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66 Unique First-Date Ideas That’ll Make Them Fall For You

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So you have a first date coming up. Exciting! But you might be wondering what to plan. Where to go? How do you set the best first impression?

In this article, we’ll give you some brilliant ideas for dates, from creative dates to outdoor excursions. There will definitely be something on this list that will be the perfect date for you.

What Are Your Goals For This First Date?

Before choosing your date plans, it can be helpful to reflect on what you want to get out of this date.

Are you looking for a deeper connection? Do you want to practice your dating confidence? Are you looking to have fun?

Action Step: Reflect on the question: what are you hoping to get out of this date?

Here are a few possible considerations:

  • Get to know the other person on a deeper level
  • Feel out how your chemistry and humor vibes
  • Build trust and rapport

The 5 Key Ingredients That Make For a Great First Date

Now that you know what you are looking for, it can also be helpful to understand the ingredients that make a memorable first date.

  1. Space for Conversation (and our favorite first date questions)

Communication is the heart of connection. A good date allows space for a sprawling conversation where you get to know each other more deeply.

Tip: If you do want to go for a more active date, like an arcade, consider combining it with a time to sit and talk. And then ask our favorite first date questions:

So much of a successful date comes down to having a great conversation connection. While there are some people who you just have better chemistry with, you can also become a better conversationalist. This can help you connect more with your date and, frankly, with everyone in your life! 

If you’re interested in free training to upgrade your conversation skillset, check this out:

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  1. A Dash of Adventure

A slight deviation from the norm adds a thrill to the date and can make it a more memorable experience for both of you. However, note that this does vary from person to person, and some people may enjoy a more stable date.

  1. Balanced Planning and Spontaneity

The effort you put into planning the date will show thoughtfulness and care. That said, it’s also nice to leave room for spontaneity and to follow the flow. 

Tip: Have a primary plan, but be willing to ditch the plan if either of your in-the-moment desires leads you in another direction.

  1. Shared Interests

Bonding over common interests (or tasteful mutual dislikes) can give rise to deeper connections and meaningful conversations.

Tip: Before planning the date, see if you can discover any common interests that you can bond over. Do you both like photography? Or nature walks?

Also, be sure to avoid these questions:

5. Respect Their Comfort Zone

Honoring each other’s boundaries builds trust and safety in the connection. If you thought an amusement park would be a great idea, but your date feels skittish with heights, then be ready to adjust.

The goal of a first date is not just to impress but to connect and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t be too attached to your plans, and let them shift according to both your needs and comfort zones.

While you’re contemplating the elements of a successful first date, also consider these seven things you definitely should not say on your first date (EG, avoid politics!)

With that said, let’s get into some ideas!

Bonding Over Food

Researchers have found1 that sharing food with another person causes us to feel closer to them. And other researchers2 hypothesize that humans evolved to eat together as a way to socially bond.

Sharing food on a date is perfect for those who believe that the way to the heart is through the stomach and that every shared meal is a chance to cook up something special together.

Go to a food festival.

It can be great fun to roam about a local food festival, tasting everything from street tacos to gourmet bites.

It’s a smorgasbord of flavors and fun, perfect for adventurous foodies looking to explore and indulge.

Possible Hitches: Crowds and long lines can test patience, and it’s a gamble on finding flavors that please both palates.

Take a cooking class.

Team up in a cooking class where you can learn to whip up anything from sushi to Sicilian pasta.

This date can make for great teamwork and a shared love of the senses. 

Possible Hitches: Kitchen chaos could ensue, and differing culinary skills might spice up the dynamics in unexpected ways.

Hang out at a farmer’s market.

Wander through a farmers’ market and sample fresh produce and artisanal goodies.

It’s a fresh-air feast for the senses that offers a laid-back setting for getting to know each other.

Possible Hitches: It’s more of a casual browse than a sit-down affair, and the weather can play spoilsport.

Go on a desert tour.

