if I just look for it.

As a Writer for Science of People, I’m passionate about equipping others to see that value in themselves and others.

Krista Brown

Content Writer

Hi, I’m Krista and I think humans are fascinating! Why do we behave the way we do? What about our behavior is learned and what is taught? How can we become the best version of ourselves possible? I grew up stuck in-between spaces—I was an American kid living in Eastern Europe, a classically trained violinist performing improv with an indie-alternative band, and an avid tea drinker working at a coffee shop. My desire to fit in led me to analyze and adapt to the people around me. But what that observation really taught me is that for one reason or another, almost everyone feels like they “don’t belong” sometimes. It’s part of the mess of being human.

Through Science of People, I’m able to use my lifetime of analyzing (and overanalyzing) to write content that I hope helps others navigate the good, the hard, and the beautiful of being human.

Claire Siyan Li

Content Writer

Hi, I am Claire. I am a management consultant by day and a Hollywood investigator by night. I have an MBA from Duke University and am obsessed with extracting insights about communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills from talk shows, TV series, and movies.

I have personally used and coached hundreds of people to use those “Hollywood insights” to stand out in job interviews, win national business competitions, and create effective presentations for c-suites. I am passionate about combining Hollywood content with professional career development. Science of People has enabled me to make career advice fun! 

Valerie Cantella

Valerie Cantella
Content Writer

Hi, I’m Valerie Cantella, a multi-passionate professional and recovering perfectionist who loves personal growth and sharing the joy of new discoveries. As a little girl, I spent hours forming letters that turned into words, sentences, paragraphs, articles, and books. That love of writing, partnered with challenging life experiences, inspired a desire to encourage, elevate, and support others. I write to connect, reflect, and share in the journey toward a wholehearted, extraordinary, and authentic life.

When not writing for the Science of People, I enjoy walking on the beach in Santa Barbara, California, with my husband and yellow lab, traveling, and visiting my three children.

Vanessa Mae Rameer

Content Writer

Hey there! My name is Vanessa Mae Rameer, but most people call me Vans. I assisted with research for Cues and currently write from an empirically minded perspective. I’m constantly wondering what the science behind the human experience is. I was that girl in class that always asked way too many questions! From a young age, I would ask my parents and caregivers questions like, “What is the meaning of life?” and more philosophical ones like, “Why don’t dogs wipe their behinds?” Most of my days are spent working in nature with an animal companion by my side. I’m embracing the entrepreneur and wannabe homesteader life with plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology.

I love that through my writing at Science of People, I can help make complicated scientific information readable and understandable so you can apply it to your own life. I know I do for mine!

Mia Barnes

Content Writer

Hi! My name is Mia Barnes, a writer who walks to the beat of her own drum. (Get it? Writer pun.) I am passionate about personal wellness and healthy living, and I aspire to help others become a little better every day—along with myself! You can find me reading romance novels and attempting new recipes when not writing. 

I love people. Writing for Science of People has allowed me to help others help themselves.

Rosey LaVine

Content Writer

I’m a communications consultant who enjoys empowering people and brands to showcase their value with clear communication. People fascinate me! Throughout my career in the nonprofit and leadership development space, I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to interview people worldwide and share their unique, incredible stories with a global audience. My insatiable curiosity for what makes people come alive drives me to write daily. Whether I’m writing a story, content article, marketing email, poem, or encouragement note, my desire is to inspire, connect, and empower.

Science of People is an exciting outlet to share learnings and observations with others who are looking for ways to better connect and communicate.

Crystal Myler

Content Writer

Hey, my name is Crystal Myler, and I’m an extrovert. As in, the 98th percentile. So, yes, I love people! But that also means I’ve spent years figuring out how to talk to introverts without terrifying them. My first solution was combining a communications major with a theater minor. It got me funny looks but helped me realize that a boardroom pitch and a Broadway stage are both performances, just for specific audiences. Nowadays, I work as a film producer; sitting alone in my at-home office… seeing almost no one for days at a time, then busting out after hours to attend an exercise class, watch live theater, and occasionally perform on stage or screen.

I’m a complete Science of People convert—I read Vanessa’s articles and emails for years before joining the team. Now, I’m excited to give you even more awesome science in an enjoyable read.

Charlie Evans

Content Writer

Hello! I’m Charlie. With a BSc in human biology and a Masters in bioscience, as well as practical experience in developing nutritional supplements, I am an experienced biologist, especially in all topics related to health. I’ve always been interested in people and how they work, right from their physiology to their psychology. I worked with Science of People right back at its conception a few years ago, so I am thrilled to be part of the team again and write about the subjects that really matter to me.

Mike Mantell

Content Writer

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m a former mathlete and actuary turned relationship coach and connection nerd. 

I graduated with a degree in mathematics, but it didn’t take long for me to see the limits of numbers and logic. Curious what this “life” thing was all about, I bicycled between Buddhist monasteries and ashrams, spending weeks at a time in silent meditation. Interestingly, what struck me most about these spiritual traditions was the community aspect. 

I came to believe that human connection is both our greatest source of meaning and the most effective practice grounds for personal growth. So I trained as a life coach and relationship coach, studied trauma-informed healing modalities, and co-created several communities.

It is an act of joy to research these invaluable topics and share my learnings to help others live more fulfilling and connected lives.

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