Step 3: Maintenance

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Making friends is a great skill to have—maintaining them is another. When you learn to keep your friends by your side, you’ll create friendships that last a lifetime and good people you can rely on.

Read Body Language

How can you have memorable conversation with everyone you meet? Here are 57 amazing conversation starters so you can start a great conversation with anyone

Set Clear Boundaries

You know you need to set boundaries, but how? Defining the “rules” of your relationships can liberate you from people-pleasing and overcommitting.

Avoid Clinginess

If you want to stop feeling clingy in relationships, confronting your insecurities and changing your communication habits may help you feel freer.

Things to Do With Friends

No more staying in on Friday night wondering “what should we do?” If you never know what to do with your friends, try something out of the ordinary.

Home / How to Make Friends / Step 3: Maintenance