Got a sweet tooth? Embark on a quest to find the best desserts in town, from bakeries to ice cream parlors.

It’s a sugar-coated adventure that’s sure to bring smiles and sweeten the Conversation.

Possible Hitches: Sugar overload is real, and it might not be a fit for those with less of a sweet tooth.

Visit a vineyard

Sip and swirl at a scenic vineyard or wine-tasting room.

This date is a classy and relaxed way to enjoy Conversation surrounded by picturesque views.

Possible Hitches: It requires a taste for wine, and the drive to remote vineyards might be a consideration.

Hop between a few craft breweries.

Hop around a few local craft breweries where you can taste unique brews and learn about the brewing process.

This date is a laid-back, hoppy adventure perfect for casual chats and clinking glasses.

Possible Hitches: Not everyone’s a beer enthusiast, and it can get loud in some breweries.

Try a new cuisine.

Dive into a cuisine that neither of you has had before. Use it as a chance to explore the world with each other through flavors.

It’s a taste-bud-traveling experience, great for adventurous eaters and cultural conversations.

Possible Hitches: Finding the right balance of adventurous and agreeable can be tricky, and spicy or exotic foods aren’t for everyone.

Bop between a few coffee shops

Hop between coffee shops, tasting different coffee brews and pastries.

It’s a caffeine-fueled journey ideal for casual, cozy conversations in quaint settings.

Possible Hitches: Too much caffeine can be overwhelming, and finding seating in popular cafés might be a challenge.

Outdoor Excursions

Six out of ten singles3 say that “dating is becoming an unaffordable luxury,” and seven in ten lean toward free activities like hiking for a date instead of something with a big price tag.

If you want some great date ideas that won’t shatter your bank account, consider going outside.

Outdoor activities offer a unique blend of adventure, physical workouts, and the opportunity to forge a connection that resonates beyond the hustle of everyday life.

Plus, one study4 found that after participating in physical activity, our adrenaline goes up, and so do our feelings of attraction toward our date.

Hiking together

Pick a trail that matches both of your fitness levels.

Alltrails is a great resource for finding hikes.

Hiking together gives room for deep conversations while surrounded by breathtaking views.

One of my first dates with a former partner was a long trail run. It was fun to push my endurance with them, and it immediately created a bond around our shared love of nature.

Possible Hitches: Weather can be fickle, and differing fitness levels might pose a challenge.

Beach day

Enjoy a day of sun, sand, and waves. The beach provides options to swim, build a sandcastle, and even bury each other in the sand. 

It’s a great setting for a laid-back date where you can relax, enjoy the silence of the waves, and bask in the sun together.

Possible Hitches: Crowds and changing weather can be unpredictable, potentially dampening the mood.

Garden stroll

Consider a peaceful walk in a nearby park or botanical garden.

The tranquil environment lends itself well to uninterrupted conversations. Plus, you get to smell flowers, stand barefoot in the grass, and enjoy the sight of leaves in the wind.

Possible Hitches: Limited to daylight hours and might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Cycling adventure

Try a bicycle date where you bike through parks and city streets. You can make pit stops at cafés and have nice views. 

No bike? No problem! Most cities have e-bike rental apps like LimeBike or Bird, where you can get an affordable day pass.

A biking date provides gentle exercise, adventure, and casual chats.  

Possible Hitches: Requires a certain level of physical fitness and can be weather-dependent. It can also be hectic if you’re biking through traffic.


For a romantic option, find a quiet spot away from city lights to gaze at the stars and maybe catch a shooting star.

It can be beautiful to share a sense of wonder, and stars are known to give rise to especially meaningful conversations.

Possible Hitches: Weather and light pollution can affect visibility, and it requires staying up late.

Paddling on a lake

Rent a canoe or kayak and paddle together on a serene lake.

It’s a tranquil experience that requires teamwork. You’ll enjoy the beauty together and might experience a sense of shared accomplishment.

