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51 Best Virtual Date Night Ideas in 2023 (That Don’t Suck)

If you’re in a long distance relationship or just looking to switch things up, check out these 50+ fun virtual date night ideas.

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Switching up your routine can be fun, especially when trying new things with your partner. Make your long-distance chats more exciting with these virtual date ideas that won’t leave you bored. They’re great at last-minute notice or if you like to plan your nights. Check out a few of these ideas to see if you and your partner would enjoy them.

What Is a Virtual Date?

A virtual date is any romantic activity you plan to bond with your partner over a video or phone call. As long as you can see or hear each other, you can participate in activities that align with your individual or shared interests. The things you choose to do will help you get to know your partner better and have some flirty fun together.

“Virtual dating means doing whatever you and your partner enjoy over a video or phone call.”

What to Do on a Virtual Date 

The key to planning a successful virtual date is leaning into the benefits of video or phone dates. You’ll both have complete privacy, so you can discuss your biggest fears, deepest secrets, and most personal dreams. Unlike in a restaurant or movie theater, there won’t be people around to eavesdrop or make you feel embarrassed.

You can also come up with virtual activities that are only possible online. Find things that require internet connectivity, like playing video games or streaming a movie simultaneously. Try some of the ideas below to get more creative with your virtual date night ideas.

Good Virtual Date Ideas

Virtual I Spy

There’s nothing quite like the rewarding feeling of accomplishment. Revel at that moment together by creating a challenge for your partner to solve. All you need is an inspirational resource, like an online museum.

You could pick a destination and explore it early to plan an I-Spy game for your partner. The sense of accomplishment will come into play as your partner discovers things based on your clues. 

Consider unique opportunities for I-Spy challenges like these:

Fun Tip: Your partner might also love answering trivia questions based on your selected tour. Create a list of five or 10 questions to quiz them after your I-Spy game ends. You could even give them a prize, like a gift card to their favorite store.

House-hunt together

Dream together by checking out houses available for sale across the country. Even if you don’t plan on buying one soon, you’ll learn what your partner envisions for their future and if your housing preferences match. It’ll be fun to daydream during your next video call, especially if you pair your house-hunting date with the same wine or dinner recipe.

Visit a virtual museum

Couples who love learning together could explore virtual museum exhibits. You’ll discover new things and bond over your favorite subjects. Check out a few popular virtual tours to find options like these:

Watch a Class

Learning together is one of the best ways to bond and deepen your connection. Take an online class together or watch one of our free 60-minute trainings. Try one of these:

The try-everything-twice date

If you want to plan a virtual date your partner has never experienced, create a try-everything-twice date. Think of all the moments when you tried something new and didn’t like it. Was it because you didn’t like the experience or because you needed a refined palate?

Your partner has likely experienced the same thing at various times. Start a conversation during your next phone call to discuss foods you didn’t enjoy or drinks you comically spit out. Use them as inspiration for a try-everything-twice date.

Gather everything you and your partner want to try again. You might come up with a list that includes things like:

  • The sweetest wine at your grocery store
  • An older movie in a different genre than you usually watch
  • A dessert with a texture your partner used to hate

If your partner agrees to try things again, you could have a fun experience. You’ll either discover that you gained the acquired taste to enjoy those things or laugh about how much you still don’t like them. 

Pro Tip: Ensure you have the same items when your date begins. You’ll have a more immersive experience if you’re both trying the same thing simultaneously.

Colors of the rainbow

Have some fashion fun at the start of your next date night. You can bring your laptops to your closets and help each other choose outfits for your evening. Make sure they’re as colorful as possible to reflect how bright your love shines for one another. It’s a sweet way to bond, something most couples never do before in-person outings.

Bonus points go to whichever person includes an article of clothing from their partner. Wear their sweatshirt or sweatpants if they left them after their last visit. The clothes could match the theme for the evening as well as the color challenge. Wear your partner’s comfiest clothes to feel like they’re with you while you lounge on the back porch or make comfort food together.

