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Can Charisma Be Learned?

Can Charisma be Learned_

Do you think highly charismatic people are born or made? When I asked my twitter followers this question, over 90% of them responded that they believe that charisma can be learned. I agree with them. It’s a huge, limiting myth that you have to be born with strong people skills and a highly attractive personality […]

Are You a Truth Wizard?

Are You a Truth Wizard

Research estimates that we are lied to as many as two hundred times per day. That means you are told lies in the majority of interactions you have with people. When I first read this statistic I was shocked; I thought that I surrounded myself with honest people. However, the statistic only sounds extreme as […]

The Science of the Resting Bitch Face

The Science of the Resting Bitch Face

Do you ever get asked questions like these on days you feel perfectly okay: Are you angry? Is something wrong? Did I say something to offend you? Why don’t you smile more? If so, and you’ve probably already realized it, you have a resting bitch face. The resting bitch face is a problem dealt with […]

9 Things You Should Know About Liars

6 Things You Should Know About Liars

You are lied to dozens of times every day. From little white lies such as people telling you they are doing great when in fact they are having a terrible day to serious lies from loved ones and employers that have the potential to change your life, being able to understand when, why and how […]

How to Be a Human Lie Detector


Do you know when someone is lying to you? We like to think we are great at spotting lies—but on average we can only detect deception with about 54% accuracy. That’s barely better than chance! I believe learning how to spot deception is a life skill. We should all know how to have more honest […]

Lie Spotting Quiz


So you think you are good at spotting lies, huh? I am thrilled to test your abilities! Here at the Science of People we LOVE to do original research. This latest experiment is both a test for us and a test for you. Take this quiz and: See how good you are at spotting the lies […]

Sneak Peek: Captivate Table of Contents

Want to know what we cover in my latest book, Captivate? Wait, no longer! Here is a sneak peek… I worked long and hard to figure out how to organize Captivate. We decided to split it up into the levels of every relationship–the first 5 minutes, the first 5 hours, the first 5 days. Every level has […]

How to Know if Someone is Going to Give You a Handshake or a Hug

Handshake vs Hug

You know that awkward moment where someone is coming to greet you and you have no idea if they are going for the handshake or the hug? So you’re left kind of putting your hand out but also not sure if you should open your arms for the hug or you just wait for them […]

The 6 Best Questions to Ask in An Interview

The Best 6 Questions to Ask in an Interview

For my first job interview back in college I was uber prepared for my answers. I had prepped, practiced and scripted. I was ready to tell my stories. But I was NOT ready for this answer: Do you have any questions for me? In fact, she was not asking for an answer, she was asking […]

How to Make Accurate Snap Judgements


When I was doing research for my book Captivate, I wanted to discover why and how people make strong judgements about strangers they’ve just met. Everyone knows that first impressions are important part of this. The question is, how accurate are they? Before digging into the science, I decided to ask my twitter followers how […]

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