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5 Crazy Myths About Pregnancy

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I have some big news my Science of People friends!

I am pregnant!

Hooray! I am so excited to start this next phase of life adventure. As I embark on this journey, you will see me growing bigger and bigger in my videos and Instagram photos

YouTube video

And, occasionally I will post some fun human behavior science on pregnancy, babies and the science of parenting. To kick off this adventure, I want to play a game with you…watch the video above or play along below for The Pregnancy Game!

Here’s how it works. In the list below I have 5 pregnancy myths and 3 pregnancy facts. Ready to test your knowledge? Let’s go!

You can tell a baby’s gender based on the shape of momma’s belly

Do you think you can tell if I am carrying a boy or a girl based on the shape of my stomach? In the video above, I will reveal the gender of our little bambino. If you guessed right, it’s totally by chance. This one is a myth.

It’s a myth that you can tell a baby’s gender based on momma’s stomach shape. Baby lore says that boys hang low in the belly and girls make moms more wide. But alas, there is no science to back this up.

Moms can give colds to their developing babies

If momma gets sick will it also make the baby sick? Will he or she need cold medicine? This is a pregnancy myth. Mom’s cold will not make the baby sick. The placenta protects the baby from mom’s cold.

Special Note: Mom should be careful what cold meds she takes during pregnancy as some meds can cross the placenta even if the baby isn’t sick.

Pregnant women should avoid cats

Are cats dangerous for preggo mommas? Well, this is a partial fact! Cats are totally fine for momma and baby BUT litter boxes can be dangerous. Litter boxes can spread something called toxoplasmosis, which is a disease that can cause birth defects. But this is good news for momma! You now have a legitimate excuse to not clean the litter box for a whole nine months!

Are you a dog lover? Well, no worries, luckily or unluckily cleaning up after the pup is totally okay.

Pregnant women should eat chocolate

Should pregnant moms avoid that sugar loaded chocolate bar or snarf it up as much as possible? Well, I am THRILLED to say that this one is a fact! New studies show that pregnant women who eat chocolate every day during pregnancy have babies who show less fear and smile and laugh more often at six months of age. Another study finds that women who eat five or more servings of chocolate each week during their third trimester have a 40 percent lower risk of developing high blood pressure.

Pass me the chocolate!

Your birth month doesn’t mean anything — it’s just foolish astrology

Are you an astrology lover? Do you think your astrological sign is true? While there isn’t much research on proving astrology, fetal research is showing that the time of year you were born can have a lasting impact on your baby. Babies who were born in the late summer or early fall tend to be taller and have thicker bones than babies born at other times of year. Babies who were born in the late winter or early spring are 10 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia.

Our little baby is coming in July, so hopefully they will have nice, thick bones = )

Pregnant women can’t eat cheese!

Is cheese ok for pregnant ladies? Thank goodness this one is a myth…for the most part. Pregnant ladies can eat pasteurized cheese. Cheeses like Brie, feta and goat cheese that might carry food-borne illnesses should be avoided while preggo! Most cheeses come pasteurized, but always check the label or ask your waiter.

Exercise during pregnancy can strangle the baby

Running, swimming, zumbaing–are they ok for pregnant mommas? Sadly, there is no excuse not to go to the gym even when you are pregnant. Exercise is great for pregnant ladies and can help women stay limber and strong for labor. Now–don’t go crazy. No bungee jumping or rock climbing. Falling isn’t great for the baby, but being active is!

Pregnant women should not take hot baths while pregnant

Can a pregnant mom relax in a steaming hot tub or sauna? Unfortunately, nope. Saunas, jacuzzis and hot baths are not safe for soon to be moms. Anything that raises a mom’s body temperature above 102 degrees is risky for the baby. At high temperatures, that bambino can get too hot and you as the momma may run the risk of fainting! I love me a good bath, but it’s just too hot for the little one!

Bonus: Want to follow along with my pregnancy journey?

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How did you do on our pregnancy game? Did you get all 5 myths and all 3 facts? I have lots more to come as everyday I learn something new!

Know anyone who is pregnant? Send them this article!

To your success,


PS- Did you guess if I am having a boy or a girl or…twins? Watch the video above to find out = )

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