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150 Best “Fun Facts About Me” (Both Professional & Personal)

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You sit down at an interview, Zoom meeting, or dinner party and get asked to share a fun fact about yourself. Should you talk about your biggest accomplishment or hidden talent? Should you tell that funny college story or a childhood secret? What “fun fact” should you share that won’t sound boring or braggadocious?

If you have no idea what to say, here are the best ideas for the next time you get asked to share “fun facts about me” at work, school, or a social group:

3 Quick Tips to Choose Interesting Facts About Yourself

Most people make a first impression of you within 7 seconds, so it’s normal to feel stumped about what to say during introductions. Believe it or not, a “fun facts” icebreaker can actually be like a “get out of jail free card.” You can recalibrate any first impression mishaps by skipping the small talk and sharing something you truly care about.

For a captivating introduction with fun facts, remember the acronym CAP. The best facts to share about yourself are:

  • Conversation-Sparking
  • Appropriate
  • Personalized and Prepared


The whole point of sharing fun facts is to break the ice between a new group of people so they can get to know each other. 

  • In an interview, you probably want to share something that makes you more hirable by catching the interviewer’s interest.
  • On a Zoom call, you may want to share something that helps your coworkers relate to you.
  • At a party, you want to share something funny or intriguing that can help you connect with people.

Your “fun facts” should spark further questions and conversation regardless of the situation. Don’t shut down the dialogue with a conversation blocker. 

Conversation-Blocking (Avoid)Conversation-Sparking Fun Facts
I listen to RNB music.The first concert I ever went to was Usher in Vegas when I was 18. 
I spend most nights binge-watching Netflix.My favorite Netflix show is Black Mirror because I am fascinated by how technology affects our lives.
I like to travel.I am fascinated by travel because I learn about new cultures and meet people. I especially love visiting art museums and historical landmarks everywhere I go. 

Pro Tip: Listen carefully to other people’s fun facts so you can ask about them later. Vanessa Van Edwards calls these “hot buttons” because they give insights into a person’s interests and passions. If you want to connect beyond small talk, probe deeper by asking, “Why do you like ___?” or “How did you get into ___?” These show that you’re genuinely interested in what makes them tick. 

Take the dialogue to the next level by sprinkling in some of these science-backed tips for creating an intriguing and memorable conversation: 

Communicate With Confidence

Do you struggle with small talk? Do you often run out of things to say or feel awkward and self-conscious in social situations?

💪 Speak so people listen,
🤐 No more awkward silences,
🚫 No more small talk.


Avoid sharing anything too personal or uncomfortable, like political opinions, religion, family background, financial situation, alcohol/drug consumption, or things you dislike. While these facts may be discussed with closer friends later on, they could paint you negatively in front of new acquaintances.

Inappropriate Topics (Avoid)Appropriate Fun Facts
I have lost 100 pounds on my weight loss journey.I am passionate about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 
When I get drunk, I’m the best beer-pong player around.I like to go to breweries to try out new craft beers. My favorite local brewery is ___.
I voted for [politician]. I am passionate about [social justice/animal rights/non-polarizing issues]. 

Personalized and Prepared

This is a two-in-one! It’s hard to share a unique fact if you don’t think and prepare ahead of time. Some people can come up with fascinating things on the spot, but if you tend to get tongue-tied in the spotlight, it’s best to reflect on your unique qualities in advance so you can have “fun fact” ideas already in your back pocket. 

Generic Fun Facts (Avoid)Personalized Fun Facts
I drive a Jeep.I drive a Jeep because I love going off-roading on the weekends. That didn’t work so well when I had a Camry! 
I like pizza.I love pizza, but after studying abroad in Italy, I am a bit of a pizza snob and always look for the most authentic pizza joints.
I grew up in Florida.Growing up in Florida, I had a mango tree in my front yard and have been addicted to mangoes ever since. 

Pro Tip: Even if a fun fact is super interesting, closed-off body language can undermine your message because it shows people that you don’t want to open up and socialize about what you share.

For example, people with their arms crossed can accidentally send messages like, “I’m bored,” “I’m too cool for this activity,” or “I don’t want to talk to you.

If you want to use your interesting facts to make new friends or professional connections, your body language must match your intention. Practice these quick body language hacks during and after the fun facts icebreaker activity: 

  • Don’t cross your arms or clutch a bag in front of you.
  • Do keep your arms casually to your side and show your palms.
  • Don’t slump over or show poor posture.
  • Do stand up straight and roll back your shoulders to slightly open your chest.
  • Don’t frown or look uninviting.
  • Do share a welcoming smile.

