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Tania Steyn

Tania Steyn

Gauteng, South Africa


  • Sales / Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Corporate Training
  • Public Speaking / Presentation Skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Deception Detection
  • Romance
  • Influence / Charisma / Presence
  • Women’s Groups
  • Men’s Groups
  • Youth Development

Tania love’s what she does and it shows every time she works with a client. Her personal belief is that there are no ordinary people and if given the chance everyone will have something amazing to offer.

Tania is a human behaviour analyst, who unlocks the science of body language and the power of our nonverbal behaviour and teach people how to master their people skills. Her own life changed completely once she understood how to utilise the people skills she always had but were never taught how to use correctly.

She is a certified body language trainer, human lie detection expert and people school graduate.

Tania believes that by improving your nonverbal communication skills that you are investing in your career growth and financial gain and will be improving the happiness of your relationships for the rest of your life.

Her mission is to help people succeed and achieve their goals – whether that’s more confidence, stronger presence, mastering people skills, or increasing their self-awareness. She helps them be the best possible version of themselves by using the latest and greatest communication and psychological science, with her clientele ranging from high performing professionals, leaders, doctor’s, managers to students.

She leads lively workshops and energised motivational talks in front of groups ranging from small teams to large crowds, lasting anywhere between one- hour keynotes to multi-day retreats using a unique science backed training. The presentations can be tailor made to fit any need or goal and ignite excitement with applicable and actionable tips to use right away. Through this training she helps people elevate their nonverbal edge as well as their personal brand.

Tania Steyn

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