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Here are 300 of the absolute best this or that questions for couples, kids, and even Christmas! Read our list to find your faves and get the conversation going with friends and family.

This or that questions are a fun way to lighten up any conversation and help to break the ice. Each person has to choose one of two choices, making it a fun and surprisingly revealing game to play. Whether you ask these in rapid-fire succession or pause to talk more about why the person chose what they did, you can look forward to some laughs and surprises along the way.

The 25 Best This or That Questions 

  1. Notorious or unnoticed? 
  2. Regrets or no regrets? 
  3. Hero or mentor? 
  4. Misunderstood or unappreciated? 
  5. Loved or respected? 
  6. Accidental CC or reply all?
  7. Heartbreaker or heartbroken? 
  8. Be a polyglot or instrumentalist? 
  9. Past or future? 
  10. Dine alone or watch a movie alone? 
  11. Whisper or shout? 
  12. Finish or find? 
  13. Gullible or deceptive? 
  14. Read thoughts or speak to animals? 
  15. No more social media or no more messaging apps?
  16. Cookies or cake? 
  17. Be an only child or the oldest of 12? 
  18. Dinner party or picnic? 
  19. Tomato is a fruit, or tomato is a vegetable? 
  20. Warm climate or all seasons? 
  21. Happy songs or sad songs? 
  22. Are windows open or closed? 
  23. Government aid or community support? 
  24. Leggings or sweats? 
  25. Loafers or flannel?

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Funny This or That Questions 

  1. Raw onions or Brussel sprouts? 
  2. Be a chair or a table?
  3. Lose your hair or your sense of smell? 
  4. One hundred days in Antarctica or 100 days on the moon? 
  5. Wear swim goggles to a first date or a cape to work? 
  6. Act like a chicken or a donkey? 
  7. Sticky or smelly? 
  8. Meme-famous or commercial-famous? 
  9. No internet or no running water? 
  10. Foot tattoo or wrist tattoo? 
  11. Bifocals or just pretend you can see? 
  12. Ask someone to repeat what they said or nod and smile. 
  13. Blind date or double date? 
  14. Break up via text or email? 
  15. Rhymes or riddles? 
  16. Become as tiny as an ant or as tall as a giraffe? 
  17. Magical strength or an invisibility cape? 
  18. No eyelashes or no eyebrows? 
  19. Sweet or smart? 
  20. Always carry a purple umbrella or a cane decorated with flames? 
  21. PT Cruiser or Nissan Cube?
  22. Beanie or beret? 
  23. Saturday morning cartoons or Sunday morning breakfast? 
  24. Lukewarm tea or cold mashed potatoes? 
  25. Vacation with your in-laws or your next-door neighbor? 

This or That Questions for Kids 

  1. T-Rex or Stegosaurus? 
  2. Christmas every day or summer year round? 
  3. Squishy toys or toy cars? 
  4. Play outside or inside?
  5. Forts or climbing trees? 
  6. Tadpoles or toads?
  7. Kittens or puppies? 
  8. Talking or reading?
  9. Drums or Guitar? 
  10. Art class or math class? 
  11. Lunchtime or P.E.? 
  12. Oreos with milk or without milk? 
  13. Are brothers or sisters better? 
  14. Swimming or biking? 
  15. A giant grasshopper or a tiny dinosaur? 
  16. Swim in jello or swim in chocolate milk? 
  17. Have a pet rhinoceros or porcupine? 
  18. Ride on a kangaroo or an eagle? 
  19. Live in a submarine or on a tiny island? 
  20. Football or baseball? 
  21. Lead or follow? 
  22. Lost in the woods or lost in the mountains? 
  23. Parachuting or bungee jumping? 
  24. Fries with jello or pizza with icing? 
  25. Indoor camping or scavenger hunt? 

This or That Questions for Couples 

  1. Hugging or kissing? 
  2. Calling or texting?
  3. Talking or cuddling? 
  4. Affirmation or gifts? 
  5. Quality time or acts of service?
  6. Plan it or wing it? 
  7. Date night out or in? 
  8. Travel with friends or just us? 
  9. Eating or shopping? 
  10. Logic or emotions? 
  11. Sports or hiking? 
  12. Art or music? 
  13. Road trip or staycation? 
  14. Polo and shorts or a suit and tie? 
  15. Flats and a tee or a dress and heels? 
  16. Leather jacket or jean jacket? 
  17. White tee or miniskirt? 
  18. Boxers or briefs? 
  19. Statement cardigan or sports jacket?
  20. Cargo shorts or dad sneakers?
  21. PDA or no PDA? 
  22. Meet the parents or meet the ex? 
  23. Fancy dinner or takeout and a movie? 
  24. Growth or security? 
  25. Only biological children or biological children and adoption? 
  26. Stability or taking risks? 
  27. Stay-at-home parent or breadwinner?  
  28. Leave first or arrive first? 
  29. Emotional support or financial support? 
  30. Marriage or career? 