Things I could do without

When getting to know someone, you likely ask about their interests and dreams. They talk about what they value most, but what they could do without may reveal even more about them.

Ask your partner what they could live without during your next date night. It might inspire a deep conversation that teaches you something new about them. It’s also a great lesson—you can make a virtual date mean anything you want. All you need is some inspiration to try something new.

Take the conversation to the next level if you or your partner mention something they could do without in the world. You might say you could live without natural disasters, then stream a documentary on one. You’ll learn together in a way you couldn’t if you had the same conversation while walking around a park or local festival during a traditional date.

The oasis

Transport your partner to a virtual oasis when you’re both stressed from life’s responsibilities. Send them a link to a video that plays ocean sounds and shows a gorgeous beach scene with crashing waves. You could watch the video simultaneously while sitting outside to feel the sunshine on your skin. You’ll create a mini vacation that reduces both of your stress levels.

If the beach isn’t a place you or your partner would consider a top-tier relaxation destination, no worries. Swap your virtual date spot with other background videos. You could watch one that features mountainside flowers blowing in the breeze. Maybe you’d like to discuss how your day went over a video of a campfire crackling in a cave while snow falls in the distance.

Consider these other background oasis ideas and talk with your partner about which ones they would enjoy most:

Your selection depends on what you both would find most relaxing. Shuffle through a few videos to keep your date going while playing virtual card games or listening to your favorite podcasts.


Some couples rarely find time for dates. It’s challenging to sync your schedules when leading busy lives, so make the world slow down during your next date. You could follow a meditation video to center yourself. Focus on the love you feel as you control your breathing together. You can always meditate together again and start a new shared hobby that’s good for your mental health.

The look-at-me date

Virtual dates are the best opportunities to get to know your partner. There’s nothing to distract you when you’re chatting from home, but you can fall deeper in love by transforming your conversations.

Grab a few art supplies before your next date night. You can both jump on a video call and make vision boards off-camera. Your board will represent your past, present, and future. Splash your personality across it with magazine cutouts, stickers, sketches, and printed pictures.

After a half hour or hour passes, reveal your vision boards. You’ll look at each other from new perspectives as you walk through what each part of your board represents. You might even learn something new about your partner that wouldn’t have come up in a typical conversation.

Scenario generator

Get your creativity flowing by asking our partner to join you on a you’re-next date. Pull up a scenario generator and ask your partner what they would do next if they were in that situation. You’ll likely laugh while learning how your partner responds to life’s wild cards.

Cook with me

Does your partner love cooking? Ask them to join you in your kitchen during their next free evening. Cooking together is one of the best virtual date ideas if you pick a recipe you can both handle.

Ask if your partner wants to get groceries for simple recipes. You can both enjoy the result over video chat if they agree to make things like:

Virtual tele-movie

Who needs a movie theater in the era of streaming services? Research the latest movies that recently debuted and ask your partner what they’d like to watch. You could even use an app like Teleparty to watch the film simultaneously, and access built-in chat features to feel like you’re side-by-side.

Virtual board game

Maybe your partner has a long history of loving board games. The good news is that you don’t have to be in person to play together. Reflect on your partner’s favorite game to see if there’s an online version. If not, you could find a new activity with Board Game Arena.

There are endless games for laid-back settings or moments when you have limited time to play. If the activity utilizes skills your partner loves, they’ll have a great time competing during your next date.

Weekly book club nights

Why not start a book club together if you and your partner love reading? You could reserve monthly dates to talk about your latest novel. The American Library Association even has free resources for book clubs, like reading guides and discussion prompts. 

Fun Tip: See which of the latest movies are book adaptations. You could read a novel, discuss it, and celebrate the ending by watching the movie together on a streaming website.

