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About Citizen Science

Citizen science encourages non-academics to contribute to groundbreaking research experiments. Here at Science of People we think it is incredibly important to take research into our own hands. We work with teams of scientists, citizens and academics across continents. We hope our readers will help us and encourage more inquisitive minds to engage in our citizen science projects.

Our Mission: To contribute to the growing research on body language, nonverbal behavior and lie detection to make further exploration possible.

Play with us

We want you to play in our human behavior lab! Check out some of our citizen science projects below to see which tickles your fancy:

1. Test your body language

We have launched the world’s largest body language research project. We hope  the project will contribute relevant statistics to current researchers in the body language world, provide rich data for her speaking audiences and help individuals assess their nonverbal advantage.

Take the quiz now!

2. Who Is Most Popular?

Can You Tell Who Is Popular Based On Their Picture? We ask readers to choose who they think has the most Twitter followers based on picture alone. Can you pick the most popular person?

Guess who is most popular!

3. How to Read Someone’s Eyes

Do you know how to read someone’s mind in their eyes? Can you tell what a person is feeling just by making eye contact?

Put Your Eye Reading to the Test!

4. Existing Studies:

We have conducted some awesome research that we are so excited to share with you:

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