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Microexpression Training

Crack The Code on Facial Expressions

Quickly, Accurately, and Easily Spot The True Meaning of Facial Expressions

What you’ll get

Comprehensive microexpression training built by Best-Selling Author Vanessa Van Edwards.
Instant Access to 14 Course Modules for a full year.
Test your knowledge with our proprietary library of more than 1000 microexpression samples from different angles and speeds.
Gain experience with a diverse set of models – see how microexpressions differ by person.
Access both the course and training app from any device with internet access.
A comprehension certificate – add it to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Train From Every Angle


Start simple to master the unique look of each universal microexpression.


Spot expressions from any angle when front on spotting isn’t possible.


Learn to spot expressions while subjects wear concealing masks.


Advanced spotters can see even the subtlest of gestures.

Learn to Spot The 7 Universal Micro-Expressions

Dive Deeper with Hidden Microexpressions

Microexpressions are facial expressions that happen in a fraction of a second. They occur due to involuntary and voluntary emotional responses, revealing a person’s genuine emotions. 

The human face is constantly sending signals, and we use it to understand the person’s intentions when we speak to them. 

In Decode, we dive deep into these microexpressions to teach you how to instantly pick up on them and understand the meaning behind what is said to you. 

You’ll radically advance your communication skills with practical, step-by-step, simple-to-follow instructions. 

Don’t spend another day living in the dark.

Sign up for Decode to start truly understanding the world around you.

What You’ll Learn

Students of Decode access scientifically proven training to pick up on the seven microexpressions all human beings express to help them reach their goals and so much more.

Once you complete your course work, you will…

  • Have Increased Emotional Awareness
  • Pick Up On Deception Quickly
  • Spot Microexpressions Despite a Mask or Other Facial Covering
  • Verbalize the Nonverbal Behaviors of Others
  • Recognize the Start of Emotional Responses
  • Respond Appropriately to Any Perceived Expression

You can use Decode in many ways. Our students use it to…

  • Gain the upper hand in interviews and negotiations.
  • Improve their career or relationship.
  • Learn how to respond appropriately to any of the seven microexpressions.

The Only Course You’ll Ever Need to Understand Microexpressions


Get Started Risk-Free Today!

  • 7-day risk-free money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Enjoy 12 months of unlimited access to the course materials and proprietary facial expression training library
  • Once you pass the final exam, you’ll receive a letter of completion

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