The surprise dinner

You may know your partner’s general routine pretty well if you’ve been dating for a while. When you know they’ll be home, order a surprise dinner delivery. You can order the same food for yourself from a local restaurant to treat your partner to a surprise dinner together. It’s one of the best virtual date night ideas because it’s easy to personalize the night with their favorite food.

A wine-tasting course

Online wine tastings are a popular way to have a virtual date. Compare what various producers offer to find a tasting that matches your experience levels. You could even order wine for your partner to treat them to a great night.

Browse potential tastings from well-reviewed companies to guarantee a great time. These are a few online wine-tasting opportunities people can’t stop raving about:

The conversation starter date

Long-term partners might feel like they’ve talked about everything over the years. When you want to spice things up, use a conversation starter app. It’s one of the many cute virtual date ideas you can try because you never know what you’ll discuss.

It may feel strange to use conversation prompts when you already feel connected with your partner. However, they can create deeper connections. It’s especially important to spend quality time together like this if it’s your partner’s love language.

An online art class

There are numerous art classes online that your partner might love attending with you. Check out various mediums like painting or sketching to see what you could make together. Find an instructor through classes like:

Set Better Goals Together

Do you know your partner’s goals? You should! Why not work on them together? Every year we host a free goal setting workshop. Watch the workshop together and pause the video to do the exercises outloud.

At-home sculpting

Craft stores may sell beginner’s clay kits. Order one for your partner and schedule a night to sculpt during a video chat. You can catch up on your day while making figurines that will always remind you of your great time on your date.

If you don’t know how to start sculpting or want to improve your skills together, follow along with a few of these tutorials:

Pro Tip: Follow the instructions on your clay kit and let your figurines dry completely. You can schedule a second date to paint them and finalize their look.

Mixology 101

If you and your partner love trying new drinks, create one during your next date night. You could brainstorm ingredients and make them while on a video call. There are even cocktail name generators like Buzztime to help you think of a fun name for whatever drink you create. Anyone who likes the world of mixology will likely feel this is one of the best virtual date ideas for bonding time.

Origami making

Couples on a budget can buy cute paper at a local craft store and follow instructions to fold origami together. You’ll follow instructions while chatting during your next date and end up with décor you can keep around your home.


While learning to do virtual dates, consider if your partner is great with trivia. You could always make Jeopardy categories and challenge them to a personalized game night. You’ll have a great time because you’ll both know the subjects.

Mad Libs night

Lighten things up when life gets stressful by playing Mad Libs on a free website like The Word Finder. It’s the perfect date night when there’s not much to discuss, and you need extra help relaxing together.

Stuffed animals

Reading about virtual date ideas for long-distance couples might inspire you to learn something new together. You could get beginner crochet kits and make stuffed animals while catching up over the next few weeks.

After you finish your animals, you can cuddle with them to feel closer every night. You’ll always picture your partner as you hug your stuffed creature during and after phone calls.

Fun Tip: Get yarn in your favorite colors to make your stuffed animal a visual representation of your personality. You’ll love your finished project a little more because you tailored it to your liking.

The virtual escape room date

Escape rooms are great activities for couples. They make you practice your communication skills, but you don’t have to wait until your next visit to solve one with your partner. Compare virtual escape rooms like the ones below to have fun without leaving home:

Relaxing online yoga sessions

Relax with your partner and stretch tension out of your muscles by following yoga videos on YouTube. You could try the following videos to participate in free classes whenever your schedules have time for your next date:

A virtual jigsaw puzzle

Plan a jigsaw puzzle date with your partner in a few ways. Order two of the same puzzle and schedule a date after they arrive at your homes. You could frame them when you finish and share identical decor.

You could also put a puzzle together online. Either way, you’ll have more fun virtual date ideas for a rainy day.

A walk down memory lane

People often keep their memories in virtual photo albums. Whether it’s the gallery on your phone or one you created with Google Photos, share it with your partner to scroll through the images together. It’s one of the most popular virtual date ideas because you can visit memory lane and bond over your history.