150 Examples of Fun Facts About Yourself

People are more likely to remember unusual things because novelty triggers a dopamine release in their brains. In Vanessa Van Edwards’s bestselling book Captivate, she explains how you can be the most memorable person in a room (spoiler alert: it starts with authenticity and building trust.) 

You can combine her key body language tips (summarized here) with “hot-button” facts about yourself that people will be dying to ask about later. Use these prompts to come up with compelling fun facts to keep in your back pocket for any occasion.

Fun facts about me during an interview [Fill-In-the-Blanks]

Interview questions can often feel generic or boring. When you get a chance to share something about yourself during a job interview, make it count by showcasing your personality and unique talents.  

  1. My personal mission statement is…

Think of it as your life’s elevator pitch, minus the awkward silence. You’re not just “John from accounting”—you’re “John who believes in crunching numbers and life with equal passion.” It’s that snappy one-liner that sums up your professional drive and personal pizzazz. When you drop this in a meeting, folks won’t just nod; they’ll want your business card (or at least a coffee chat).

Example dialogue: “I’m not just crunching numbers here; I’m on a quest to make finances fun and accessible for everyone.”

  1. The highlight of my career was…

This isn’t just about that time you saved the company from a coffee shortage. It’s that Oscar-worthy moment where the spotlight was on you, and even the office printer paused to applaud. Maybe you brokered an impossible deal or crafted a presentation that made even the boss’s boss laugh. Whatever it is, this is your question to stand out from the crowd.

Example dialogue: “Remember the company-wide system crash? I was the one who brought it back online with a well-timed paper clip.”

  1. One thing I do better than most is…

Think of it as your superhero trait, only without the spandex. Whether you can decipher Excel spreadsheets or navigate office politics, this is your bragging right. When you drop this tidbit, it’s not just about ego—it’s about showing you’ve got that special sauce, that unique flavor that makes the office potluck way more interesting.

Example dialogue: “While some folks can whip up a latte, I whip Excel formulas into elegant spreadsheets—and trust me, they’re just as energizing.”

  1. I really shine in positions where I get to…

Picture this as that golden hour where everything you touch turns to office gold. Whether you’re orchestrating big projects or sprinkling a bit of magic on tasks, it’s about highlighting those moments you’re not just in the zone but practically reinventing it.

Example dialogue: “Where do I shine? Hand me roles where I get to transform abstract concepts into tangible strategies. Last year’s innovative marketing approach? That was me turning thoughts into action.”

  1. My biggest goal for this year is ___. 

Dive deep, because this is where ambition marries action. When you share this, it’s not just announcing a target; it’s signaling your dedication to growth, both professional and personal.

Example dialogue: “This year’s mission? To spearhead a project that not only boosts our profits but also benefits our local community. Profit with a purpose, that’s the mantra.”

  1. My previous boss described me as ___.

This one’s not just a descriptor—it’s a testament to your work ethic, character, and the footprints you’ve left behind in the corridors of past workplaces. Sharing this gives colleagues a snapshot, not from your selfie angle, but through the lens of those who’ve led you.

Example dialogue: “My last boss? Oh, she fondly called me the “Office Swiss Army Knife.” Basically, I had a tool or solution for just about any challenge!”

  1. My colleagues said they loved working with me on ___ projects because…

This is the behind-the-scenes commentary everyone wants the inside scoop on. Dishing out this piece of info isn’t just about patting yourself on the back; it’s about showcasing the unique flavor you bring to team collaborations.

Example dialogue: “My teammates always rave about our design projects together. Why? They say I have this knack for turning abstract ideas into visuals that pop. They called it “turning doodles into masterpieces.”

  1. The best workday I ever had was when I got to…

This answer gives an insight into what ignites your passion, the kind of tasks or projects that supercharge your work battery. Chatting about this day? It’s a sneak peek into the gigs that get your heart rate up and your creativity flowing.

Example dialogue: “The best workday ever? The day I got to lead an impromptu brainstorming session. By evening, we’d sketched out a campaign that doubled our social media engagement in a month. Talk about serendipity meeting strategy!”

  1. I have always wanted to work in [industry] because…

This isn’t a whimsical childhood dream like being an astronaut or a dragon tamer. Sharing this offers a glimpse into the “why” behind your career choices, unveiling the why you’re in the position you’re currently in.

Example dialogue: “I’ve always been drawn to the tech industry. Why? Growing up, I was that kid who believed in magic. Now, I see technology as our modern-day spellbook, transforming ideas into realities.”

  1. One of the biggest lessons I learned in the past few years was…

This one’s not about just recounting a mistake or a win; it’s about showcasing the wisdom that emerged from those experiences. Dropping this knowledge bomb is more than just personal reflection; it’s an open invitation for peers to connect, empathize, and maybe even share their own eureka moments.

