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When we think about going into a job interview or applying for a new position we tend to focus all of our energy on our technical skills. But what about our people skills?

People skills are the secret to success.

Successful people know that you have to be book smart, but you also have to be people smart to get ahead. Unfortunately, we are not taught people skills in school (don’t worry I’m working my buns off trying to change that!) and so we often get turned down from amazing jobs or flunk interviews because we don’t know how to have smooth, easy, charismatic communication.

JazzEnter: Jasmine, aka Jazz

Jazz is one of our amazing students from our Master Your People Skills course and I had to share her inspiring success story with you–I am so so proud of you, Jasmine!

Here is her story:


You are a rock star and an inspiration to me! I absolutely love your work and have found your courses, website and social media extremely valuable!

My name is Jazz and I am a young professional learning how to navigate the corporate business world. I’ve completed your Master Your People Skills class and I received a raise at work as a direct outcome.  Every day I look for ways to practice the skills you taught and I am gradually adopting them all into my tool box.

Vanessa, thank you so much for the work you’ve produced! You certainly have achieved your mission of helping people become their best self and realize their value with your programs. I look forward to taking more of your courses!


The Techniques

I was so excited to read this email because I was ecstatic to be able to help Jazz on her journey with easy people to people skills. I asked her about her favorite techniques she learned and what she uses most often. Here is what she had to say:

Miss Macy's Northeast Tourism MarketingHi Vanessa, 

Oh boy, it’s hard to choose a favorite! I received a merit based raise at work without asking by using the skills in your courses to do my job. Without your lessons it would have been very challenging to meet my objectives.
If I had to choose just a couple, my favorite skills would be daily legs, know your legacy, maximize refuel time, and the RUC technique.
Everyday I get up with a purpose for that day, the week and keep my legacy in mind. I make sure to write it down, email it to myself, and/or text it to myself so that I see it everywhere!  This really helps me stay grounded no matter what could be thrown my way.
Since work can be a battle field, I make sure to keep my energy levels high with physical activity in the morning and quiet, alone time at night.  It’s interesting, I am an extrovert, but I get very drained being around people all day long, so it is crucial for me to pad my day with these two activities.
RUC technique is the greatest thing, ever! It helps me stay engaged in conversation and it helps to ensure that the people I am speaking with are on the same page.  I use this all the time at meetings now and I have been able to close the sale cycle faster this way.  A good example would be a new partnership I am establishing selling tickets.  I met the sales manager in person, used the RUC technique in conversation to pinpoint opportunities to partner and then immediately followed up via email with bullet points of the opportunities. Within a week we decided that selling tour tickets could be actioned right away and we are now setting up the sales procedures.  Prior to learning the RUC technique, establishing this partnership could have easily taken a month because the conversation would not be as clear and to the point.
In summary, being a people skill ninja is what led to my raise, and I am very, very grateful for everything you shared. 
I’ve become particularly good at creating the element of surprise. My best surprise to date has been a pageant sash I made to wear to meetings and events. It’s a great conversation piece!  I attached a picture for you to see for yourself.
We are so proud of you Jazz and honored that you came to us for help, we know you have more exciting things to come!

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