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112 Funniest Coworker Memes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

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Memes make the world a happier place. Perfect for the introverts among us who would rather not talk, and even for loquacious extroverts. We’ve compiled the best coworker memes (and even made some new ones!) so you can spend less time scrolling and more time giggling. 

Funny Coworker Memes

  1. The horrors of working from home and not being prepared for a video call.
When your co-workers start turning on their camera in zoom

Me: No, no, no, no, no, no
  1. I like you. I just don’t like you that much. 
"When you're getting along with your coworker then they take it too far and hit the "we should hangout outside of work"
  1. There will be retribution for stealing food. 
When you get word on which co-worker has been eating your organic hummus from the office fridge
  1. It’s hard to fit in, but sometimes you just have to try. 
"When you have nothing in common with your coworkers but pretend so u can have a nice lunch."
  1. Taking professionalism to a whole new level. 
"Work emails: The angrier I am, the more professional I sound"
  1. If you’re a coworker, just keep your hands to yourself. 
"The face you make when... someone invades your personal space."
  1. Getting ready for work is a daily struggle. 
Every night before work: "I'm gonna wake up early and get cute"
Also me every morning when I get to work: "Ugly"
  1. Ready for your Zoom call close ups? 
"me and my coworkers logging into all of our meetings remotely for the next couple of weeks"
  1. Running on coffee to get through the work day.
my coworker: did you eat anything today?
me: well I had 5 cups of coffee
my coworker: are you okay?
me: a picture of a woman not okay
  1. Please hold your enthusiasm until after lunch. 
That overly cheerful coworker waiting for you every morning: a picture of a child smiling big
  1. People working in the office will never understand the pain of remote workers.
"when there's free snacks on friday, but you're wfh"

Funny Office Memes

  1. So many choices to be made before 9 am.
"when you're trying to decide whether to go into work, or drive across the country and start a new life"
  1. Plus emails. Don’t forget the mountain of emails that piled up over vacation.
"When you return from vacation & try to remember how to do your job"
  1. The team thought they’d hold the projects until you could contribute. Thoughtful as always. 
"Welcome back from vacation... you have ten projects"
  1. We feel your pain, Ross. 
Every time I see a funny work meme: Ah. Humor based on my pain.
  1. It’s the law of rewards. Do a great job, and you’re bound to get rewarded! 
My job has this cool thing.. where if you do your job very well, you get to do other peoples job too...
  1.  Send this one to your favorite coworkers.
*Invisible high five*
  1. If only someone had warned YOU… 
When I see people come into my job for interviews

Me: Don't do it
  1. This morning, you woke up and chose violence. 
If "Per my last email" had a look...
  1. There’s one in every team. Just do what they say so you can get to second breakfast as soon as possible. 
That one coworker that takes work too seriously: Gentlemen, we do not stop till nightfall.
  1. Living the minimum wage life = always working, still poor. 
"you work all the time, you should have plenty of money"

me: just blankly staring
  1. Don’t mind me, just having an existential crisis in the car. 
Me watching all my coworkers go inside the building wayyy before it's time to clock in, like they're so ready to get to work.
  1. Work. It’s a vicious cycle.
Me driving home from work knowing I'm only going home to eat and sleep so I can do it all again tomorrow
  1. Weekends = 2 minutes, Workday = 2 years
When you think you've been working for 4 hours but it's only been 17 minutes.

Annoying Coworker Memes

  1. Thanks, I’ll be sure to remember this moment next time you need help. 
Me: *shows up to work one minute late*
Colleague: "Good afternoon"
Me: *annoyed face*
  1. How many nonverbal cues will you ignore? 
"when you're trying to get some work done and your coworker won't stop talking"
  1. Just trying to get through this day.
"me in the break room at work with coworkers"
  1. Check. Mate. 
when your coworkers ask if you have a Instagram and you say no because you already have them ALL blocked
  1. I did see your email, bless your heart. 
"when my coworker sends me an email and comes to my desk 3 seconds later asking if I saw their email"
  1. Do they realize how annoying that is? 
"My face when a coworker starts acting like a supervisor. Please Susan, act your wage."
  1. We fully support your desire to leave! 
When the co-worker you hate starts to talk about finding a new job... "You can do it!"

