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100+ Ways to Congratulate Someone Professionally with Scripts

When people share good news with others1, it is proven to boost their mood and make them feel closer to you. Moreover, celebrating others and investing in your relationships can make you feel happier2 and more fulfilled. 

If you want to be a good friend or a better boss, congratulatory gestures are essential for expressing your support. But how do you congratulate someone appropriately without being generic? Here is everything you need to know about extending heartfelt congratulations to a friend, colleague, or family member celebrating a significant milestone.

And you can even copy and paste our congratulatory scripts below!

100 Congratulatory Messages, Scripts & Templates for ANY Occasion

What do you say to someone who is celebrating a big life change? If you’re drawing a blank, here are 200 ideas for cards, texts, or emails of congratulations. 

How to congratulate someone on a new job

Considering that people spend an average of 47 hours at work per week3, a new job can dramatically shift their day-to-day experience. Even if someone isn’t working in their “dream career,” a new job could mean a better office, exciting new projects, and a higher salary. Here is how to congratulate them:

  1. I’m so proud of you! Your hard work paid off (I knew it would). Congrats on your well-deserved success!
  2. I am pretty sure this job was made for you. Congrats on the gorgeous new office and official new title. Can’t wait to work more closely with you!
  3. Look at you, moving to the next level! I am lucky to know someone so driven and ambitious. You inspire me every day. Congrats on the new job! 
  4. This is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see all the things you accomplish!
  5. Congrats on your new job! Company X is so lucky to have you!
  6. I’m thrilled to hear about your success. You will be missed here at Company Y, but I am sure you will do amazing things in your new position.
  7. This is a dream come true for you! I am so excited about your success and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
  8. Congratulations on the new job! I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving! 
  9. So happy for you! This is a huge achievement, and I can’t wait to see what you do next.
  10. I knew you could do it! Congrats, and best of luck in your new position.

How to congratulate someone on their new baby

When your friend or coworker becomes a parent, here are some ideas for new baby wishes: 

  1. I’m so happy for your growing family! Sending all my love to the new baby.
  2. Warmest congratulations to your new baby. May the years be filled with joy, health, and abundance!
  3. I can’t think of anyone more suited to raise our next generation. May this new chapter be filled with laughter, love, and plenty of rest. 
  4. You are going to be the best parents! Congratulations on the little one.
  5. Sending all three of you my love. Cannot wait to squeeze those little cheeks!
  6. Congrats on your new bundle of joy! 
  7. Who runs the world? Your new baby girl! Congrats.
  8. Wishing you all the best in parenthood… and some good rest.
  9. Welcome to the most important job in the world (parenthood). I’m sure you’ll rock at it!
  10. Welcome to the new parents club! 
  11. Congratulations on creating another miracle! 
  12. Wishing you a few extra hours of sleep and all the joy of a new baby!
  13. Much love to your growing family of [four]!
  14. Your little one is so lucky to have such a beautiful, loving family. May your days be filled with joy and plenty of rest!
  15. Can’t wait to see your new baby grow.
  16. We wish you all the happiness and love as you welcome a brand-new little human into this world.

How to congratulate someone on a promotion

Surveys show that the more friends you have at work4, the happier you’ll be. Celebrating your colleagues’ job promotion is one simple way to bolster your friendship and show them that you care. 

  1. Look at you, taking your career to the next level! I always knew you would achieve huge success. I am so proud of you!
  2. I am thrilled to hear about your new role, and I can’t wait to work together on upcoming projects. 
  3. It is terrific to see that your hard work and achievements have been recognized! You are the perfect fit for the new position. Congrats on the amazing opportunity. 
  4. Good news calls for a celebration! Congrats on the big promotion. You deserve it, and I can’t wait to see what greatness you accomplish next!
  5. I can’t think of a more deserving person for a promotion. All those early mornings and late nights paid off. Congrats! 
  6. Your hard work and dedication are inspirational to us all. Congratulations on your promotion.
  7. Congrats on the big promotion! Your work ethic has always inspired me. I can’t wait to see what you do next.
  8. Sending my heartiest congratulations for your well-earned success.
  9. It has been such a treat to work with you as you move ahead in your career. Sending you my best wishes in the new position!
  10. From the moment I met you, I had a feeling you were destined for greatness. Wishing you the best in your new position!

