When most people think about being attractive, they think about what to wear or what to say, but they sometimes forget about their scent.

The #1 most attractive scent according to global research

Want to guess?

The answer is…

What is The World’s #1 Favorite Scent?

From a list of 10 unique scents, researchers found that people’s favorite scent was vanilla1https://www.sciencealert.com/these-are-the-world-s-favorite-smells-no-matter-where-you-re-from-scientists-say

What’s more amazing is that the researchers tested multiple scent preferences from cultures around the world, ranging from Seri hunter-gatherers in Mexico, to urban New Yorkers, to the Mah Meri in Malaysia.

And what about the scent everyone least liked? Isovaleric acid, an unpleasant odor commonly associated with cheese, soy milk, and sweat.

Vanilla: Plain or Awesome?

Contrary to popular belief, plain ol’ vanilla might be something we can use to increase attraction. Try these tips to master your scent:

  • Wear some vanilla essence on your next date.
  • Light a vanilla candle in your apartment before a party.
  • If you are in sales, consider a vanilla room spray for your office.
  • Try adding vanilla essence to your next bake or smoothie.
  • Give your partner a massage with vanilla essential oils.

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