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As a Body Language Trainer you can have a career that fulfills you, makes a positive impact on the world around you, and brings you financial freedom.

Why You Should Become a Body Language Trainer

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When you register your interest you get:

  • The full curriculum overview
  • An inside look into the income potential in the body language business
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  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I create our trainer program?

For the past 10 years, Vanessa and the Science of People team have designed, developed, built and produced a body language coaching and speaking program. The results have been incredible.

Our trainings have reached over 300,000 students, we have sold over a million dollars in courses and our groundbreaking work has been featured in CNN, NPR and INC and a host of other media outlets. Her book Captivate was a Wall Street Journal best seller and was chosen by Apple as one of the most anticipated books of the year!

Why has this work been so powerful? 

We use science-based training methods to help people achieve their goals. Our coaching uses a blend of science and self-help to make our work both informative and transformative.

There’s only one problem. We cannot meet demand. We turn down inquiries from around the world for coaching and speaking  because we simply don’t have enough trainers. It is our hope that we can meet you and you can meet our students. We want to help as many students as possible and I hope you will join us. 


There is nothing better than waking up and knowing you are making a difference.

We might be a little biased, but we believe that working as a body language coach and speaker is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers out there because you are helping people achieve their goals. You have the power to inspire and inform people to take control of their lives and achieve their goals–that is a life and career worth living.


As a trainer you design your own hours.

You choose the kind of work you want to do and the kinds of clients you want to work with. You can even work virtually or in person from wherever you are in the world. You are also welcome to work as a body language trainer part-time or full-time and use it as an add-on to an existing career or as a completely new career track. Some of our current trainers are intrapreneurs–teaching our body language curriculum to internal programs in their companies.

Proven Model

This is a proven business model.

In the training we will give you the tools and steps you need to run a successful, high earning business. This means how to reach new clients, how to get speaking gigs and even strategies on your website and social media. You get to run your own business, but you are not on your own running your own business. You have a team and proven model behind you.

Earn Financial Freedom

Being a body language trainer is one of the few careers that allows you to help people and earn a solid income to support your family.

Body Language coaching and speaking can be done as a part-time supplement to existing income or a be a lucrative full-time career. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a corporate consultant working in body language, you will be able to set-up a successful business.

What You Get by Enrolling

Your investment in the Body Language Training Program will get you a host of amazing benefits:

12+ Interactive Course Modules

Each week trainers will get a new course module with videos, workbooks, slides and comment sections to get feedback as you learn.


By the end of the training you will get full coaching and training curriculums to teach to your clients or use at speaking events. This includes ready-to-go slide decks, workbooks and lessons. 

Live Office Hours

As you go through the program you will have live office hours calls with Vanessa & your fellow trainers. This is where Vanessa will answer all of your questions & do real-time activities to solidify your learning.

New Monthly Content

The learning doesn’t stop after your 12 weeks. Not only will Vanessa continue to host live office hours, you will also get new slides EVERY single month in our trainer newsletter. We are constantly updating our research and curriculum to give you the most current science and materials.


You will get a master training manual to use as you go through each lesson. This will also be your guide when you begin to work with clients and students. This has our proprietary custom templates, slides and exercises.

Trainer Community

Once you get accepted into the program you will join an elite group of like-minded trainers. Not only will you get learning pods in the program, we also have an incredible support system as you learn.

Ready to get started?

When you register your interest you get:

  • The full curriculum overview
  • An inside look into the income potential in the body language business
  • Video overview of the training
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Join the Revolution

Join over 200+ trainers from 5 continents and over 30 countries. Bring the body language revolution to your city.

Meet Our Trainers

Join trainers from 5 continents and 15 countries in the Body Language Trainer network.

Sheryl T.

Just want to say how much I appreciate the program and the excellent way you’ve delivered it. Vanessa, Danielle, you are amazing support with tons of knowledge too! I LOVED the personal videos and the brilliant, absolutely useful feedback. I’m going to be able to help so many women with my Life Coach/Body Language Coach tools.

Irvine N.