Possible Hitches: Physical exertion and the potential for getting wet might not appeal to everyone.

Picnic time

Pack a picnic with your favorite snacks and find a picturesque spot in a local park.

It’s a classic, relaxed setting that allows for personal touches and a comfortable conversation space.

Possible Hitches: Weather dependence and the need to prepare food in advance.

Zip lining

This is an awesome date for thrill seekers. 

It’s an exhilarating activity that can bond you through shared adrenaline, adventure, and beautiful scenery. 

Plus, one famous psychology study5 found that when we experience fear because of heights, we can code the physiological excitement as sexual arousal when with someone we are attracted to.

Possible Hitches: Not suitable for those afraid of heights and can be a bit pricey.

Berry picking

Want something more chill? Spend a day at a local farm picking fresh berries together.

It’s a sweet, low-key activity that allows for casual chatting and a shared sense of accomplishment. Plus, you can then eat the berries together afterward or make a pie!

Possible Hitches: Seasonal availability and could be less engaging for some.

Arts and Culture

Want to explore the arts together? Here are some dates that blend the beauty of artistic expression with the thrill of getting to know someone in a new setting.

Wander through a museum

Spend an afternoon exploring an art museum.

This will give you endless Conversation. Plus, you can experience shared inspiration and creativity.  

Possible Hitches: It can be overwhelming with too much to see; some might find certain museums boring.

Visit a local art gallery and immerse yourselves in contemporary or classic art.

It’s a visually stimulating experience that can reveal a lot about each other’s perspectives and tastes.

Possible Hitches: Art can be subjective, and not all exhibits may appeal to both.

Enjoy a theatre performance

There’s something magical about live performances. Consider finding a play or musical to share together.

It’s a chance to experience emotions together and discuss the themes and performances afterward.

Possible Hitches: Limited by show schedules and can be expensive.

Check out a historical site

If you have a taste for history, try exploring a historical site or landmark. You can dive into the past together.

It can be fun to learn together and can give rise to some interesting conversations.  

Possible Hitches: This may require a lot of walking and isn’t as interactive as other options.

Indie film viewing

Watch an indie or foreign film at a local cinema.

If you watch something unusual, it can offer a unique and memorable experience. 

Possible Hitches: Film choice is crucial; a heavy or complex movie might dampen the mood.

Attend a poetry reading

Attention all word nerds! For your date, try attending a poetry slam, book reading, or literary event at a local café or bookstore.

It’s an intellectually stimulating experience that can reveal quite a lot about each other’s tastes and thoughts.

Possible Hitches: This can be niche and might not appeal to everyone’s interests.

Go to the opera

Doe, a deer, a female deer! An opera or symphony can give you both a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

Plus, it’s a chance to dress up, which can feel very special and romantic.

Possible Hitches: The formal setting might be intimidating, and the music might not be to everyone’s taste.

Entertainment and Fun

Each of these entertaining and fun first dates offers a vibrant mix of laughter, excitement, and the chance to bond over shared joys and playful discoveries.  

Arcade play date

Spend a few hours at a local arcade, challenging each other to Guitar Hero, skeeball, and Mario Kart.

It’s a playful and nostalgic setting that encourages friendly competition, lots of laughs, and a fun way to bond.

Possible Hitches: They can get noisy and crowded, which might overwhelm more introverted individuals and might not leave tons of room for deeper first-date conversation.

Hit the bowling alley

Consider a casual evening of bowling, complete with fun shoes, high 5s, and gutter balls.  

Bowling is relaxed, fun, and slightly competitive. And there’s room for short conversation stints between turns.  

Possible Hitches: Skill disparities might intimidate some, and it’s not the most intimate of settings.

Mini-Golf Adventures

Mini-golf is an awesome blend of playfulness, light competition, and Conversation.  

Plus, it’s not too physically demanding, so it’s accessible to most people.

