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50 Hobbies for Adults in 2024 (Your Ultimate Guide)

Do you ever get anxious when people ask you about your hobbies because you’ve never been a hobby person? Or you are a seasoned hobbyist and want to try something new.

Either way, in this article, we’ll go over 50 hobby ideas and explain how difficult each is, the qualities each hobby will bring out in you, and what type of people would be attracted to each hobby.

After going through this list, there’s a good chance that one of these hobbies will be a good fit for you.

Have you discovered any new hobbies or interests as an adult that you didn’t pursue in your youth?

  • Yes, I’ve developed new hobbies as an adult.
  • No, my hobbies have mainly remained the same since my youth.
  • I’m not sure.

What is a Hobby?

A hobby is an activity you do in your free time for fun, relaxation, or even a dash of self-improvement. People pursue hobbies for the intrinsic joy of the activity or its benefits, and not usually because of financial gain or obligation. However, if you go deep enough into a hobby, you can teach it to others and make money from it. 

When considering which hobby to pick up, it can be helpful to consider the following:

  • Social benefits. You will meet people as you take up new hobbies…if you want! Are you an introvert? Pick a solo hobby. Do you want new friends? Pick a social hobby.
  • Difficulty. Do you want an easy hobby or one that takes decades to master the technical skills?
  • Skills trained. Would you like to introduce your physical strength? Creative impulses? Improvisational thinking? Each hobby will cultivate different skills.
  • Challenging parts. As fun as a hobby is, each comes with its challenges. Pick a hobby that has challenges that are worth the payoff for you.  

Benefits of Hobbies

Sinking your teeth into a new hobby has a wide array of benefits. It can be an escape from work and obligations or a place to try new things and discover yourself. Below are some of the top perks of taking on a hobby:

  • Stress is gone! Feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world? Hobbies are a go-to for stress relief. Studies suggest1 that engaging in hobbies helps lower cortisol and blood pressure.  
  • New Skills. Mastering the art of sourdough baking? That’s a skill, my friend. Most hobbies require you to pick up some form of knowledge or technique, which is a win-win.
  • Boosting your social life. One positive effect of group hobbies like team sports or a book club is that they can expand your social circle faster than you can say, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”
  • Brain exercise. Research suggests2 that engaging in a hobby for an hour a day can prevent dementia later in life. Hobbies require engaging in new skills, which work out your brain.
  • Mental Health. Research suggests3 that having a hobby is linked with lower levels of depression and, for some folks, can even prevent depression. Hobbies bring joy to your life. Activities like journaling, painting, or gardening can be incredibly calming and provide a sense of accomplishment. 
  • Extra Income. Who says you can’t turn it into a side hustle if you get good at your hobby? The possibilities are endless, from Etsy shops to gigging at local venues to starting a YouTube channel.
  • Self-Discovery. Trying out different hobbies can help you discover more about yourself. What makes you tick? What are you passionate about? The answers might surprise you.

Part of the fun of hobbies is improving at them. And it can be enjoyable to set goals for your hobbies to help you excel. You can enjoy this free training to upgrade your goal-setting skills.

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Hobbies are your pathways to a more fulfilling life. Now, who’s ready to deep-dive into some options? 

Artistic Hobbies

These creative hobbies let you tap into your artsy side. Think painting, drawing, or even digital art. And if you choose one of these hobbies, plenty of YouTube videos offer art classes to help you.

According to this survey4, adults with an artistic hobby and a Netflix account would instead give up Netflix for a year (77%) than give up their hobby for a year (23%). 

Abstract painting

Abstract painting is all about expressing emotions, ideas, or other concepts in a non-representational form. It’s your ticket to pour out your soul without worrying about making something “look right.”

  • Difficulty: Easy to start; you can make something beautiful with just a few strokes, but mastery can take years
  • Skills trained: Creativity, emotional expression, and a keen eye for color and form
  • Social level: Generally a solo pursuit, but it can be social in painting classes or when displaying your work
  • Challenging parts: Overcoming creative blocks and developing your unique style
  • Suitable for: You love to express yourself freely and want a creative outlet that doesn’t require a ton of technical skill upfront

Digital Art

Welcome to the future! Digital art involves the use of computers and software to create visual magic. Both the iPad and even virtual reality headsets offer great digital art apps. It’s the freshest way to create art without the mess of traditional mediums.

