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Congratulations on your pitch! We’re proud of you for putting yourself out there to promote yourself and/or your business.

When you give a pitch there is a lot of pressure on you to succeed and I know that can be stressful. To help ease your nerves, we’ve put our best resources into a power pack to help you succeed in your big moment.

In it we’ll teach you:

  • How to make a killer first impression in person and with your branding materials
  • The secrets to being highly persuasive
  • Strategies to turn your elevator pitch from mediocre to mesmerizing
  • And much more.

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Bonus: I Have a Pitch Video Playlist

Do you want to watch videos while you are getting ready or on your commute to your date? We got you covered! We made a YouTube playlist just for you to watch as you prep for your date. Just hit the play button on this list and it will play all of the videos we made for you:

I have a pitch playlist, pitch video playlist


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