Possible Hitches: Wait times at holes can disrupt the flow, and weather can impact outdoor courses.

Karaoke Night

Sing your heart out at a karaoke bar! You can bond over duets or watch each other perform solos.  

It’s a great way to break the ice, show your personality, and share some laughs. Plus, the rush of performing in front of a crowd can add an extra thrill to your date.

I had a first date years ago at a Karaoke bar, and I still fondly remember singing a Blink-182 song, trying to replicate the 90’s punk rock vocal style with no skill and no shame. The relationship didn’t work out, but the date was unforgettable! 

Possible Hitches: Stage fright or discomfort with public singing might be a barrier for some.

Comedy Show

Consider laughing together at a comedy club. Comedy shows are a great way to loosen you both up and can give rise to more jokes between the two of you over the rest of the night.

Plus, studies6 suggest that in the healthiest relationships, partners tend to share laughter together. So why not start it off with some chuckles?

Possible Hitches: Humor is subjective, and some acts might be off-putting depending on personal tastes.

Amusement Park 

Get your adrenaline on with a day of rides, games, and carnival food.

It’s an action-packed day that can bring out your playful and adventurous sides.

Possible Hitches: Long lines and crowds can be stressful, and it can be a physically exhausting day.

Escape Room 

If you’re a puzzle-lover, you might love solving an escape room.

It’s a unique way to build teamwork and see how you both handle problem-solving under pressure.

If it goes well, you can create some great rapport.

Possible Hitches: This can be intense for a first date and might lead to frustration if the challenges are too difficult or the teamwork isn’t there.

Find some live music

Enjoy a concert or live music at a local venue.

It’s nice to hang out in such a dynamic atmosphere. Plus, you can get a sense of each others’ taste in music and share some creative vibes together.

Possible Hitches: Loud music can hinder Conversation, and not all genres may be enjoyable for both of you.

Relaxation and Wellness

If you’re both wellness warriors, then why not bond over your shared love of grounding activities? These dates are ideal for those looking to build a bond in a serene and health-focused atmosphere.

Attend a yoga class

If you are both yoga lovers, then why not go to a class together? 

You can share your passion together, and you’ll both feel extra mindful and relaxed after connecting further.  

Possible Hitches: Might be outside the comfort zone for those not used to yoga; physical limitations could be a factor. It could be uncomfortable if one of you is a pro and the other a newbie.

Share a spa day

Get ready to slip those cucumbers over your eyes! It can be quite a treat to share a spa day together with massages, facials, or soaking in a hot tub.

It’s an indulgent, relaxing experience that can help both of you feel at ease and pampered.

Possible Hitches: These can be costly; some might feel too personal for a first date.

Meditate together

If you’re both meditators, this can be a wholesome way to bond.

Try a guided meditation class or do a meditation session in a tranquil spot.

Here’s a great app that provides countless meditations.

If you want to go to an in-person class, most cities will have one of the following branches (just Google each in your city):

  • Insight meditation
  • Kadampa meditation
  • Shambala meditation

Possible Hitches: Can be challenging for those not accustomed to meditation; requires a certain level of openness.

Go on a tea-tasting

Try visiting a tea house for a tea-tasting experience.

It’s a calm and soothing setting ideal for quiet Conversation.

Possible Hitches: Limited appeal if one or both don’t enjoy tea; it can be a more passive activity.

Garden together

If you want to get your hands dirty, try spending time in a community garden or attending a gardening workshop.

It’s a grounding activity that allows for casual Conversation and a shared sense of accomplishment.

Possible Hitches: Physical activity is involved; it is dependent on weather and season.

Educational Experiences

If you are both avid learners, then these educational-themed dates could be your ticket to laughter, curiosity, and connection. These dates are perfect for those who find joy in the journey of discovery together.

Go to a history museum

Step back in time at a historical site or museum, uncovering tales of yore.

It’s like a storybook date, filled with intriguing narratives that spark conversations about history, culture, and personal anecdotes.

