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How to Read People Like a Book

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I joined the awesome Jordan Harbinger for the Art of Charm podcast on How to Read People Like a Book. Check out some details and give it a listen!

The finer details of this show include:

  • Can you tell someone’s success or power based just on their face? Vanessa tells all.
  • What’s the facial feedback hypothesis?
  • What’s one of the hardest micro expressions to recover from?
  • 93.6% accurate predicator of divorce – what is it?
  • The one micro expression that can open an opportunity to connect with a woman.
  • And so much more!

“In this show, Vanessa and I give you the 7 micro expressions, specific ways to recognize them, and why they are important. From anger and contempt to happiness and sadness, we dive deep into each so you can begin to recognize them in your friends, family, co-workers and romantic interests.

We also talk about mirror neurons, which are like brain copy cats, and they help us “mirror” the person or people we are interacting with to create connections and that feeling of familiarity.

We cover so much in this show and it’s all information you need to know! This is a primary on reading expressions and the scientific research behind it. Even if you aren’t familiar with how to decode body language or how to read other forms of non-verbal communication, you’re going to take away A LOT from this show and you’re going to be able to learn it and use it quickly.

At the Art of Charm, we talk about the mind following the body and the body following the mind so having Vanessa here was a natural fit. I loved talking with her and sharing as much of her knowledge as we could on this show!”

Listen to How to Read People Like a Book

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