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Logan Hailey

Content Writer

Health & Wellness

Exploring, Hiking, Building Vans

“Every journey begins with a single step, and the adventure never ends.”


Logan Hailey is a vivacious writer, van life nomad, and entrepreneur with a passion for personal development and wellness. Through her work with Science of People, she combines her interests in communication, business, healthy lifestyle, and joyful living to empower others. Logan masterfully developed her skills in writing and leadership over the years while traveling.

As a nomadic entrepreneur, she travels extensively in her self-built Sprinter van, accompanied by her two adventurous dogs. Her experiences traveling to various blissful beaches, hidden wilderness areas, and magnificent mountaintops provide her with unique insights into natural wellness and mindset optimization. Logan is dedicated to helping others become better leaders and forge deeper connections by sharing the wisdom she gathers from the healing landscapes of Mother Nature.

Fun Facts

  • Logan designed and built her own Sprinter van, which serves as her home on wheels.
  • She travels constantly, exploring new environments and drawing inspiration from nature.
  • Her life on the road fuels her content, bringing unique perspectives to her writing on personal development and wellness.

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