Possible Hitches: More of a listening date, which might not click with everyone’s idea of interactive fun.

Explore a science center

Experience some awe at the amazingness of life at a science center or planetarium. These often include hands-on exhibits and can be fun.

This date is perfect for igniting curiosity, which can lead to playful discoveries and maybe even a little cosmic romance.

Possible Hitches: Often a family favorite, so expect a bustling backdrop that might steal some of your quiet moments.

Take a language class

Tackle a new language together in a beginner’s class or join a group language exchange.

It’s a unique way to bond. And it can bring about some chuckles as you stumble over new words together.

Possible Hitches: Requires a dash of daring to make mistakes in each other’s company and might feel a bit like a school lesson.

Find an observatory

Gaze at the stars during a stargazing night or visit an observatory to whisper sweet nothings under the cosmos.

Peeking into the universe can conjure feelings of awe and discovery together.  

Possible Hitches: Weather-dependent and often a late-night affair, which might not be everyone’s cup of celestial tea.

Years ago, I took a date on an hour-and-a-half journey uptown to gaze through a telescope at the sky. When we arrived, the sky was covered in clouds, and the “telescope” part of our date lasted about three minutes. Telescoping can be awesome, but make sure to check the weather first 🙂

Podcast Club for Two

Listen to the same podcast and then rendezvous for a cozy chat about it over coffee or a dinner date.

This is a good date for intellectual types, and it can give insights into each other’s minds and hearts through rich conversation topics.

Possible Hitches: Requires a bit of pre-date homework, and it could be tricky to find the right podcast that interests both of you.

If you’re both interested in social skills, this podcast episode could be a good choice:

Check out a cultural festival.

Dive into a cultural festival where you can savor the sights, sounds, and tastes of different traditions

It’s an exhilarating whirlwind of new experiences. It’s perfect for adventurous souls looking to explore the world side by side.

Possible Hitches: This can be a sensory overload with crowds and noise and might involve more walking than talking.

Creative Connections

One study7 found that when couples took an art class together, it caused a release of Oxytocin, which is the brain chemical that makes us feel close to other people.

If you’re a creative type, then these dates could be your canvas for connection.

Paint and sip

Unleash your inner Picassos at a relaxed paint-and-sip class, where art meets a casual glass of wine.

It’s a colorful blend of creativity and casual Conversation. This kind of setting is perfect for breaking the ice and sharing a few laughs.

Possible Hitches: Not everyone is confident with a brush in hand, and the focus on painting might sidetrack deeper conversations.

Find an open-mic

Venture to an open mic night. You can enjoy locals serenade you with poetry, music, or comedy.

It’s an eclectic mix of entertainment that can inspire conversations about tastes, talents, and toe-tapping tunes.

Possible Hitches: The quality of performances can vary, and it might be more about listening than chatting.

Go to a DIY workshop

Join a DIY workshop where you can make anything from pottery to custom candles.

It’s hands-on fun, perfect for sharing skills and stories while crafting a memorable keepsake.

Possible Hitches: Crafting mishaps might occur, and it can be more about the making than the mingling.

Attend a writing workshop

Attend a creative writing workshop or a storytelling night. This is a great option for word lovers.

It’s a unique way to share stories and insights and to reveal layers of personality and imagination.

Possible Hitches: Requires a willingness to be open and vulnerable, and not everyone is a word wizard.

Go on a photography walkabout

Take a stroll with your cameras and capture the beauty of your surroundings and each other. You could co-create some prompts to find together in a photo scavenger hunt.

It’s a picture-perfect way to explore, engage, and see the world through each other’s lenses.

Possible Hitches: Different levels of photography interest or skill might make it challenging to keep both engaged.

Explore a record store

Lose yourselves in a local record store where you explore old classics and new favorites.

This can be a nostalgic journey that strikes a chord of shared musical interests and memories.