I am super excited to begin this journey with SOP. Thank you for the fantastic training experience. I was talking with some of my coach friends and telling them that I have done a whole host of assessments and certifications, but I found yours to be one of the very best for a number of reasons (rich content, dynamic delivery, and trainer support).

Shelly O.

I am so super excited to have my certification! It was so much fun working on it and I can’t even explain to you how important and pivotal this has been for me in this career transition. I’m really hoping to get the business off the ground quickly and make it a full time gig. Again, thank you so much for including me in the program! 

Diane R.

I am so excited and really looking forward to getting this message out. Every time I connect with others, do a session or just tell them what I do, I get so much interest. I really look forward to working together with the Science of People. 

Ariana T.

Thank you SO much for this amazing opportunity. This program has really changed my life, my interactions, even my opinion of myself. I can’t believe at 24 I was able to chase my dreams. Thank you!

Laura T.

I really want to thank you both for making this course so enjoyable, and Vanessa for the information that you have chosen to share – which really goes over and above what I was expecting.

Ready to get started?

When you register your interest you get:

  • The full curriculum overview
  • An inside look into the income potential in the body language business
  • Video overview of the training
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

About Science of People


Science of People is a human behavior research lab founded by Vanessa Van Edwards. Our mission is to help people be the best possible version of themselves using the latest and greatest communication and psychological science. You can learn more about Vanessa below.



We know you have lots of questions about this next big step. Here are the most common asked questions.

Corporate Trainers

Want to use your body language certification inside your company? Want to be an Intrapreneur? Wonderful! We have had a number of trainers who had their company sponsor their membership. We love when you use the training to provide internal workshops for your company. Let us know if you want to pitch your company to sponsor you and we can send resources to help.

Motivated Contributors

We want big dreamers and big doers. We want you to LOVE what you do and be excited to get up in the morning. We will give you everything you need to be successful, but you have to be ready to implement and take action.


The certification is completely virtual through a private membership platform. Every week you will get videos, templates, workbook challenges and be able to attend optional virtual office hours with Vanessa on video chat. We wanted to make sure that the program is available to people around the world. We get speaking requests from many other countries. Ideally, we would love a trainer in every major city.

Length + Timing

The program is 12 weeks long starting October 2018. But you do NOT need to complete the training in 12 weeks. You have as long as you need to complete the program. We work off of your pace and support you for your schedule and learning needs. 12 weeks is merely the fastest you could complete the program as we release modules each week.


Applications will open in October 2018. Be sure to sign-up below to receive your application and be the first to know when they launch.

*The first classes filled all available slots within the first few hours of the application being open! This time, we are trying to make it more fair for those people who want to spend a little more time on their application. For this class we will keep applications open for the full week to give everyone a chance.

Who Shouldn't Be a Body Language Trainer?

This program is not for everyone. Being a body language trainer is a very unique career path and we are looking specifically for individuals who:

Appreciate the Financial Investment

This program is based on Vanessa’s 10 years of research and over $875,000 of development. We charge a tuition, just like any other certification, college or degree program. We hope to get qualified students who understand what the program is worth. Remember: Our goal is for you to begin earning back your tuition the moment you graduate from the program and start seeing clients. We are also happy to offer a payment plan for those who need it.


This program is geared towards individuals who want to do body language part-time OR full-time–whether you are a professional who wants to add body language training into your career or you want to be a full time body language speaker and teacher.


Be sure you are signed-up to our Trainer List so we can send you all dates and updates for the next Trainer class starting in October 2018.


This is the ninth official Body Language Trainer class. We reserve a small number of seats for each class because we want to give each of you incredible one-on-one support. This means that once you are in the program you will get feedback, learning help and lessons customized to you and your business. If you do not make it into this class we will hold your application until the next opening.

Train the Trainer

We want to show you how we teach. There is a methodology behind Vanessa’s viral teaching methods. During Part II of the Body Language training program we will dive into the best teaching methods, public speaking strategies and the psychology of top-notch teaching.


Tuition for Body Language Trainer Certification is $6,000. Payment plans, invoices, and corporate invoicing are available.

Ready to get started?

When you register your interest you get:

  • The full curriculum overview
  • An inside look into the income potential in the body language business
  • Video overview of the training
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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