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Want to become a master at building human connection? Learn to become likable, have great interactions, and build strong relationships with these key body language principles.

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Decoding Vocals – 21 Cues of Paralanguage & Prosody to Know

Nonverbal communication isn’t just gestures. We also use our voice. Learn the hidden meanings behind cadence, intonation, verbal “backchannels,” and more.

21 Tips on The Psychology of Advertising to Maximize Sales

As an online business owner, I’ve studied the psychology of advertising for years. Here are my top 21 nonverbal cues to boost your sales.

The 2020 Presidential Debate Body Language Analysis Guide

The debate is over between Biden and Trump, but did you spot the hidden signs? Here’s the Debate Body Language Analysis Guide you’ve been looking for.

How AI Will Revolutionize How We Use Body Language

Few things are more hyped than the coming AI revolution. Billionaires fight over whether AI is going to save us or damn us, and much of the future promise of AI is still years out. But when it comes to AI’s application to body language — the future is already here. It’s just not widelyContinue reading “How AI Will Revolutionize How We Use Body Language”

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Resting Bitch Face: How to Fix Your RBF Forever (With Science)

Are you stuck with resting bitch face (RBF)? Fear not! In this ultimate guide, you will learn the causes of RBF and how to cure it.

Dog Body Language: How to Speak Canine

What is your dog saying? Why do they yawn, tilt their head, and make weird noises? Here are my top tips so you can be the next dog whisperer.