  • Difficulty: Moderate difficulty for basics, steep learning curve for advanced skills
  • Skills trained: Technical skills, creativity, patience
  • Social level: Often solitary but with online communities
  • Challenging parts: Learning the software, keeping up with tech upgrades
  • Suitable for: You’re tech-savvy and want to blend art with modern technology.


Who knew writing could look this good? Calligraphy transforms everyday letters into intricate works of art. You get to create beauty out of the mundane.

  • Difficulty: Easy to pick up basic scripts, but mastering advanced styles (and languages) takes time
  • Skills trained: Fine motor skills, patience, attention to detail
  • Social level: Can be social in workshops or online communities
  • Challenging parts: Learning different fonts and styles, consistency
  • Suitable for: You have a penchant for beautiful writing and want to elevate your penmanship


Capture life’s moments, big or small. Photography is the art of storytelling without words. You only need an eye for detail and a finger to snap the shot.

  • Difficulty: Easy to start with auto modes, years to master manual settings
  • Skills trained: Observation, composition, technical skills
  • Social level: Can be both solitary and social, depending on the style
  • Challenging parts: Understanding camera settings, editing
  • Suitable for: You love capturing moments and seeing the world through a different lens

Creative writing

Dive into the world of your imagination and put words on paper to create short stories, poetry, and essays.

  • Difficulty: Easy to hard; depends on the complexity of the project
  • Skills trained: Creativity, communication skills
  • Social level: Can be solitary or social (writing groups, workshops)
  • Challenging parts: Plot development, writer’s block
  • Suitable for: You have a vivid imagination and love storytelling

Outdoor Hobbies

These are best for nature lovers and adventure seekers—activities like hiking, kayaking, and camping fall under this category.


Step into nature, one foot at a time. Hiking offers a breath of fresh air and a chance to explore the world’s wonders, all while getting a great workout.

  • Difficulty: Easy for beginner trails, challenging for multi-day hikes
  • Skills trained: Endurance, navigation, appreciation for nature
  • Social level: Can be both solitary and social
  • Challenging parts: Physical fitness, weather conditions
  • Suitable for: You love being outdoors and are looking for a calming and physically engaging activity.


Row, row, row your boat! Kayaking is an awesome way to explore bodies of water, be it lakes, rivers, or oceans.

  • Difficulty: Easy to start, moderate for rapid waters
  • Skills trained: Upper body strength, balance, coordination
  • Social level: Can be both solitary and social
  • Challenging parts: Transporting the kayak, learning safety measures
  • Suitable for: You enjoy water activities and want a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout.

Rock climbing

Reach new heights, literally! Rock climbing is like a vertical puzzle, one that’s physically and mentally rewarding.

If you are a beginner, starting your practice bouldering indoors is good. And once you build the skills, then move to the outdoors.

  • Difficulty: Moderate to start, years to master
  • Skills trained: Strength, problem-solving, focus
  • Social level: Highly social in climbing gyms, can be solitary outdoors
  • Challenging parts: Requires specialized gear, physical strength
  • Suitable for: You’re looking for an adrenaline rush and enjoy overcoming physical challenges

Mountain biking

Pedal through rugged terrain and experience nature on two wheels. Mountain biking is for those who like a little more thrill in their cycling.

  • Difficulty: Moderate for basic trails, challenging for technical routes
  • Skills trained: Endurance, balance, quick reflexes
  • Social level: Can be both solitary and social
  • Challenging parts: Equipment costs, maintaining the bike
  • Suitable for: You love cycling but crave more excitement and technical challenges


Patience is a virtue, and nowhere is that more true than with fishing. Enjoy the calm and excitement of catching your dinner—or catch and release.

