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A Message From Vanessa

THANK YOU for your trust, excitement, and commitment to Cues. This is more than a book. This is your guide for taking control of your life, better understanding yourself and others, and getting more for your efforts.

I believe we all deserve to have access to this information especially when it impacts every facet of our lives.

Cues are the powerful verbal, nonverbal, and vocal signals humans send to each other. What we don’t realize is that we send thousands of these cues to each other every day, yet they often go missed. I believe those cues are all filled with opportunities.

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CUES Bonuses by Chapter

All bonuses and resources listed below are referenced in the book. The resources are listed by chapter so you can easily reference them as you read through the book. This is your opportunity to watch or read more about the stories and examples I share in the book and really dig into the material by interacting with it on a deeper level and applying it to your everyday life.


Watch Jamie Siminoff’s Shark Tank Pitch.

Chapter 1

If you visit the MindUp website, you will see it has a powerful blend of warmth cues-smiling kids, a laughing Goldie, and great stories- right alongside competence Cues.

Watch Jeff Bezos’s high warmth interview.

Watch Jeff Bezos’s high competence interview.

Chapter 2

Do you see the hidden cues painted in The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci?

The Last Supper - Leonardo Da Vinci

Chapter 3

See Brian Dean’s amazing work.

Read more about our Shark Tank experiment and
what we can learn about successful pitches.

How good are you at reading facial expressions?
Take our facial expression test.

Now try just reading the eyes. This is our take on the Reading the Mind in the Eyes (RMET) test. Take it as many times as you like.

Are you an ambivert? Take our quiz to find out! You might have the strengths of both an extrovert and introvert.

Want to see a close talker in action? Check out this Seinfeld clip.

Watch my video tutorial on seating. Always choose the right seat for your purpose.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we made a video tutorial on reading facial expressions even with masks on.

Chapter 4

Want to see A-Rod lying to Katie Couric? Watch here.

Chapter 5

Watch the Nixon and Kennedy U.S. Presidential Debate

Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller got the idea for the blue steel look from Pierce Brosnan, who is known to harden his lower lids on the red carpet… and in most photoshoots. See it here.

Need more hand gesture ideas? Here are sixty hand gesture ideas you can use.

Watch Evita’s iconic speeches.

And see how Madonna immortalized Evita in: “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.”

Chapter 6

Watch Lance Armstrong on Larry King.

Watch Nixon deliver his historic lie.

Check out Britany Spears on Dateline talking about Kevin Federline.

Here is my video with Michelle Poler facing her fear of strangers.

And here is Michelle Poler’s Bikini Wax video!

Watch George Lopez get embarrassed on Punk’d.

Read Slate’s 1999 article “George W’s Smirk“

Chapter 7

Watch Cameron and Lauren fall in love on “Love is Blind”

To see a funny version of uptalk in action, watch the Saturday Night Live skit “The Californians”.

Watch me demo vocal fry and show you how to solve it.

Here is a link to the Ummo App to help you eradicate your umms.

Please read our guide to fonts and their impact on the information you’re communicating.

Chapter 8

Watch Margaret Thatcher transform her voice.

You can hear me play the hellos for you in my TEDx London Talk!

Hear how Dr. Paul Zak and I researched how to build rapport on Zoom

Chapter 9

Download and print our priming glossary here.

Read our Emoji Guide.

Watch Ellen interview Jennifer Aniston.

Chapter 10

Video of Kevin Hart’s virtual interview background.

If you are curious what colors mean in your country, check them out here.

What Next ?


You made it all the way through Cues AND utilized your tools and resources to get the MOST out of this book. It’s impossible to read and apply what you learn in Cues and not have it improve your life, career, relationships, and overall happiness. I’m so excited for you!!! 

Look at the momentum you’ve created for yourself! When you control and leverage the tiny signals you’re sending – from your stance and facial expressions to your word choice and vocal tone – to improve your personal and professional relationships you truly will never be overlooked, underestimated, or misunderstood again.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the end.

If you like CUES, you’ll LOVE People School. 

People School is our 12 module advanced science-based interpersonal communication training program. It’s designed to help you advance your career, stand out from your peers, and give you the communication foundation you need to develop purposeful, powerful, and authentic people skills.

Most of us have not been given all the communication tools we need to succeed. We learned technical skills and job skills in school but were barely given any communication skills training. No matter how talented you are, you cannot succeed if you can’t interview effectively, negotiate your worth, or be indispensable on a team.

I want you to be recognized for your talents. I want to get your ideas heard. I want you to be paid what you deserve. To do this, I have created the ultimate people skills training. People School will teach you all the soft skills you were never taught in school.

My goal is to give you a foundation for effective communication you can use for the rest of your life to help you achieve your mission, up your impact, and share your ideas with the world.

It’s time to get more for your efforts. Go from being overlooked, no matter how hard you work, to UNSTOPPABLE.

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