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I have a confession. I’m an expert junkie.

I could care less about reality TV stars or movie actors. I heart bloggers, social media personalities and web experts. Nothing gets me going more than a killer social media profile, a hot blog or an on-fire Twitter feed.

Why do I have this bizarre obsession? These Internet Icons are kicking ***, doing what they love and growing serious profits. There is nothing more inspiring than that! I have also always loved to study charismatic people. I want to know, why are people drawn to them? What about them is so magnetic?

Of course, the top thought leaders have awesome content, but there is more at work.

Internet Icons know how to use their body to get what they want.

I’m talking about:

The Body Language of an Expert

More than 60% (some studies say up to 93%) of our communication is nonverbal. So no matter how good your content is, your delivery has to be even better.

The following Internet Icons have an authentic and powerful nonverbal style that we can all learn from. Watch the video above to see how these Icons win you over with their body language.

1. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferris is a productivity guru and he is the master of presence. He has a secret power body language he uses in his awesome ted talk on Smashing Fear.

2. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is the creator of Rich, Happy and Hot Bschool and is a master marketer. I have to admit I have a little girl crush on her. But who doesn’t? Her signature body language move conveys wisdom.

3. Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi is a financial guru and creator of I’ll Teach You to Be Rich. His cl***ic move is a great way to engage his audience. Hint hint: It has everything to do with his glorious eyebrows.

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4. Danielle Laporte

Danielle Laporte is a fierce female entrepreneur and author of the Desire Map. One of her many strengths is her engaging body language. See her signature move in the video.

5. Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern is the founder of the marketing blog Social Triggers and he produces some frickin’ amazing videos. I have watched a lot of his content and figured out what his body language secret is.

6. Kris Carr

Kris Carr is a wellness activist and star of Crazy Sexy Cancer. Her brand is fantastic and her videos get hundreds of thousands of views. Want to know why? Check out her body language move.

7. Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau is an author and entrepreneur who has a great fan base. Chris is a great speaker and his body language secret helps put him in high demand. During Chris’ Ted talk on Fear and Permission he is a master of the stage using this nonverbal technique.


One more bonus tip for you. Do you notice how in all of these videos our internet icons show their torso? Most people make the mistake of just showing their upper body in videos. But the more of our body we show, the more people can trust us and connect with us. So in your videos make sure to push the camera back and show off what your momma gave you.

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