  • Difficulty: Easy to start, a lifetime to master
  • Skills trained: Patience, observation, relaxation
  • Social level: Can be both solitary and social
  • Challenging parts: Requires specialized gear, weather-dependent
  • Suitable for: You’re looking for a relaxing yet potentially rewarding outdoor activity

Bird watching

Feathers and beaks and songs, oh my! Bird watching is an exercise in mindfulness and appreciation for our feathered friends.

  • Difficulty: Easy to start, challenging to identify rare species
  • Skills trained: Observation, patience, identification skills
  • Social level: Mostly solitary, can be social in bird-watching groups
  • Challenging parts: Requires patience, some travel for specific birds
  • Suitable for: You’re a fan of wildlife and enjoy the intricacies of different species.

Physical Hobbies

From traditional team sports like basketball to solo endeavors like swimming, these hobbies focus on physical exertion and skill. If you’re looking for an active hobby encouraging you to move your body, these might be for you.


Dribble, shoot, and slam dunk your way to glory. Basketball is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle full of energy and teamwork. You can play pickup basketball in parks or join a sports league.

  • Difficulty: Easy to start, challenging to excel
  • Skills trained: Teamwork, coordination, endurance
  • Social level: Highly social
  • Challenging parts: Stamina, mastering techniques like shooting and dribbling
  • Suitable for: You love fast-paced games and enjoy a sport’s individual and team aspects.


Swing your racket and serve up some aces. Tennis is a high-energy sport that offers a perfect blend of skill and strategy. Plus you can play tennis in your old age.

  • Difficulty: Moderate to start, challenging to master
  • Skills trained: Agility, hand-eye coordination, strategy
  • Social level: Generally social, especially in doubles
  • Challenging parts: Physical endurance, mastering different strokes
  • Suitable for: You enjoy sports that require quick thinking and good physical conditioning


Dive into the water and unleash your inner fish. Swimming is a full-body workout and a refreshing way to stay fit.

  • Difficulty: Easy for basics, challenging for competitive swimming
  • Skills trained: Endurance, breathing technique, full-body strength
  • Social level: Can be both solitary and social
  • Challenging parts: Breath control, mastering different strokes
  • Suitable for: You love water and are looking for a low-impact but effective workout

Martial arts

Channel your inner warrior. Martial Arts teach you self-defense, discipline, and a deep respect for technique and history.

  • Difficulty: Moderate to start, challenging to reach higher levels
  • Skills trained: Discipline, physical Strength, focus
  • Social level: Generally social in group settings
  • Challenging parts: Physical demands, learning complex moves
  • Suitable for: You’re interested in self-defense, discipline, and the philosophy behind martial arts


Flip, vault, and jump through urban jungles. Parkour is like a real-life video game, turning the world into your playground.

  • Difficulty: Moderate to start, high level of difficulty for advanced moves
  • Skills trained: Overcoming fear, creativity, spatial awareness
  • Social level: Can be both solitary and social
  • Challenging parts: Risk of injury, mastering complex maneuvers
  • Suitable for: You have a daring spirit and want to see your environment in a whole new way

Personal electric vehicles (PEVs)

Personal electric vehicles (PEVs) like electric scooters, electric skateboards, and e-bikes are revolutionizing how we commute and explore urban environments. They offer the freedom of personal transportation without the carbon footprint of traditional vehicles.

  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate; requires basic riding skills and understanding of battery care
  • Skills trained: Balance, spatial awareness
  • Social level: Can be social through group rides and online communities
  • Challenging parts: Maintenance, understanding local regulations and safety protocols
  • Suitable for: You’re interested in eco-friendly, personal mobility solutions and love the thrill of riding.

Musical Hobbies

Playing music throughout your life can help your memory5 in older age. Whether it’s learning to play a musical instrument, DJing, or even composing music, these hobbies are all about sound. 


Strumming the strings of a guitar can be a melodic journey, whether you’re into rock, blues, or acoustic folk.

