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How to Make a Charismatic LinkedIn Profile Video (4 Easy Steps) 

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million in today’s online world. LinkedIn’s new features for user profiles allow you to use the power of video to set you apart. LinkedIn’s thirty-second profile videos showing your personality, credibility, and expertise can benefit job seekers, recruiters, hiring managers, and content creators.

Thankfully, a LinkedIn video doesn’t have to be a Spielberg production. It should be casual! Here is everything you need to know about creating the perfect LinkedIn profile video at home in 3 simple steps. 

Important Note: As of June 2023, LinkedIn has removed the profile video feature. We hope they will bring this feature back and the tips below are still useful for other videos you make.

What Should I Include In My LinkedIn Video?

YouTube video

A LinkedIn video is like your 30-second virtual elevator pitch. The core elements of a LinkedIn video are:

  • Quick intro and byline: Who are you, and what do you do?
  • A clear goal: Why are you on LinkedIn? 
  • Call to action: Where can your followers find your work, and how should they connect with you? 

See more sample scripts below. Your video provides a broad overview of everything someone needs to know about your profile without reading any of it. You can also consider it an invitation or teaser to get people interested in what you offer. 

The best LinkedIn videos are:

  • Scripted, but conversational: Since a LinkedIn video is so short, it helps to script it ahead of time. However, avoid reading the script. Memorize the lines and say them in a way that sounds conversational. 
  • Unique and personalized: Your video is like putting your professional persona in a nutshell. It should show off a few of your unique attributes and things that make you, you
  • Lively and upbeat: You don’t have to be the most bubbly person in the world, but it might help to speak in an upbeat, positive tone that holds a viewer’s attention (although this may also depend on your brand). Avoid talking too slowly, too quickly, or in a monotone voice. 
  • Charismatic: Warmth, confidence, and friendliness are some of the most important charismatic traits for business and life. Your video should make people want to meet and/or work with you.  

4 Simple Steps to Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile Video

You don’t need to be a professional YouTuber or have a home video studio to make a LinkedIn video. You can plan and record your video in less than 15 minutes with these simple steps:

#1 Set up your recording area

All you need to record is: 

  • Smartphone: It’s easiest to upload your video via the latest version of the LinkedIn mobile app on iOS and Android. Set up your phone to film vertically (portrait mode) with a 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • Tripod: Mount your phone and extend the tripod legs to the height of your face. You can also use an eye-level surface to prop up your phone.  
  • Quiet area: Avoid filming anywhere with background noise. An office or bedroom with the door closed is ideal. 
  • Professional Background: Your desk or workspace might be ideal for showing you while in the zone. If this area is too distracting or cluttered, you can choose a blank neutrally-colored wall or a wall with a photo related to your industry. For example, Vanessa Van Edwards often uses a map or scientific posters as her video backdrop.

Pro Tip: Great lighting can make an average video look extraordinary. Film your video near a bright window or use supplemental lighting to compliment your face. Avoid backlighting (where you stand in front of a window or light and look like a shadow figure).  

#2 Start with an introduction + one-liner 

Once you’re ready to hit record, simply introduce yourself. These first five seconds should clearly express:

  • Who you are
  • What you do

Use your full name and a quick byline. You can also include your gender pronouns or professional titles. Cater your byline specifically to your target audience on LinkedIn. 

Here are some example scripts:

  • “Hi, my name is Vanessa Van Edwards. I am a bestselling author, LinkedIn Learning instructor and recovering awkward person.”
  • “Howdy, I’m Logan Hailey! I am a professional SEO writer and lifestyle content creator.”
  • “Hello, my name is Denzel Williams, and I am a social media business coach helping businesses save money and get the traffic they deserve.” 
  • Hey friends! My name is Jose, and I’m an HR director at Sparks Company. I love helping people craft their perfect roles and do jobs they love.

If you haven’t already, pre-write your byline using these 9 Steps to the Perfect Elevator Pitch

#3 State a goal

Next, answer the question, “Why are you on LinkedIn?” 

To continue with the above example scripts:

  • Vanessa: “My goal here on LinkedIn is to share my favorite communication tips, behavior insights and connect with my students and readers.”
  • Logan: “My goal is to connect with companies who need driving traffic to their websites with articles and blogs.” 
  • Denzel: “I am here on LinkedIn to share social media tips and tricks that will help your brand find its proper audience.”
  • Jose: “I love being on LinkedIn to learn about HR trends and meet fellow people-centric folks.”

Pro Tip: Your LinkedIn strategy may not be the same as your goals for Instagram or TikTok. For example, Logan’s goal states that she is looking for new writing clients on LinkedIn even though she is a lifestyle content creator on other platforms. Remember that LinkedIn is primarily a professional social network; therefore, you want to cater your video to a work-related audience.