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This or That Questions for Adults


  1. Pumpkin spice or salted caramel?
  2. La La Land or Moulin Rouge?
  3. Paleo or Vegan? 
  4. Work from home or at the office? 
  5. Early or late?  
  6. Glasses or contacts? 
  7. Beard or clean shaved? 
  8. Call or text?
  9. Pockets or zippers? 
  10. Friends or family? 
  11. Friday night or Saturday morning? 
  12. World Cup or Super Bowl? 
  13. Wimbledon or The Masters? 
  14. The Louvre or The Metropolitan Museum of Art? 
  15. The Grammy Award or the Academy Awards? 
  16. Fiction or non-fiction? 
  17. Forest or desert? 
  18. Mug or glass? 
  19. Bowl or plate?
  20. French press or pour over? 
  21. Tea bag or loose leaf? 
  22. Plant as a pet or animal as a child? 
  23. Surf or turf? 
  24. Endless talker or monosyllable responder? 

Deep This or That Questions 

  1. Safety or opportunity? 
  2. Tears or laughter? 
  3. Tiny home or mansion?
  4. Live in one place or move around? 
  5. Live alone or with a family? 
  6. Follow your dreams or follow your partner? 
  7. Save or spend? 
  8. Outdoors or indoors? 
  9. Globalism or localism? 
  10. Drive or walk? 
  11. Renovate or repair? 
  12. Planner or phone calendar? 
  13. Budget or no budget? 
  14. Save for your kid’s college or your retirement? 
  15. Yes or no? 
  16. Likable or responsible? 
  17. Organize everything or plan nothing? 
  18. Filial piety or patriotism? 
  19. Collectivism or individualism? 

This or That Food Questions

  1. Fried chicken or grilled chicken?
  2. Fish tacos or carne asada?
  3. Chinese or pizza?
  4. Dim sum or sushi? 
  5. Chicken and waffles or biscuits and gravy?
  6. Fries with ice cream or ranch dressing?
  7. Cheese apple pie or peach apple pie?
  8. Peanut butter on a burger or hot sauce on a burger?
  9. Salted watermelon or toasted flour watermelon?
  10. Century egg or pickled plums?
  11. Dessert or Dinner? 
  12. Chocolate pecan pie or Chocolate cream pie? 
  13. Hush puppies or grits
  14. Pulled pork or ribs?
  15. Cheese curds or brie?
  16. Liver and onions or oxtail soup? 
  17. Crab or lobster?
  18. Fast food or foodie? 
  19. Fried or baked? 
  20. Chili burger or chili? 
  21. Twinkies or deep-fried Oreos?
  22. Root beer float or beer cocktail? 
  23. Your mom’s cooking or your favorite restaurant? 
  24. Share food or separate dishes? 
  25. Food truck or food court?

This or That Questions for Work

  1. Team outing or virtual meeting? 
  2. Snack stash or drink station? 
  3. An angry boss or an angry client? 
  4. Education or experience?
  5. Free lunch or on-site gym?
  6. Emails or meetings?
  7. Which is worse—Sunday night or Monday morning? 
  8. Office romance or office drama?
  9. Work for a company or be your own boss? 
  10. Start early and finish early, or start late and finish late? 
  11. 4-day work week or 5-day work week? 
  12. Type or write notes? 
  13. One-on-one meeting or group meeting? 
  14. Foosball or ping pong in the break room? 
  15. Travel for work or business dinners?
  16. Desk job or service job?
  17. Salary raise or additional benefits? 
  18. Which do you prefer – introvert boss or extrovert boss? 
  19. Funding or bootstrapping?
  20. Open working space or closed? 
  21. Which question is worse, “Tell me about you?” or “What is one of your weaknesses?”
  22. Coffee and donuts or tea and cake?
  23. Christmas bonus or extra PTO?
  24. PowerPoint presentation or talking-head video?