  • Difficulty: It is easy to start with basic chords, but challenging to master techniques
  • Skills trained: Hand-eye coordination, rhythm, creativity
  • Social level: Can be both solitary and social
  • Challenging parts: Finger dexterity, mastering complex chords
  • Suitable for: You love the versatility and portable nature of the instrument


Raise your voice and hit those high notes. Singing is a natural expression and a wonderful way to convey emotions.

  • Difficulty: Easy for basic singing, challenging to perfect pitch and technique
  • Skills trained: Vocal control, emotional expression, rhythm
  • Social level: Generally social, especially in groups or choirs
  • Challenging parts: Breath control, hitting the right pitch
  • Suitable for: You love using your voice and enjoy musical expression


Beat the drums to create the backbone of many musical styles. Drumming is both primal and sophisticated.

  • Difficulty: Moderate to start, challenging to master complex rhythms
  • Skills trained: Rhythm, coordination, timing
  • Social level: Highly social in band settings or drum circles
  • Challenging parts: Speed, learning various drumming techniques
  • Suitable for: You have a strong sense of rhythm and enjoy being the backbone of a musical group


The piano is a classic instrument, producing simple melodies and intricate symphonies.

  • Difficulty: Easy for basic tunes, challenging to master classical pieces
  • Skills trained: Finger dexterity, music theory, coordination
  • Social level: Can be both solitary and social
  • Challenging parts: Hand coordination, learning advanced pieces
  • Suitable for: You’re interested in a wide range of musical styles and love the richness of the piano


You can record and layer multiple musical elements using a loop station or software to create a full song. Looping allows you to be a one-person band, orchestrating every aspect of a song in real-time or in a pre-recorded format.

  • Difficulty: Moderate to start, challenging to master looping techniques
  • Skills trained: Timing, creativity, technical skills
  • Social level: Can be solitary during creation, social when performing or sharing
  • Challenging parts: Coordinating multiple layers, mastering loop station or software
  • Suitable for: You love orchestrating various aspects of music and enjoy the challenge of creating a full composition by yourself.

Tech and Gadget Hobbies

For those who love staying updated with the latest in technology. Includes activities like drone flying or 3D printing.

Build a gaming PC

Building your gaming PC can be a rewarding experience. Not only do you end up with a machine tailored to your specific gaming needs, but you also gain invaluable tech skills along the way.

  • Difficulty: Moderate; basic understanding of computer components required
  • Skills trained: Problem-solving, technical aptitude
  • Social level: Mostly solitary but can be social through online communities
  • Challenging parts: Hardware compatibility, cable management
  • Suitable for: You’re a gamer who loves understanding the tech behind the magic

Drone flying

First-person view drones are more than just a fun gadget; they offer a unique world perspective. Whether for filming breathtaking scenery or racing at breakneck speeds, drones provide a thrilling experience.

  • Difficulty: Moderate; requires practice and some initial investment
  • Skills trained: Hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness
  • Social level: Can be social through racing and meetups
  • Challenging parts: Learning to control the drone, understanding regulations
  • Suitable for: You love the intersection of technology and real-world exploration

Virtual reality (VR)

Ready to take the plunge into a digital wonderland? VR is your gateway to jaw-dropping experiences that defy the boundaries of the physical world. Strap on those goggles and dive in! 

  • Difficulty: Easy to start, equipment can be expensive
  • Skills trained: Spatial awareness, technical literacy
  • Social level: Can be highly social in multiplayer VR environments
  • Challenging parts: Initial setup and system requirements. Many folks can also get motion sickness, dizziness, and headaches with VR headsets.
  • Suitable for: You’re fascinated by immersive experiences and new ways of interacting with digital worlds

3D printing

Ever want to bring your wildest imaginations to life—literally? With 3D printing, you’re the wizard of your little factory. Create anything from custom phone cases to intricate sculptures. Your living room turns into a maker’s paradise!

  • Difficulty: Moderate; understanding of 3D modeling helpful
  • Skills trained: Creativity, technical skills
  • Social level: Social through online communities and maker spaces
  • Challenging parts: Calibration, learning to design 3D models
  • Suitable for: You love the idea of bringing digital designs into the physical world

Ethical hacking

Looking to be a cyber-sleuth with a cause? Ethical hacking lets you put on your white hat and dig into systems—legally—to help make the digital world safer. 

