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10 People Skills You Need to Succeed

How to Be Charismatic (Without Being Inauthentic)

Be Confident With Your Body Language

Non-Awkward Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

18 Easy Networking Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

How to Be a Better Manager

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3 Steps to Being More Authentic

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How to Be Funny: 7 Easy Steps to Improve Your Humor

Learning how to be funny is an essential people skill. Most people don’t realize you can learn how to be funny. In fact, I want to convince you that the funniest people hone their witty craft.  And being funny matters. You’ll be more successful if you can make people...

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Permission to Screw Up with Kristen Hadeed

In this episode of our series, The World’s Most Interesting People, I sat down with Kristen Hadeed. Kristen is the founder and CEO of Student Maid, a cleaning company that hires students. Kristen is also the author of Permission to Screw Up: How I Learned...

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5 Crazy Myths About Pregnancy

I have some big news my Science of People friends! I am pregnant! Hooray! I am so excited to start this next phase of life adventure. As I embark on this journey, you will see me growing bigger and bigger in my videos and Instagram photos… And, occasionally I will...

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