Sing karaoke at home

Host a virtual karaoke date by creating a playlist and sharing it with your partner. You can sing along together over the phone or on a video call while reading the lyrics of your preferred music streaming app.

You could also try one of the many free karaoke sites to make your date more competitive. The randomly selected songs will challenge your memory skills and could result in more fun. Consider trying karaoke from one of these websites:

Play a video game

Relax during your next date night by playing video games together. If you and your partner both have a laptop or desktop computer, you could play popular two-player games like:

  • Stardew Valley
  • Overcooked 2
  • It Takes Two

Before investing in the same game, ensure you can both play it. Some games only work on PCs, so Mac users should double-check that their desired game is compatible with their operating system. Games will have a Windows flag or Mac Apple symbol next to their title on purchasing platforms like Steam.

Host a virtual dance party 

Create a playlist with songs you and your partner love. They could be tunes that meant various things over your relationship or the latest music you enjoy. Either way, you’ll have a shareable playlist you can dance to during your next virtual date night.

Take online quizzes

Quizzes can inspire fascinating conversations, especially if they feature fun questions. Pull up a few quizzes that could reveal new aspects of your personalities to know each other better. You might enjoy quizzes like:

Pro Tip: Take your desired quizzes simultaneously to reveal your results together. It will improve your conversation because you can talk about your answers.

Light a virtual campfire

If you and your partner love the outdoors, invite them on a virtual camping trip. Send them a link during your next date so they watch a campfire with you while you chat over the phone. You’ll both love watching the flames flicker and crackle, especially if you follow a recipe to make s’mores in your ovens.

Start show-and-tell

The objects around your home likely have stories. Grab one during your next date night to discuss why it matters or how you got it. It’s one of the most interesting virtual first date ideas because the objects function as icebreakers that teach you about your partner. Ask them to do the same, and you may prompt deeper conversations than usual. 

Hit the gym

Couples who love exercising can hit the virtual gym by playing the same workout video during their date. Consider which types of exercise you prefer and if you have any equipment in your home, like a cycling bike or treadmill. You might enjoy one of these workouts if you want a bonding activity:

Plan a double date

Invite another couple to join your next virtual date if your partner agrees. Everyone could do the same activity together, like show-and-tell or painting. Pick one of the many virtual date ideas couples use every day.

Host a 90s-themed dance party

If you and your partner grew up during the ‘90s, you likely have fond memories that glow with nostalgia. Throw a virtual ‘90s-themed dance party by discussing what you loved most about that era.

You could make a playlist with all your favorite artists and the decade’s biggest radio hits. Find outfits at thrift stores or online and wear them to your dance party. You’ll have a blast rocking out in your living rooms when your video call begins. Don’t forget some classic party essentials like sugar candy bracelets, glow sticks, and stick-on tattoos.

Watch a comedy show

Some comedy clubs stream their performers live by selling online tickets. Get a few for you and your partner if they love watching comedians. You could also check for the latest stand-up specials if you have accounts on multiple streaming platforms. It’s one of the many fun virtual date ideas to consider if watching comedians is a pastime in your relationship.

Cheer for your favorite teams

Dress up in your favorite team’s gear and turn on the same game with your partner during your next video chat. Avid sports fans can always watch live games together. Long-distance virtual date ideas don’t have to feel complicated. Switch your TV on and kick back with the same snacks to watch your favorite teams conquer the sports world.

Visit a virtual aquarium

Many aquariums have live cameras set up so people can watch their favorite aquatic animals whenever they want. Compare a few to find one your partner will love. You can catch up on your day while watching fish, sharks, and other aquatic creatures swim around with links like these:

Fun Tip: Investigate each livestream to see if they link to virtual exhibits about the creatures on your screen. You’ll learn more about the animals you’re watching and enjoy a more immersive experience.

