Your cues are always showing. Cues are a secret language hidden in plain sight—but they are only revealed to those who know how to spot them.

What Are Cues?

Cues are the subtle, but powerful social signals humans send to each other. They can be nonverbal, verbal, vocal or imagery cues.  Sending the right cues can instantly boost your charisma or build rapport in a given situation. Reading cues can also be like a superpower—accurately decoding a person’s cues can give you insight into what they are thinking or feeling.

There are 4 main types of Cues:


What is your body saying? These include hand gestures, posture, facial expressions, and more. These powerful nonverbal cues make up about 65 to 90 percent of our total communication.


Verbal cues can come in both online and offline flavors, including sending the right emails to get your message across and using word choice to influence conversations.


How do you sound confident, powerful, and charismatic? Your voice can dictate how others perceive you, from simple phone calls to being the dealbreaker when it comes to landing a new client.


From your clothes to the desk you sit at when working, imagery cues can give others an impression of you without you even gesturing or uttering a word.

What Are Cues?

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