  • Difficulty: Moderate to high; understanding of networks and coding required
  • Skills trained: Logical reasoning, technical skills
  • Social level: Online communities, capture the Ffag competitions
  • Challenging parts: Staying updated with new security vulnerabilities
  • Suitable for: You have a keen interest in cybersecurity

Culinary Hobbies

From baking to brewing beer at home, culinary hobbies result in delicious outcomes and can be deeply satisfying.


Whip up a batch of cookies or try a more complex pastry dish. Baking is not just about eating; it’s the art of precise measurement, timing, and a little science.

  • Difficulty: Moderate; requires understanding of measurements and timings
  • Skills trained: Precision, patience
  • Social level: Moderately social; great for sharing treats and baking together
  • Challenging parts: Perfecting recipes, troubleshooting failed experiments
  • Suitable for: You have a sweet tooth and enjoy the meticulous process of creating something delicious


Homebrewing takes your love for beer or other beverages to the next level. Create your unique flavors and understand the nuances of fermentation.

  • Difficulty: Moderate to hard; requires specialized equipment
  • Skills trained: Patience, experimentation
  • Social level: You can be social, sharing your brews or joining a homebrewing club
  • Challenging parts: Sanitization, mastering fermentation
  • Suitable for: You’re a fan of craft beers, and you love to experiment

Canning and preserving

Turn your summer fruits into jams, pickles, or canned goods to enjoy year-round. It’s the time-travel of the culinary world.

  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate; requires understanding of sterilization
  • Skills trained: Patience, organization
  • Social level: This can be a solitary or group activity
  • Challenging parts: Proper sterilization and sealing
  • Suitable for: You love making the most out of seasonal produce.


From cottage cheese to more complex types like gouda or cheddar, cheese-making is a rewarding experience for any dairy lover.

  • Difficulty: Moderate to hard; requires special cultures and equipment
  • Skills trained: Patience, experimentation
  • Social level: Moderately social; sharing and tasting
  • Challenging parts: Aging and flavor development
  • Suitable for: You’re a cheese aficionado and are patient enough for the aging process

Fermenting vegetables

From kimchi to sauerkraut, fermenting vegetables is a beautiful way to preserve them and boost their nutritional value.

  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate; requires clean jars and patience
  • Skills trained: Patience, attention to detail
  • Social level: This can be a solitary or group activity
  • Challenging parts: Achieving the desired taste and texture
  • Suitable for: You’re interested in gut health and like tangy foods

DIY and Craft Hobbies

These involve creating something with your hands, like woodworking, knitting, or building model planes.


Feel like unwinding while you, well, unwind some yarn? Knitting is your go-to for crafting anything from cozy socks to your next winter scarf.

  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Skills trained: Patience, hand-eye coordination
  • Social level: Can be social in knitting circles or solitary
  • Challenging parts: Complex patterns, fixing mistakes
  • Suitable for: You like creating practical items and enjoy repetitive, meditative tasks


Want to build something more lasting than a digital empire? Woodworking lets you transform simple lumber into heirloom pieces, all while smelling that addictive blend of fresh-cut timber and possibility.

  • Difficulty: Moderate to hard; requires tools and space
  • Skills trained: Precision, craftsmanship
  • Social level: Generally solitary but can be social in workshops
  • Challenging parts: Learning to use tools safely, sourcing materials
  • Suitable for: You enjoy working with your hands and appreciate the beauty of wood


Ready to take a nostalgic trip every time you flip a page? Making a scrapbook is your ticket to curating memories in the most tactile, colorful way possible. Say hello to your life in album form! 

  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Skills trained: Creativity, organization
  • Social level: Can be social if done in groups, but generally solitary
  • Challenging parts: Layout design, sourcing materials
  • Suitable for: You love capturing memories and are into visual storytelling


Do you feel like going hands-on with earthy elements? This popular hobby takes you on a spinning journey of molding clay into functional or decorative art. From vases to dishes, you’re shaping your world. 