Pick a documentary

Anyone interested in virtual first date ideas can ask their partner on a documentary date. Pick a show about your partner’s interests, like true crime stories or nature movies. They can open the same link to your chosen documentary and count down with you to watch it simultaneously. Don’t forget to make popcorn together to feel like you’re at the movie theater.

Complete a crossword

Challenge your brains with the same crossword puzzle. You can help each other answer the same prompts and complete the puzzle in record time. Order the same book or download the same app to make this activity your favorite recurring date.

Host a happy hour

Use your shared playlist or a randomly generated one to play background music while on a late-night video call. You’ll turn your date into happy hour by sharing a cocktail recipe with your partner and dancing between drinks. Invite a few friends to join the call later on, and you’ll both feel like you’re downtown at your favorite bar.

Challenge each other to truth-or-dare

Virtual date night ideas often use generators to shake things up. If you’ve always enjoyed a game of truth-or-dare, try this free resource with your partner. You’ll either learn more about each other or do hilarious things. It’s a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone while spending time together over video chat.

The virtual snuggle date

When you’re craving your partner’s touch and can’t see them for a while, ask them to join you on a snuggle date. You could hold onto the sweatshirt they left at your apartment or your favorite stuffed animal and fall asleep on a video call together. You might feel closer after listening to each other breathe and waking up together.

Throw a costume party

Get dressed up for your next date by picking a costume theme. This could be the perfect idea for you and your partner if you love cosplaying or dressing up. You could dance or dine in your costumes after choosing from fun themes like:

  • Disco party
  • Zombie bash
  • Disney villains party

Attend a dance class

You might sign up for a local dance class if you and your partner lived in the same town. The one or two studios nearby would limit what you could learn. You can find online instructors who teach global dance styles when you’re in a long-distance relationship.

Find a video you like online or sign up for a live dance class. You and your partner can learn professional choreography for your favorite songs or practice a new style. Consider following along with videos like these if you want a low-key dance night together:

Watch the sunrise

Romantic movies often feature scenes where couples watch the sunrise. It’s a beautiful site that’s fun to share with your favorite person, but you don’t have to wait until your next visit to experience it together.

Use a sunrise calculator to find out when it rises where you both live. If you’re close together, you could watch it within minutes of each other. If you live too far apart, you could watch a sunrise video after you both wake up.

Pro Tip: Not a morning person? Try watching each of your sunsets together (and see how each one differs!).

Catch up on your planning

You might share a love of planning with your partner. If you both adore making lists and managing organized calendars, create a planning date. You could spend your next video or phone call planning an upcoming visit or a vacation in a bucket list destination. It depends on your budgets and how you want to spend your time together.

Enjoy brunch together

The best virtual date ideas recreate experiences couples often have when they live in the same town. Brunch is a popular date, so enjoy it together this weekend. You can make the same recipe while you’re on a video call, like crepes or chicken and waffles. Enjoy a mimosa or mocktail together to complete the experience.

Tour a haunted house

If you and your partner love all things ghost hunting, take them on a date to a haunted house. You only need to find the perfect website or video to schedule your next date. Consider options like these to engage your love of afterlife mysteries and have fun together:

Explore the world with Google Maps

Couples often talk about their histories to learn more about the places that shaped them. You may not be able to take your partner there, but you can always visit online. Use Google Maps to zoom in on places like your childhood home, elementary school, and other locations that are the most meaningful to you. You can talk about how they helped you become who you are today and listen to your partner as they do the same.

Pro Tip: Prepare a list of special places before your date so you know the names or addresses you’ll need to put in the search bar. You’ll save time and jump straight into the meaningful conversations you’ve been looking forward to.

How to Plan a Virtual Date

It takes planning to pull off a virtual date night. Follow these steps to ensure your evening goes off without a hitch.

1. Ask when your partner has free time

Now that you know some good virtual date ideas, tell your partner you’ve been thinking about planning new dates. Ask when they’re free in the coming weeks, or check your shared calendar to find a free night. Your partner will get more excited about your plans if they don’t have to move things around at the last minute.