Example dialogue: “One profound lesson from these past years? Never let fear of failure paralyze innovation. I once hesitated on an idea, fearing backlash, only to see a competitor nail it months later. Now, I embrace risks with a tad more courage.”

  1. I perform extremely well in ___ situations because…

Here’s the highlight reel, but it’s not about showcasing just talent—it’s about resilience, adaptability, and your professional mettle. These are the scenarios where you don’t just adapt, but you thrive. Sharing this is a nod to your unique strengths and how they play out when the spotlight’s on or the chips are down.

Example dialogue: “High-pressure situations? That’s where I excel. Why? Because I’ve learned to channel stress into focus. Remember our last-minute pitch to that huge client? Delivered with just 24 hours’ notice, and now they’re our biggest account.”

  1. My favorite passion project outside of work is…

Sharing this is like offering colleagues a VIP pass to the festival of YOU. This is a great opportunity to give insight into what stokes your fire and keeps your creative juices bubbling even after office hours.

Example dialogue: “Outside of work? I’m neck-deep in urban gardening. It’s not just about the plants—it’s about cultivating community. Plus, the patience I’ve learned from it? Gold for those long project timelines at work!”

  1. I would love to meet [business leader or mentor] and ask them about…

Have you ever really wanted to meet someone like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, or Dwayne Johnson? Pick someone you look up to—your answer will give valuable insight into what you really value.

Example dialogue: “If I could, I’d grab a coffee with Sheryl Sandberg in a heartbeat. I’ve always wanted to ask her how she cultivates resilience in an ever-evolving tech landscape while championing women in leadership.”

  1. I recently finished reading [industry relevant book] and learned…

This question really hints at your thirst for knowledge and passion for your work—and you can also teach others new things as well!

Example dialogue: “Just turned the last page of The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. The most eye-opening takeaway? The concept of pivoting—not just in startups, but in any phase of business. It’s reshaped how I approach project adaptations.”

  1. One of my favorite hobbies is ___ because…

Go authentic for this one. What do you really like to do in your free time? It could be something really unique like racecar driving, or it can be something simple and homey like crocheting. Whatever it is, let your personality shine.

Example dialogue: “Rock climbing is my go-to hobby. Why? It’s not just the thrill. It’s the lessons in perseverance, problem-solving, and trust. Those rope skills? Pretty handy when navigating corporate ladders too!”

  1. I’ve always wanted to work in a workplace that is…

What is your vision of an ideal environment? What are your aspirations, values, and work style? Sharing this paints a vivid picture of your professional desires.

Example dialogue: “I’ve always been drawn to workplaces that champion a blend of autonomy and collaboration. Why? Because in such spaces, creativity isn’t just encouraged, it’s practically a team sport. Who doesn’t want to play in such a league?”

  1. The top 5 things on my bucket list are…

Bucket lists are always a favorite of mine. These give deep insight of what you cherish the most—whether it’s grand adventures, monetary success, fame, spiritual gains, or relationship achievements.

Example dialogue: “On my bucket list? Witnessing the Northern Lights, publishing a novel, mastering the art of Italian cooking, going on a silent retreat, and, oddly enough, learning to yodel in the Swiss Alps. Variety is the spice of life, right?”

  1. I love being in a leadership position because I get to…

What drives someone to leadership? Some people like the power. Others like to motivate and collaborate.

Example dialogue: “Being in leadership? For me, it’s the chance to mentor budding talents, to steer the ship through storms and sunsets, and above all, to shape a culture where everyone feels seen and valued. It’s less about leading and more about lifting others.”

  1. My favorite organization tool is ___ because…

Are you an Excel spreadsheet nerd? Maybe you love to organize in tools like Asana. Whatever it is, feel free to nerd out—but be prepared to know how to explain the tool easily to those who don’t know.

Example dialogue: “Trello is my organizational lifesaver. Why? It’s like having a digital whiteboard in my pocket. Visual, intuitive, and collaborative—it’s transformed the way I juggle multiple projects without dropping the ball.”

  1. I excel in a [fast-paced/highly organized/team-oriented] environment because I enjoy…

Team player? Leader? Or do you like it relaxed? This will reveal what environment you thrive in and perform your best.

Example dialogue: “I truly thrive in a team-oriented environment. The reason? I revel in the harmonious blend of diverse talents, brainstorming sessions that feel like jazz improvisations, and the collective thrill of hitting milestones as a united front.”

  1. When I was young, I wanted to be a ___ because…

Ready for a trip down memory lane? Sharing this nugget shows the aspirations that whispered (or perhaps shouted) in your ear as a child and that ultimately led you here.

