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What does it mean when you see someone’s eyes suddenly dart to the left? Or if they rub their chin, flare their nostrils, or lick their teeth? Read the body language of one of the most interesting sections of the body—the head.

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Our heads control everything—every slight movement has meaning. Here are the 26 head body language gestures you can use to reveal hidden emotions.

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Facial Microexpressions

Learning to decode facial expressions (microexpressions) is like granting yourself a superpower. Learn to spot microexpressions with example photos and videos!

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The eyes are indeed the window to the soul – and can help you read people. In this post, I break down 34 eye behaviors and cues to uncover hidden emotions.

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We normally don’t think of the mouth when considering body language, but our mouths are one of the hotspots for revealing hidden emotions.

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What does it mean when someone touches their ear? In this guide, I’m going to show you 7 different body language cues that involve the ears.

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