  • Difficulty: Moderate to hard; requires special equipment
  • Skills trained: Patience, fine motor skills
  • Social level: Can be social in classes or solitary
  • Challenging parts: Mastering the wheel, glazing, and firing
  • Suitable for: You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and enjoy sculpting

Candle Making

Do you want to bring a little light into your life—or someone else’s? Candle-making lets you mix, melt, and pour your way to custom scents and shapes that brighten up any room. 

  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Skills trained: Patience, precision
  • Social level: Generally solitary but can be social in workshops
  • Challenging parts: Achieving the right scent, avoiding bubbles
  • Suitable for: You enjoy working with your hands and love the ambiance of candles

Connection-Based Hobbies

These hobbies are rooted in social connections. If you’d like to explore the art of human relating, then these might be for you.

Partner dancing

Ready to get in sync and step up your connection game? Going to partner dance classes offers a dynamic way to express yourself while moving in tune with another person. Think salsa, swing, or ballroom.

  • Difficulty: Moderate; requires rhythm and coordination
  • Skills trained: Rhythm, physical coordination
  • Social level: Highly social; partner-based
  • Challenging parts: Mastering footwork, timing, and turns
  • Suitable for: You love music and dancing and enjoy socializing

Contact improv

Want to dive into the deep end of spontaneity and body awareness? Contact Improv invites you to explore improvised movement, making every session a novel and interactive dance dialogue. It is an improvised partner dance form that uses gravity, touch, and deep listening.

  • Difficulty: Moderate to hard; depends on comfort with physical touch
  • Skills trained: Physical awareness, trust, deep listening
  • Social level: Social involves physical contact
  • Challenging parts: Maintaining balance, avoiding injury, comfort with close contact
  • Suitable for: You’re comfortable with physical touch and enjoy interpretive movement

Authentic Relating

Craving genuine connections that go beyond small talk? Authentic relating practices offer structured activities designed to dive deep into meaningful conversation, helping you truly see and be seen by others.

  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate; depends on comfort level with emotional openness.
  • Skills trained: Emotional intelligence, communication skills
  • Social level: Highly social; group settings
  • Challenging parts: Emotional vulnerability, active listening
  • Suitable for: You’re interested in deepening your connections with people or want to build communication skills


Ready to elevate your yoga game—literally? AcroYoga combines yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage into a practice that takes trust, balance, and teamwork to new heights.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Skills trained: Physical strength, trust
  • Social level: Social; partner-based
  • Challenging parts: Physical flexibility, coordination with partner
  • Suitable for: You enjoy yoga and want to share the experience with someone else

Tabletop role-playing games (RPGs)

Have you ever dreamt of slaying dragons or solving mysteries with a band of adventurers? Tabletop RPGs let you live out those fantasies in a story that unfolds one dice roll at a time. They are like board games, except more imaginative.

  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Skills trained: Creativity, strategic thinking, imagination
  • Social level: Highly social; group-based
  • Challenging parts: Learning game mechanics, storytelling
  • Suitable for: You enjoy storytelling and imaginative play

Improv Comedy

Fancy yourself a quick thinker, or want to become one? Improv hones your wit and timing on the fly, giving you a stage to create characters and scenes out of thin air.

  • Difficulty: Moderate; requires quick thinking
  • Skills trained: Creativity, adaptability, quick thinking, social boldness
  • Social level: Highly social; done in groups
  • Challenging parts: Thinking on your feet, accepting and building on other’s ideas
  • Suitable for: You like live performance and want to improve your quick thinking and social skills.

Public speaking clubs (e.g., Toastmasters)

Have a message to share or want to conquer the fear that’s held you back? Public speaking is both an art and a skill, perfect for those looking to amplify their voice and make an impact.