#4 End with a call to action

The final portion of the video is like a call to action. It helps the viewer figure out the “next steps” for connecting with you:

  • Where can they find your work? 
  • How can they work with you? 
  • What is the best way for them to reach out to you? 

Our case study videos from above could end with:

  • Vanessa: “It is such a pleasure to meet you. If you want my latest tips, be sure to follow me on LinkedIn or check out one of my bestselling books, Cues or Captivate. Connect with you soon!”
  • Logan: “I’m excited to meet you virtually. For tips and tricks on search engine optimization and blog writing, follow me on LinkedIn or check out my website. Feel free to message me if you’d like to connect!”
  • Denzel: “I look forward to helping you uplevel your social media strategy. You can message me here on LinkedIn or email me at the address below.” 
  • Jose: “Connect with me, and feel free to share any HR resources you love. I would be honored to meet you.”

Once you’re with your video, use this simple guide to upload your LinkedIn Profile Video. 

Body Language Tips for Video

Your LinkedIn video could be someone’s first virtual impression of you, so make it count! Viewers tend to make their first judgment of a person within 7 seconds. Use your appearance and body language to make you seem likable and friendly.

  • Don’t stand too close to the camera: Imagine a school portrait that shows your torso and above. Don’t cut off the frame right at your neck (or you’ll look like a floating head)!
  • Dress to impress: Imagine how you would dress at your ideal workplace. You might have on sweatpants at the bottom, but your top should be clean, business casual, and presentable for your industry’s standards. 
  • Use a nonverbal greeting with your hands: An exposed palm is the most straightforward nonverbal cue to signal “friend” rather than “foe.” Give a wave to the camera and a few hand gestures as you speak.
  • Don’t read from a script (look into the camera!): Memorize your pitch and rehearse before you hit record. It’s better to do multiple takes than to look down at index cards while talking.
  • Smile in the first and last few seconds: Show off your charisma and trustworthiness with a friendly smile at the beginning and end of your video. But don’t fake smile! Use these 9 Tips to Smile Better (in any situation!)

How to Upload Your LinkedIn Profile Video

Here are a few technical things to remember about your LinkedIn video. As of writing, this article here is how to upload your LinkedIn Profile video:

  • Once you add a profile video, a blue circle will be around your profile image. This is different from the orange ring that indicates you have video cover stories. 
  • The minimum video duration for a profile video is 3 seconds and can’t exceed 30 seconds. We recommend 15-30 seconds for a great first impression. 
  • You must use the latest LinkedIn mobile app version to create and watch profile videos.
  • If a member has disabled the autoplay of videos on LinkedIn, then the member won’t be able to view the preview.
  • You can view and delete a profile video from the LinkedIn desktop site.
  • Unless you have turned off notifications about profile changes, adding a profile video may generate an in-app notification for your network.

Here is the LinkedIn Profile Help Page on LinkedIn Profile Videos and how to post yours. 

Why Should I Post a LinkedIn Profile Video? 

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than words, which means your LinkedIn video can capture someone’s attention better than words.

Statistics show that over half of social media users prefer video posts over other content. That’s because the video is the closest thing we have to face-to-face interaction. Your LinkedIn video is like a virtual meeting without having to log onto a Zoom chat or meet for coffee with every person in your network. 

Benefits of a LinkedIn profile video include:

  • Greater rapport for your personal brand: Rapport is what makes people trust you and want to work with you. Psychologists have found that short social media videos improve brand trust and positive brand associations. 
  • Higher ranking in LinkedIn results: Social media algorithms favor video content more than ever before. Statistics show that LinkedIn videos earn three times more engagement than text, meaning your profile is more likely to pop up in searches. 
  • More credibility: Showcase your expertise and education to frame yourself as a professional in your field. 
  • Uniqueness: Potential clients or employers can see more of your unique personality on video than in photos or text.
  • Professionality: A professional video demonstrates that you know how to communicate professionally and pitch your products or services with confidence. 

Key Takeaways: Make a Great First Impression with a LinkedIn Profile Video

As the professional world goes increasingly digital, your online first impression is equally as important as your face-to-face presentation. Use a LinkedIn video to provide quick insight into who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer. 

Remember to:

  • Place the camera at eye level and record with flattering lighting. 
  • Start your video with a genuine smile and a wave.
  • Script and memorize your byline, goal, and call-to-action ahead of time. 
  • Speak confidently and clearly. 
  • Keep your video under 30 seconds. 

LinkedIn has over 660 million users in more than 200 countries worldwide. This social network can help you find jobs, high-paying clients, and professional connections that could take your career to the next level. Don’t miss out on The 15 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips to Make Your Profile Pop

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