How to congratulate someone on their wedding

Whether you’re at the wedding or liking their elopement pics on social media, here are some heartfelt wedding wishes you can send to the newlyweds:

  1. I am so happy you found true love. You two are so amazing together! Congratulations on your union, and best wishes in your new chapter.
  2. Roses are red; violets are blue…  I am so happy for you two! Thank you for inviting me to celebrate this special day with you both. Wishing you the best today and always.
  3. Today is just the beginning of fun. Looking forward to celebrating this new season of life with you both!
  4. You two are a blessing, not only to each other but to all those around you. Congrats on your beautiful marriage!
  5. Wishing you love and happiness in your new life together.
  6. We are so happy to call you family. Thank you for welcoming us to join on the big day.
  7. I am so honored to spend this happy occasion with you and your beautiful family. Congratulations!
  8. May your marriage be filled with joy, romance, and laughter! Congrats on tying the knot!
  9. It makes me so happy to see two people so perfectly matched for each other. Wishing you the happiest honeymoon and years of love to come!
  10. Sending you love, hugs, and warm wishes from your new family. We could not imagine a better pair.
  11. You two go together like peas and carrots. I can’t think of a more perfect pair! Wishing you joy, love, and happiness!
  12. Best wishes for a prosperous life together!
  13. Wishing you a lifetime of love, happiness, and adventure. 
  14. Um… #couplegoals! I hope you two beautiful souls enjoy a magical wedding, a dreamy honeymoon, and a joyous life together.

How to congratulate someone on graduation

Graduating high school or college is a significant milestone in any young person’s life. These graduation messages remind them that you are rooting for them in their next chapter.

  1. I hope your dreams take you to the corners of the earth, to the highest hopes, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. Caps off to you!
  2. I can’t think of anyone smarter, kinder, or more prepared for success.
  3. You are destined for greatness. Congrats on a huge life achievement. We are so proud of you!
  4. You always got high marks; now it’s time to make your mark! The world needs more people like you. 
  5. We are so lucky to know such a genius. Your celebration was well-deserved. Congrats!
  6. Driven doesn’t even begin to describe your work ethic. You are an inspiration to us all!
  7. Congratulations to our kind, sweet, and brilliant [daughter/son/niece/nephew]. Aim for the stars! We believe in you!
  8. Life isn’t about the hand you’re dealt; it’s about the way you play your cards. Clearly, you’ve played them exceedingly well. Congratulations on your degree and your inevitable success ahead!
  9. May the next chapter be better than you ever could’ve imagined! 
  10. The tassel was worth the hassle! Congratulations!
  11. Congratulations to a brilliant, wonderful human! I can’t wait to see what you’re onto next.
  12. You’ve always been a smarty-pants, but now you have a certificate to prove it! Bravo! 

How to congratulate someone on retirement

After decades of hard work, new retirees love to be recognized for their contributions to a company or organization. Here are some kind things to say in a retirement card:

  1. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Thanks for everything! Congratulations on your well-earned retirement.
  2. Let’s be clear before you go: You are retiring from your job, but not our friendship! I hope to stay in touch and share many more [jokes/beers/meals] together. Congratulations!
  3. A leader will always be a leader, even in retirement. I wish you the best as you begin this new chapter. 
  4. You have left behind an incredible legacy of commendable work ethic and service. I will never forget the best [boss/coworker]. Wishing you a blissful retirement! You deserve it.
  5. Thank you for your inspiration, motivation, and hilarious lunch break jokes. You will be missed! 
  6. Wine gets finer with time, and so have you! May your retirement be filled with plenty of well-aged bottles and hearty laughs. 
  7. Congratulations on a long, successful career! Time to revisit your bucket list and enjoy yourself!
  8. I can’t believe I’ll be working while you [nap/travel the world/play golf]! But your rest is well-deserved. You will be missed! Enjoy yourself!
  9. It’s not easy to say goodbye, but I will forever remember the great memories of working with you. I hope that retirement brings you joy and relaxation!
  10. Finally! You don’t have to show up to 7 AM morning meetings anymore. May your retirement be filled with restful sleep and lots of good food. Congratulations!