Possible Hitches: Musical tastes can be very personal, and it might turn into a solo browsing session.

Try out a salsa class

Salsa is a great way to learn rhythms and moves in a lively, upbeat setting.

It’s an exhilarating way to connect, share physical space, and learn something new together. It can also be physically intimate, so be prepared if you both feel ready for that.

Possible Hitches: Two left feet could lead to some awkward moments, and comfort levels with close dancing vary.

Check out the city’s street art

Take a guided tour or self-explore areas known for vibrant street art and murals.

It’s an outdoor gallery walk filled with color, culture, and conversation starters.

Possible Hitches: Weather-dependent and involves a fair bit of walking, which might not be everyone’s idea of a date.

Music and Dance

If you are both music lovers, then these dates could be a huge hit. They are a way to go on an adventure, enjoy the power of music together, and possibly feel your physical chemistry.

Enjoy a concert

Catch a live concert where you can both feel the music together. It can be loads of fun to discover new artists together.  

This date is an electrifying blend of shared interests and the thrill of live performance, perfect for music lovers.

Possible Hitches: Loud music can drown out Conversation, and finding a band or genre you both enjoy might be a challenge.

Try swing dance

Step into a swing dance night. Take a class where you can learn the moves together in a lively, upbeat atmosphere.

It’s a fun, physically engaging way to connect and share laughs as you both stumble or glide across the dance floor.

Possible Hitches: It requires a certain level of physical comfort and confidence, and not everyone is keen on public dancing.

Find a live jazz club

Another idea is to enjoy a night of smooth jazz at a cozy club immersed in sultry sounds.

It’s a sophisticated, relaxed setting ideal for deep Conversation and enjoying the art of music.

Possible Hitches: Jazz isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and the ambiance might be too laid back for some.

Attend a music festival

It can be a lot of fun to spend a day at a music festival together where you jump between stages and soak in diverse musical acts.

It’s a dynamic, energetic way to experience music and excitement in a festive atmosphere.

Possible Hitches: Crowds, weather, and long days can be exhausting, and musical tastes might clash.

Dance at a drum circle

If you’re a fan of free expression, you might enjoy a community drum circle, where you can the beat and the communal energy together.

Drum circles are an unconventional, spiritually uplifting way to connect through rhythm and shared experience.

Possible Hitches: It might be outside the comfort zone for some, and the informal setting might lack intimacy.

Home-Based Dates

55% of people3 feel open to hosting a first date in their home. If you both appreciate the safety of home, this can be a relaxed way to dive in deep with each other and to feel the intimacy of seeing another person’s home.

Movie marathon

It can be hard to beat snuggling up for a movie marathon, complete with popcorn and a selection of each other’s favorite films.

It’s a relaxed, cozy way to share interests and enjoy some low-pressure togetherness.

Possible Hitches: Movie choice can be tricky (horror vs. rom-com?), and it might limit conversation opportunities.

Cook-off challenge

Turn the kitchen into a playful battleground with a cook-off challenge using selected ingredients.

It’s a fun, interactive way to bond and create something delicious together.

Possible Hitches: Kitchen space can get crowded, and culinary mishaps might add unexpected spice to the date.

Board game night

Break out a stack of board games for a night of friendly competition and strategic fun.

It’s a great ice-breaker, sparking laughter and playful banter.

Possible Hitches: Competition can get intense, and not everyone is a board game enthusiast.

DIY craft night

Consider getting crafty with a DIY project. Anything from painting to building a mini terrarium.

It’s a creative way to share skills and stories, plus you get a keepsake from the date.

Possible Hitches: Crafting isn’t for everyone, and focusing on the project might sidetrack the Conversation.

Home food tasting tour

Create a tasting experience at home, be it with wine, cheese, or chocolates.

It’s a sophisticated yet relaxed way to savor flavors and chat in a comfortable setting.

Possible Hitches: Tastes differ, and setting up a tasting can require some prep work.

