Global Leadership Summit

We are so honored to have you here. Vanessa and Science of People would love to help you ask better questions, make deeper connections, and inspire for good.

Our Connection Blueprint will help you build deeper connections with the important people in your life.

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Helpful Resources

  • Take the Official Charisma Quiz: Do you want to see where you rank on the charisma scale? Take this quiz to see where you fall. Bonus points if you can send this to someone else and have them take it as you. This is a great way to test your score.
  • Test Your Body Language Skills: Are you good at reading facial expressions? Test your decoding skills with our quiz.
  • My TEDX London Talk: Want to learn a little more? Check out my TEDx London talk for more on body language and conversation sparkers.
  • Learn the Science of Personality: Learn about all 5 personality traits and take our quiz.
  • …and if you really want to level-up your skills enroll for our next class of People School!
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