You could also set a recurring calendar even if your routines generally stay the same. It makes planning dates so much easier. Talk with your partner about their preferred day and time for your phone or video calls to establish a dependable date night schedule for all your plans.

2. Pick an activity they’ll love

Engage your partner’s greatest passions by picking an activity they’ll love. If they like baking, make a new recipe simultaneously. If their love language is talking, use a conversation starter generator to find new topics. They’ll feel seen and cared for when you tailor your date night to the activities that make their heart skip a beat.

3. Consider if they’ll need supplies or a budget

Some of your ideas might require spending money or utilizing supplies. They’ll need advanced notice of your date if you can’t send them beforehand. Let them know how much the painting supplies will cost or if they’ll need to pay for an online tasting class ticket. They won’t need to reschedule because they have time to plan.

4. Set the time and date

Picking a time and date for your romantic plans is essential. Create a calendar event to set everything in motion and get confirmation from your partner in the days before your date. Checking in with them might clarify if something unexpected arose so you can easily reschedule.

5. Help them set the mood

Anyone can jump on a video call in their living room, but that doesn’t automatically set a romantic tone. Whisk your partner away to a lovely atmosphere by sending them some battery-powered candles or a link to a date-night playlist. They’ll feel like they’re at a romantic destination and have a better experience.

“Checking in with your partner the night before might clarify if something unexpected arose so you can easily reschedule.”

6. Make it a surprise?

You could always make your virtual date idea a surprise, as well. Consider if your partner enjoys surprises before planning anything. If they don’t, they might find it more romantic to hear about the date you have in mind instead.

Advantages of Virtual Dates

You’ll both save time

Traditional dating often requires leaving your home. You might have to sit through traffic and wait in restaurant lines to finally start your romantic experience. That all disappears when your entire date happens at home. You won’t have to deal with the stress or anxiety of waiting when everything starts as soon as your partner picks up the phone.

Virtual dates also fit with your schedule. You can both reflect on when you’re free in the coming weeks to pinpoint the best moment for a date. That could be early in the morning before work or late at night if you’re both night owls. It’s more flexible than waiting for scheduled events out in town that might not work with your current routines.

Additionally, you can jump straight into your planned activity. There won’t be an opener before your favorite musician starts playing or slow service preventing your dinner from arriving at your table. You’ll do whatever makes your heart happy right away.

Pro Tip: Create a shared schedule with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook exclusively for date nights. You’ll streamline the scheduling process to enjoy time together that much faster.

You’ll save money

Sometimes, the receipts from traditional dating keep couples from spending time doing fun things. Virtual dates generally save money because you don’t need to fill your gas tank to go anywhere, pay costly ticket fees, or make reservations at high-quality restaurants.

You can share your niche interests

Planning in-person dates isn’t always possible if you share niche interests. Your town might not have a venue for people to start Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. There may not be a room for rent where you can set up the equipment you and your partner use to solder mechanical keyboards. Sometimes the best place for a date is your own home.

Takeaway: Plan Fun Virtual Date Night Ideas

Consider these virtual date game ideas when you want something fun to do with your partner. Whether you’d both love a romantic moment, a new experience, or a good laugh, you can consider planning things like:

  • Cooking together over video chat
  • Putting a virtual puzzle together
  • Enjoying a brunch date over video
  • Watching the sunrise together
  • Completing fun quizzes to make each other laugh

Keep your partner’s preferences in mind as you think about future dates. You’ll have an incredible time if they enjoy the activity, look forward to the experience, and have everything they need to participate. 

Want more ideas to deepen your relationship? Read about how exercising increases love hormones to plan a gym date. You could also keep a journal together to log your love and remember fun moments whenever you get the chance to see each other in person. You’ll build memories and create bonding moments, which are essential to make relationships thrive.

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