YouTube swap

Explore each others’ internet tastes by going back and forth with YouTube videos that interest each of you.

This date is an easy way to share entertainment and reveal some of your deeper interests.

Possible Hitches: It might feel a bit passive, and there’s a chance you’d be compatible as partners but not as YouTube watchers.

Backyard picnic

Set up a quaint picnic in your balcony space or backyard. Bring a cozy blanket and fairy lights.

This is a charming, intimate setting that combines the comfort of home with the magic of outdoor dining.

Possible Hitches: Space and weather constraints, and it requires some setup effort.

Playlist exchange 

Share and listen to each other’s favorite playlists. This is a fun way to discover each others’ music tastes and stories behind song choices.

This date is a personal, heartfelt way to connect and understand each other’s personalities.

Possible Hitches: Musical tastes can be very personal, and it might turn into a passive listening session.

Home spa retreat

Create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere at home with DIY facials, massages, or a bubble bath.

It’s a luxurious, pampering experience that can be both relaxing and romantic.

Possible Hitches: Comfort levels with physical proximity can vary, especially early in a relationship.

FAQS About What To Do on a First Date

What should I text after a first date?

Send a follow-up text within 24-48 hours to show your interest. The text should be brief, express appreciation for the date, and mention something specific you enjoyed. If you’re not interested, send a polite text in the same time frame. For more detailed tips on what to text after a first date, check out this guide.

What should I wear on a first date?

What you should wear on a first date depends on the activity and venue, but the key is to choose something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Aim for an outfit that reflects your personality while being appropriate for the setting – it’s all about striking that perfect balance between comfort and style.

How do I choose a suitable location for a first date?

To choose a suitable location for a first date, consider both your interests and comfort levels, opting for a place that facilitates Conversation and a bit of fun. A good rule of thumb is to pick a spot that’s relaxed yet engaging, like a cozy café or a scenic park, where you can both feel at ease and chat freely.

Should I bring a gift for my date at the first meeting?

Bringing a gift for your date on the first meeting is a sweet gesture but not a necessity; it’s more important to bring your authentic self and a positive attitude. If you do decide to bring a small gift, make it something light and thoughtful, like a single flower or a book you think they might enjoy.

How do I break the ice and start a conversation on a first date?

To break the ice and start a conversation on a first date, kick things off with some first-date questions that are open-ended and explore their interests, experiences, or something you noticed in their profile. Remember, the goal is to spark a natural, flowing conversation, so be genuinely curious and listen actively to their responses.

Is it appropriate to talk about past relationships during a first date?

Talking about past relationships during a first date is generally not recommended as it can set a heavy tone and divert attention from getting to know each other. It’s best to focus on the present and future, exploring each other’s interests, aspirations, and what makes you both tick.

How can I handle nervousness and anxiety before a first date?

To handle nervousness and anxiety before a first date, try engaging in calming activities like deep breathing, listening to your favorite music, or going for a short walk. Remember, it’s completely normal to feel awkwardness or anxiousness, and sometimes acknowledging and accepting these feelings can help in reducing their intensity.

What are some polite ways to end a first date if it’s not going well?

If a first date is not going well and you wish to end it politely, be honest yet kind, expressing that you enjoyed meeting them but don’t feel a strong connection. Thank them for their time, and remember, it’s all about being respectful and clear, avoiding misleading promises of future contact if you don’t intend to follow through.

Takeaways on What To Do on a First Date

Best of luck with your first date!

As a reminder, here are some of the best first-date ideas:

  • Hiking a trail
  • Exploring a museum
  • Play a video game at an arcade
  • Attend a meditation class together
  • Check out a science center
  • Go to an open mic
  • Stroll through a farmer’s market
  • Listen in at a jazz club
  • Cook a meal together at one of your homes

If you want further preparation for your date, you might enjoy these 11 science-backed first date tips to make your first experience together unforgettable.

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