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Work Bestie Memes

  1. Sometimes you just have to get creative. 
"Me and work bestie carpooling to work when gas prices hit $6"
  1. Got any tea? 
me: i don't have time for workplace drama, im here for a paycheck
also me: when my coworker says she's annoyed with some we work with: a picture of a woman holding her tea
  1. Nothing like a work bestie to help you stay positive.
"When everything is falling apart at work but you and your work bestie are trying your best to stay positive..."
  1. If you leave, we leave together.
My coworker: I  think I'm gonna quit
Me: and leave me here alone???
  1. It’s one of the great joys in life. 
When you and your friend realize, you are both working
  1. Work doesn’t start until bestie clocks in. 
Waiting for your work bestie to clock in
  1. Work is meaningless without you.
Work with your besty vs work without them
  1. It’s not gossip if you’re sharing it with your work bestie. 
When you have juicy information to tell your work bestie.
  1. Coordinating work schedules is a must. 
"You should tell me when you take days off, so I don't have to work without you"
  1. We’ve all been there. 
"When you go to your work bestie to avoid looking stupid"
  1. Anyone else sending subtle messages across the room to your bestie at work? 
"Me to my work bestie 2 minutes after arriving at work..."

Missing Your Favorite Coworker Memes

  1. Can you just wait to have fun? Feeling kind of trapped here.
When you gotta work but all your friends are off... Dont leave me here...
  1. I’m blue daba dee daba die.
"Getting ready in the morning after hearing your favorite coworker quit"
  1. Send this to your favorite coworker that left for a new job. 
"Please come back!"
  1. If that doesn’t work, send this one. 
"Come back"
  1. Feeling like a sad owl over here. 
"work isn't the same without you"
  1. You miss your coworkers as much as they miss you.
"when you quit your job but still miss your coworkers"
  1. I am so lonelllllyyyy.
"Me waiting for my coworker to return"
  1. Whatever happened to tater tots? They disappeared just like you. 
I miss you lots like tater tots.

Lazy Coworker Memes

  1. Keep trying, someday you may vanquish the rules of time and space. 
"Me leaving the house at 8:15 hoping that I make it to work by 8:00"
  1. You mean I’m supposed to do work at work? 
Look at all this work I haven't done yet
  1. That one coworker always leaves early. 
"When you see your coworker leaving early"
  1. Master this facial expression, and the lazy coworker may never complain to you again.
*listening to lazy coworker telling me how lazy someone else is*
  1. The bare minimum takes a lot out of a person. 
"Me enjoying the sleep I don't deserve after a long day of doing the bare minimum"
  1. May have pushed back the deadline 3 times already…planning to push it back again. 
Me avoiding the one responsibility I have: "Who has the time amidst this chaos?"
  1. Well played. 
"when your boss comes around the corner and you grab the closest thing to you to make it look like you're working"

Birthday Memes for Coworkers

  1. At least you got the cake… 
"When your coworkers put you in charge of getting the cake: text in the cake says, "It's your birthday"
  1. Happy Birthday Coworker!  
Happy age advancement day... I suppose congratulations are in order
  1. Really, what are you supposed to do with your hands, mouth, and face while everyone sings? 
Happy birthday. Enjoy the awkwardness of the whole office singing to you later.
  1. Send this to your favorite coworker.
"Happy birthday!!! From your favorite coworker"

Memes for When a Coworker is Leaving 

  1. When you coworker friendship is at the Frodo and Sam level. 
Your favorite co-worker finding a new job, hurts even more than a break up
  1. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave! 
Leaving our team? You shall not leave!!!
  1. They always promise to keep in touch. 
Coworker promises to keep in touch... yeah right.
  1. Brace yourself HR. 
When your favorite coworker quits... I'm coming with you!
  1. Let’s be pragmatic about this. 
Stop. If you are going to quit, make sure you at least leave me a good review on Linked in.
  1. Who can say no to that face? 
How about you just don't go instead? Yeah, I like that plan
  1. It was only a matter of time. 
Congratulations on quitting your job without being escorted out of the building.

