Watch the replay of my LIVE from New York free training, Reinvent Yourself. Relive the launch day fun and surprises!

Here’s what we covered in the training (including timestamps!):

  • [4:23] If you wonder what visual cues others are sending you, play this decoding game with me!
  • [5:40] If you struggle with productivity at work, watch this
  • [13:40] Learn what cues are, how they impact our lives and how we can identify and control them
  • [11:41] How to read and apply this training to your life with real-life examples
  • [16:30] Why as a young girl, I never felt like I belonged and the cues I was missing or mislabeling
  • [22:31] 5 questions to ask yourself that will CHANGE your life
  • [24:05] Why how you see yourself determines how others treat you
  • [25:28] Why reinventing ourselves requires accurate encoding and decoding
  • [26:35] The 3 questions we’re always asking ourselves about others while interacting with them
  • [27:30] How I wrote Cues and where the 17 years of research came from
  • [31:10] The famous awkward missed cue from Tom Brady
  • [32:55] The door experiment. How did they not notice this major missed cue?
  • [35:15] Why people who accurately read cues EARN more money
  • [39:45] Let’s play… can you spot the cue? (practice your cue spotting right here with me!)
  • [1:01:27] Is your profile photo leaving the right impression? Find out using 3 of our community members photo options
  • [1:12:35] Determine what you want more of in your life. I’ll share mine too!
  • [1:16:11] This is the moment I learned that YOU ALL made Cues #1 New Release on Amazon 😭 Thank you!!!!
  • [1:23:20] My last of the 5 questions that will lock in this training for you!
  • [1:25:00] My motivational pep-talk for you and details about Cues starts here
  • [1:26:45] I can’t wait to give you these juicy book bonuses (including a ticket to my exclusive Cues Advanced Masterclass!)

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