Holiday This or That Questions 

  1. Elf or Die Hard?
  2. Chanukah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa? 
  3. Give or get?
  4. School pageant or The Nutcracker?
  5. Eggnog or Cider?
  6. Skating in NYC or poolside in Florida?
  7. Open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
  8. Sweet potato casserole or latkes?
  9. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream or apple pie with vanilla ice cream?
  10. Ugly sweater or ornament earrings?
  11. Office party or family party? 
  12. Snowball fight or build a snowman?
  13. Charlie Brown Christmas tree or blue spruce?
  14. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas or A Christmas Carol
  15. Jingle Bells or Jingle Bell Rock
  16. Christmas caroling or Christmas market? 
  17. Make decorations or buy them?
  18. White lights or multicolored lights on the tree? 
  19. Cajun catfish or groundnut stew? 
  20. Ski lodge or lake house?
  21. Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé?
  22. Spicy hot chocolate or peppermint hot chocolate?
  23. Cut down a tree or buy a living tree? 
  24. Sugar cookies or Kwaanza cake?
  25. Advent candles, kinara, or menorah? 

Valentine This or That Questions 

  1. Expensive gift or adventure vacation?
  2. Italian or sushi?
  3. White wine or red wine?
  4. Go out or stay in?
  5. Galentines or Valentines?
  6. Fancy restaurant or home-cooked meal?
  7. Paris or NYC?
  8. Which emoji describes Valentine’s for you?🙅‍♀️ 💔 🍫❤️‍🔥🫠 ❤️‍🩹 😍
  9. Breakfast in bed or sunrise together?
  10. Could you live without it or your favorite holiday?

This or That Questions for Teens 

Go to sleep or watch next episode meme
  1. K-Drama or J-Drama? 
  2. Snapchat or TikTok?
  3. Omegle or Discord?
  4. Private investor or philanthropist? 
  5. Breakfast or midnight snack?
  6. Which is worse—cyberbullying or in-person bullying? 
  7. Lower the drinking age or voting age? 
  8. Smartphone or Tablet?
  9. Swim with sharks or dolphins?
  10. Walk barefoot on ice or live in 100-degree weather without AC?
  11. Be a double agent or a detective?
  12. Yacht or boathouse? 
  13. Live on Mars or under the ocean?
  14. Knowledge or money? 
  15. TV Series or YouTube?
  16. Books or movies?
  17. Marvel or DC?
  18. Parkour or boxing?
  19. Wolf cut or mullet? 
  20. Fanny pack or mom jeans?
  21. Skinny jeans or side part? 
  22. Win at all costs or good sportsmanship?
  23. Financial stability or having fun?
  24. ETFs or NFTs?
  25. Smartphone or wallet? 

This or That Questions for Students 

  1. Study abroad or local internship? 
  2. Graduate early or finish with your friends?
  3. Have your browsing history public, or professor read your texts? 
  4. Essay questions or multiple choice? 
  5. Dorm food or cafeteria food? 
  6. Themed party or coffee with your best friend? 
  7. Private or public university? 
  8. Mac or PC? 
  9. Summer classes or summer job? 
  10. Study in the library or dorm? 
  11. Small or large classes?
  12. Presentation or group project? 
  13. Home for the holidays or vacation with friends? 
  14. Backpack or messenger bag? 
  15. Highlighter or notecards? 
  16. Rent or buy textbooks? 
  17. Energy drinks or coffee? 
  18. Free food or free clothes? 
  19. Get a degree you love or a degree for money? 
  20. Library or dining hall? 
  21. Party or study? 
  22. Quantum physics or philosophy?
  23. Out-of-state or in-state? 
  24. Messy roommate or loud roommate? 
  25. Easy A or challenging classes? 
  26. Party or study? 

This or That Questions for Friends

  1. Sleep or binge-watching?
  2. Audiobook or paperback? 
  3. Form or function? 
  4. Comfy or classy? 
  5. Laundry or dishes? 
  6. Whipped cream or sprinkles?
  7. Confrontation or avoid confrontation? 
  8. Honesty or overly polite? 
  9. Book or e-book? 
  10. Dine-in or delivery? 
  11. Hoodie or sweater? 
  12. Paddle boat or pontoon? 
  13. Ice or no ice? 
  14. Curtains or blinds? 
  15. Cards or board games?
  16. Friends forever or friends for a season?
  17. Pen or pencil? 
  18. Dog sit or house sit? 

This or That FAQs

What are this or that questions?

This or that questions are icebreakers where a person must choose between 2 options. The questions can be funny or silly but have the potential to reveal deeper emotions and perspectives. Some of this or that questions are intentionally vague. Part of the fun is seeing how the other person interprets the question. 

How do you ask this or that questions?

The best way to ask this or that question is to set a time limit of 5 seconds for the answer. If you play this in a group, go around in a circle so that everyone answers the question rapidly. If you’re playing this game one-on-one, you can use some of these as a conversation starter. 

What are the rules of asking this or that questions?

The rules of asking this or that questions are simple; you must have at least 2 people to play with and give each person 5 seconds to answer. You can make teams and guess what the other person will choose if you want. Collect a point each time you guess correctly. 

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