Learning Links from the Training: Here are the links Vanessa mentions in the training that you can use for continued learning. They are in the order of the slides. Enjoy! 

Please share these links with anyone who can benefit. Share it with your team. Share it with your partner. Let’s share the knowledge and positivity!

About Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards is a national best selling author & founder at Science of People. Her groundbreaking book, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People has been translated into more than 16 languages. As a recovering awkward person, Vanessa helps millions find their inner charisma. She regularly leads innovative corporate workshops and helps thousands of individual professionals in her online program People School. Vanessa works with entrepreneurs, growing businesses, and trillion dollar companies; and has been featured on CNN, BBC, CBS, Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, the Today Show and many more.

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  1. Luis Chin

    It was a really interesting webinar. As a reader of your book and blog, I really appreciate all the time and effort you and your team spend on creating the actual and useful content. For sure, I’ll use some of the tips in my team.

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