How to congratulate someone for an achievement or award

When you are rewarded for your hard work, it fulfills your basic needs for belonging and social acceptance. Recognizing others for their achievements is a scientifically-proven way to boost their confidence5 and increase employee motivation in the workplace. Here’s what you can say:

  1. Outstanding job! This [award/achievement] was made for you.
  2. I can’t think of anyone more fitting to be named [award]. Let’s celebrate your dedication, persistence, and brilliant execution!
  3. I know you worked so hard for this. What a tremendous accomplishment! Here is a little something to help you recharge and celebrate.
  4. I am so proud of all that you’ve achieved. This is yet another step toward your dreams. I can’t wait to see what you do next.
  5. Congratulations! I am so happy you’re finally getting the recognition you deserve.
  6. You earned this! Your tremendous efforts behind the scenes have not gone unrecognized. Congrats on winning [award].
  7. I know this has been a goal of yours for a long time. Now, look at you! You really did it! I admire your courage and zest so much. Congratulations!
  8. You may not realize how many people you are impacting. This is more than a trophy— it’s a testament to your hard work and big heart. We are rooting for you! 
  9. Congratulations on winning [award]. This is a monumental step in your career, and you deserve every bit of celebration. You are truly one-of-a-kind, and I am grateful to know you.
  10. Look who’s changing the world! You earned this. Congratulations!
  11. It takes an incredible [manager/lawyer/journalist/student] to win this award, and that’s exactly what you are. Keep doing what you are doing. People are noticing!
  12. Congratulations on winning [award]! Here is a bottle of fizz to help you celebrate. I’m sure there will be many more to come! Cheers!
  13. All these years of practice and preparation led to this moment. You continue to amaze us. Congratulations on this well-deserved achievement.

How to congratulate someone on coming out

Is it appropriate to congratulate someone for coming out as LGBTQ+? As long as it is private and positive, the answer is usually “yes.” It is a big deal for someone to trust you enough to share their “coming out” journey with you. Here is how you can congratulate them: 

  1. Sharing your authentic self with the world is truly a courageous and inspirational act. Congratulations!
  2. Thank you for sharing your coming-out journey with me. I am so honored to be your friend and watch you find true love! 
  3. Coming out is a journey, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you every step of the way.
  4. It’s a big deal to be your authentic self anywhere, but especially in the workplace. Congratulations! I’m so proud of you.
  5. Happy coming-out anniversary. Cheers to all the years of being who you are, flawlessly and unapologetically!
  6. New name, new pronouns, same phenomenal you! The glow-up is real! So proud to call you my friend.
  7. As your friend, I’m not only here to comfort you and celebrate with you but also to be vocal about the things that matter to you. Congratulations on coming out!
  8. I love watching you live a life that is 100% true to you. Your confidence and bravery are so inspirational. Congrats, my friend! 
  9. I hope this means we are going to the Pride Parade this year? I am so happy that you’ve taken this step to express your truest self! Congratulations! 

How to congratulate people for other events

Aside from regular life events, there are thousands of other reasons to congratulate your friends. Pay attention to what lights up their face, and take the extra initiative to support them in their achievements. Here are miscellaneous ideas for congratulations: 

  1. Congratulations on publishing your book! Your story is so inspiring. I cannot wait to read it and share it with everyone I know. 
  2. I know you’ve always wanted to give a TED Talk, and look at you now! Congratulations on finally getting on stage! I knew the speech would be great, but your delivery and stage presence really blew me away. You went the extra mile, and I can’t wait to see how your message positively impacts the world.
  3. I am so excited to see your travel dreams come true! Best wishes on your next adventure! I hope I get some postcards.
  4. Congrats on releasing your music out into the world! Your creativity and courage are so inspiring. I’ll be blasting it every day in my car.
  5. Umm… wow! How did I get lucky enough to know a social media superstar? Congratulations on building your following and getting your first brand deals! I know how hard you worked behind the scenes to bring this dream to life.
  6. Happy housewarming! Best wishes in your new dream abode. I’m sure your decorations will be spectacular (as always). 

6 Quick Tips for Congratulating People

Relationships are about being there for people through life’s highs and lows. People feel extra special when you show up during their celebratory moments. A simple congratulations shows that you care about someone and you are rooting for them. 

Let others bask in the spotlight with these quick tips for congratulating people:

#1 Never forget the big events

Congratulating people on major milestones is essential for maintaining lasting relationships. Imagine you are celebrating one of the biggest moments of your life, and someone you care about isn’t there, or they didn’t reach out at all—your heart would probably sink a little bit. Life will go on, but your relationship with them will feel a little tainted. 