  • Difficulty: Moderate; overcoming stage fright can be tough
  • Skills trained: Public speaking, leadership
  • Social level: Social; usually done in a group setting
  • Challenging parts: Overcoming nervousness, mastering speech delivery
  • Suitable for: You want to improve your public speaking or leadership skills

If you’d like to explore public speaking, here’s a guide on how to improve your skills.

Spiritual and Mindfulness Hobbies

Activities that focus on inner growth, peace, and mindfulness. This can include meditation, yoga, or spiritual study.


Mat lovers, let’s get bendy! Yoga is becoming one of the most popular hobbies. You’ve probably heard of yoga, but have you dived into the incredible world of deep breathing, flexible positions, and mind-body synergy? Unfurl that mat and strike a pose or several.

  • Difficulty: Easy to hard; beginner to advanced levels
  • Skills trained: Flexibility, focus, and stress management
  • Social level: Can be solo or in a group setting
  • Challenges: Complex poses and maintaining discipline
  • Suitable for: You seek physical and mental well-being and enjoy body movement


Mindfulness mavens, clear some headspace! Meditation isn’t just sitting down and doing nothing; it’s an active process of focusing the mind and being present. Plus, it has many benefits, from increased focus to increased happiness. 

  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate; it’s simple to start but takes practice to master
  • Skills trained: Mindfulness, focus, and emotional regulation
  • Social level: Usually a solo practice, but group meditations are available
  • Challenges: Maintaining focus and sitting still
  • Suitable for: You need to declutter your mind and manage stress

Tai Chi

Movement minimalists glide into the flow! Tai Chi is a series of fluid, graceful movements that are also a form of self-defense. It’s the martial art of bathing your spirit in serenity.

  • Difficulty: Moderate; requires memorizing forms and postures
  • Skills trained: Balance, mindfulness, and coordination
  • Social level: Can be both solo and social; classes and groups are common
  • Challenges: Learning the forms and incorporating breathwork
  • Suitable for: You want a gentle exercise that also sharpens the mind


Word wizards, grab your quills! Write down your thoughts, feelings, and daily experiences to understand yourself better. Writing in your journal is like having a conversation with your future self. 

  • Difficulty: Easy; all you need is a pen or pencil and paper
  • Skills trained: Self-awareness, reflection, and emotional expression
  • Social level: Typically, a solo endeavor
  • Challenges: Consistency and opening up to yourself
  • Suitable for: You like introspection and want to track your personal growth

You can try bullet journaling or something more free-form. Here are some ideas on prompts.

Tarot reading

Mystics and future-seekers, draw a card! Tarot reading is about interpreting a set of cards to gain insights into your life or someone else’s. Shuffle those cards and unveil your destiny or at least some exciting self-reflection.

  • Difficulty: Moderate; requires learning card meanings and combinations
  • Skills trained: Intuition, storytelling, and empathy
  • Social level: Often social, especially when reading for others.
  • Challenges: Learning the nuances of each card and their combinations
  • Suitable for: You enjoy symbolism, psychology, and a touch of mysticism


Chant masters and melody makers, it’s time to harmonize! Kirtan is a form of devotional chanting rooted in the Hindu tradition but celebrated globally. Get ready to raise your voice in a call-and-response style that turns divine love into sound waves.

  • Difficulty: Moderate; requires a grasp of melodies and chants
  • Skills trained: Musicality, community building, and spiritual devotion
  • Social level: Highly social; typically done in groups
  • Challenges: Learning various chants, maintaining pitch, and sometimes playing instruments simultaneously
  • Suitable for: You’re interested in blending the realms of music and spirituality and enjoy a sense of community

Takeaways on Hobbies for Adults

Hopefully, something on this list of hobbies is called to you. 

If you’re unsure where to start, try picking a hobby that:

  • Matches the difficulty level you’d like to pursue
  • Trains qualities that you’d like to improve
  • Has the level of social engagement you’d like
  • And matches the type of person you are

And trying a hobby out doesn’t have to be a permanent commitment. By some paint, or go to an improv class and see if you want to keep it up. Best of luck!

And if you’d like to focus on hobbies just for the social element, you might enjoy this article.

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