Useless Coworker Memes

  1. We believe nothing you say. 
Me: *swears I'm quitting my job for the 1,00th time*
My coworkers: picture of someone with a doubting look
  1. Other than the tutu, this is painfully accurate. 
*minor inconvenience at work*
Overly dramatic co-worker: I can't do it anymore
  1. When you have no idea what’s going on at work, just nod and smile. 
I have no idea what's going on

Crazy Coworker Memes

  1. When you’re so much funnier on Slack than in person. 
No: Passing a coworker in the hallway
Yes: Talking to that same coworker over Slack
  1. Making drama at every meeting. 
I'm just here to stir the pot
  1. Passive-aggressive in Corporate speak.
Replies to your email... unnecessarily cc's superiors to make you look bad
  1. Somehow other people think they are the best. 
When your co-workers act friendly but you know what they're really like
  1. Contemplating moving the desk and computer into the storage room. 
"When you realize the crazy coworker is scheduled on your shift"

Funny Memes to Send Coworkers on Valentine’s

  1. Don’t ask me what I’m doing on Valentine’s.
"What are you doing on Valentine's day"
ME: Um going to work because it's a Friday
  1. Send this to your favorite coworker. 
"You're my favorite coworker and not just because I hate everyone else who works here."
  1. New messages: 0
Me checking my inbox on valentines day: sad, bored face
  1. You deserve flowers and chocolate. Who says you can’t buy them for yourself? 
Me on Valentine's Day pretending to be shocked at the flowers. chocolates, and card that I put outside my door
  1. Sarcasm to hide the pain. 
When yet another bouquet of flowers arrives at the office, and it's not for you.

New Coworker Memes

  1. Ignorance is bliss, newbie. 
Training the new worker like.. It's actually better that you don't know what's going on.
  1. Can we take this slower? 
When you start a new job and they explain more than two things: You're exhausting me.
  1. We’re not trying to change company culture here. 
When the new guy at work starts early, comes back from breaks on time, doesn't go on his phone and works hard all day

"Please. We don't do that here"
  1. When the years are starting to wear on you.
Me greeting a new employee at work: I'm telling you, surviving here is all about perspective
  1. By all means, welcome the newbie, but use these tips so you don’t get reported to HR. 
Just want to welcome the new hire... But socially inept.
  1. Everything looks so bright and hopeful on day one. 
First day at the new job: Happy
One month later: Devastated
  1. Every new hire training ever. 
*Training the new employee at work*
"So we don't really supposed to do this, but this is what we do"
  1. Send this to your new coworker. 
"Welcome to the Team" but with an unenthusiastic face.
  1. Just let them have this moment of happiness. 
:New hire is excited to work
:That will go away

Coworker’s Last Day Memes

  1. Saying goodbye isn’t easy. 
Ahhh... I hate goodbyes
  1. You’re the coworker I’ll miss sending memes to every morning. 
You're the coworker I'll miss emailing from a feet away the most.
  1. Last day of work is like breaking out into freedom. 
*Leaving work on my last day"
  1. Some coworkers deserve all the respect.
"It's been an honor. Farewell but not goodbye."
  1. Goodbye friend, we’ll miss those good old days around the water cooler.
When your favorite coworker quits... so long, partner.
  1. When a coworker leaves, wish them all the best! 
Live long... and pawspurr
  1. It’s a fact. 
Fact: We will miss you.

Christmas Coworker Memes 

  1. A coworker that takes a holiday shift? Absolute angel.
When a coworker offers to take my holiday shift:

A thousand times. Yes.
  1. He’s not wrong… 
Co-workers are like Christmas lights.. they all hang together but half of them don't work and the other half aren't so bright.
  1. It’s always waiting. 
*me enjoying my winter break*
*work peeking in the window*
  1. The level of excitement is equal. 
Not sure if I'm excited for Christmas or just having time off work
  1. Why, tell me why? 
Why is anyone scheduled to work on Christmas? I mean honestly?
  1. Happy, but also devastated. 
When it's Christmas Eve
But you have to work
I'm finally out
  1. Just 8 more hours. Just 8 more. 
"When all you want to do is stay at home and watch Christmas films but you have to go to work"
  1. There is no sorrow that is quite like working retail over the holidays. 
:Are you looking forward to Christmas?
:I work in retail!
  1. The regrets are endless. 
Going back to work after the holiday party like... I'm sorry I ruined your lives and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR.
  1. It might work… 
Today's advice... Sing Christmas songs at work until they send you home
  1. Eat all the cookies! 
"When my coworker compliments my Christmas cookies and asks for another"

Memes for When Your Coworker Leaves for Another Job

  1. When memes are the best part of work, you can’t give that up just because your work bestie leaves.  
When one of your work friends gets a new job but you still communicate by tagging each other in memes all day...
  1. When it legit feels like you’re going to die. 
When your favourite work colleague quits for a new job

:Go... Just leave me here to die...
  1. Always in your thoughts making work even harder. 
To that one co-worker that made work bearable but you no longer work with...
  1. Goodbye? No thanks. 
Yeaaahhhh... Goodbye is not going to work for me.

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