You don’t have to know every detail of what is happening in someone’s life, but it is important to show up for the big moments. Even if you can’t be there physically, a congratulations card and/or gift shows that you are paying attention to their life.

Everyone is busy, so here are some tips to stay up-to-date on the important celebrations:

  • Check-in on them via social media: Most people post about big milestones like pregnancy, job promotions, and retirement on their social media accounts. Likes and comments are always nice, but going the extra mile can make a huge difference in your relationship with them.
  • Check your work calendar: If someone is celebrating a promotion or having a retirement party, it will probably be posted on the team calendar.
  • Ask mutual friends: If you are unsure what’s going on in someone’s life, ask mutual friends, colleagues, or family members. You can say, “Is Rob’s graduation coming up soon? Do you have the dates?” or “I noticed that Jessica posted about a big celebration on her Facebook. Can you fill me in on the details?”

Pro Tip: You can also leverage this tip by applying it to small events! Friend went to the gym today? Coworker gained 1% more sales this month? Congratulate them for the small wins!

#2 For the greatest impact, send a handwritten card

In the age of texting, emails, and social media, handwritten cards are a rare commodity. The lost art of personal, handwritten notes is yearning to be rediscovered.

Handwritten notes are more meaningful because they take more time and effort. On average, people get over 100 emails per day and send or receive about 100 texts per day. How many letters do you think they get?

Stand out and send your congratulations in a handwritten card. At the very least, write a few thoughtful sentences beneath a pre-written card. It will make a huge difference!

#3 Be timely

Nobody wants to receive a “Congrats on the new baby!” card 6 months after their pregnancy… that’s awkward! Make sure your congratulations message is timely.

When you find out about someone’s good news, don’t procrastinate on card-writing or gift-buying. If needed, add a calendar reminder to make sure you extend your congratulations within a week of the good news

#4 Make it fun and positive

Generic messages tend to be bland and basic. Depending on your relationship to the person, you can add more congratulatory fun with:

  • A nice compliment about their character, achievements, or work ethic
  • An inside joke
  • A copy of an old photo
  • A quick story of your favorite funny memory (related to the occasion)
  • A gag gift
  • A goofy quote

Don’t be afraid to spice things up with a little witty banter and playful teasing. Just be sure you don’t insult them. Learn how to Be an Expert at Witty Banter…How to Charm With Your Words.

#5 Be personal and specific

A basic “Congrats!” doesn’t show that you’re really in touch with what’s happening in someone’s life. Make your message count by being specific about the occasion. Furthermore, add some specifics about why you are so excited for them to be celebrating this.  

For example, if someone announces their promotion on LinkedIn, they’ll probably get dozens of comments saying, “Congratulations on the new position!” 

If you are close to this person, you can deepen your connection with them by being more specific in your praise.

Reference their hard work achievements that got them to this moment by saying, “I am so excited you finally got the position you have worked so hard for. I saw you staying late at the office long after we all left! Your success is well-deserved, and I can’t wait to work with you on future projects.” 

#6 Add excitement for the future

Science shows that having something to look forward to (like a celebration or milestone) makes us more optimistic6

When you are congratulating someone, it helps to include a forward-thinking phrase, such as:

  • “I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.”
  • “I am so excited to continue following your journey.”
  • “I can’t wait to get together and hear all about the details!”
  • “This calls for a celebration! Will you join me for dinner next week?”

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on the present. Allow your friend to relish in the excitement of the moment, then remind them that you will be there to celebrate their future good news as well! 

Key Takeaways: Customize Your Congratulations with Positivity and Thoughtfulness

The more we can celebrate each other’s achievements, the closer we become. A thoughtful “congratulations” shows someone that you truly value their role in your life. Even more importantly, it demonstrates that you are rooting for them. We all need more people on our team!

When you’re congratulating someone, remember to: 

  • Stand out with handwritten congrats: In this digital age, a handwritten card is nostalgic and extra special. If you want someone to really know you care, take a moment to write a quick card with pen and paper. This is one of the most genuine forms of congratulations. 
  • Compliment them: Congratulatory messages should always have a positive spin that emphasizes the positive qualities you see in that person. 
  • Be timely: Make sure that you send your congratulatory message within a week of the big event. If needed, make a calendar reminder so you don’t miss your window of opportunity.
  • Make it personalized and specific: Reference specific memories, character traits, or inside jokes that make your relationship with the recipient special. 

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