The Definitive Remote Work Guide (2023)

Whether you’re brand new to remote work or want to learn how to build a remote team, this is your definitive guide for everything remote work.

What is Remote Work?

Did you know remote workers average 1.4 more days of work each month than non-remote workers? And businesses that offer remote work save more than $11,000 a year, while employees save more than $4,000?

Put simply, remote work is a type of work that allows professionals to work outside the office—whether that’s in a cafe, co-working space, or—you guessed it—at home. And with remote work here to stay, here are the resources you need to work smartly and efficiently.

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How Do YOU Remote Work?

What’s your remote work style? Are you a hardcore introvert? Or do you like a little conversation during your long hours of isolation?

Take this quiz to get curated tips to help you work smarter depending on your personality.

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