Example dialogue: “As a kid, I was dead set on becoming an astronaut. Why? The idea of floating among the stars and discovering unknown galaxies was intoxicating. Fast forward, I’m not in space, but I still chase the thrill of exploring uncharted territories in my projects.”

  1. The most embarrassing thing that happened to me at work was ___, and I learned…

Hold onto your office chair, because this is a chance of being humble and showcasing a cringe-worthy moment. Sharing this not only humanizes you but showcases the grit and growth that stems from moments of unease.

Example dialogue: “I once mistook our CEO for a new intern and gave him a 10-minute rundown on how to use the coffee machine. Facepalm? Absolutely. But I learned the value of taking a second, a deep breath, and really observing before jumping in. Plus, he always had the perfect coffee after that!”

  1. My favorite word is ___ because…

Do you love words as much as I do? Maybe you love words because they have beautiful meaning. Or maybe you like the sound of them. Or perhaps you just like how many people mispronounce words. Whatever it is, have fun with this one!

Example dialogue: “My go-to word? ‘Serendipity.’ There’s something magical about happy accidents and the universe’s surprises. Plus, saying it just makes any day a tad brighter, don’t you think?”

Here are some quick tips for using these fun facts to your advantage during an interview:

  • Keep the facts relevant to the job or industry.
  • Use the facts to demonstrate your unique qualities and experiences.
  • Avoid sharing any inappropriate or controversial information. Try not to talk about serious mistakes you’ve made that could paint you in a negative light. 
  • Use the facts to show your personality and help the interviewer get to know you better.

Fun facts for a self-introduction

The primacy effect explains why people are most likely to remember the first piece of information they hear about a topic. Whatever you say after your name could be forever linked to their perception of you. If you get the chance to introduce yourself with a fun fact, try one of these templates to plant a positive seed in their minds:

  1. The best advice I ever received was…
  2. The hobby I could never give up is…
  3. My biggest role model is ___.
  4. One of my favorite books is ___ because…
  5. My perfect day would start with ___ and end with ___.
  6. My favorite inspirational quote is ___.
  7. One thing I cannot live without is ___.
  8. I spend most of my free time…
  9. I would love to learn how to…
  10. My favorite season is ___ because…
  11. If I won the lottery, I would instantly…
  12. I have seen [favorite movie] X times because…
  13. I worked as a/an [interesting job] in college and learned…
  14. If I could have any superpower, it would be ___.
  15. I have loved [sports team] since I was X years old.
  16. The most influential person in my life was ____ because they taught me…
  17. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be ___.
  18. I mostly listen to ___ music.
  19. I can play the [instrument].
  20. My biggest celebrity crush is ___.
  21. I once [feat of endurance like climbing a mountain or running a marathon].
  22. My favorite comfort food is ___.
  23. I can cook the most amazing ___.
  24. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be ___. 
  25. I have visited ___ countries, and my favorite was ___.
  26. I first traveled solo when I was ___.
  27. I am currently planning a trip to ___ because I’ve always wanted to…
  28. I love to travel so much because…
  29. The most beautiful place I’ve ever seen was ___.
  30. One of the most interesting people I ever met in my life was ___.
  31. I have been with my spouse/partner for X years.
  32. I have X kids. My proudest moment as a parent was…
  33. My family name means ___.
  34. Most of my family is from ___. Our ancestors were ___.
  35. I once made a [interesting craft or project] from scratch.
  36. My childhood nickname was ___.
  37. I am the [youngest/middle/oldest] child in a family of X.
  38. My friends would describe me as…
  39. If I could be any dog breed, I’d be a ___ because…
  40. I have known my best friend for X years.
  41. In my friend group, I am known as the ___.
  42. My friends once played a hilarious prank on me when they ___.
  43. In a zombie apocalypse, I would be the most useful for ___.
  44. My dream job is ___.
  45. My favorite subject in school was ___.
  46. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a ___ when I grew up.
  47. My favorite thing about my current job is…
  48. I love to volunteer as a…
  49. If I could go back in time, I would love to experience [historical era].
  50. My favorite concert I ever went to was ___.

When introducing yourself in an icebreaker game, choose facts that…

  • You would be proud to have your name linked to
  • Emphasize your positive qualities or interests.
  • Reveal deeper insights about your character (try to include a deeper “why” by using the phrase “because…”)

Fun facts for a social gathering

Sharing fun facts about yourself is an easy way to stand out from the crowd and open yourself up for future conversations. You can also quickly discover who you might have something in common with. Here are some fun fact templates for social situations:

  1. My secret talent is ___.
  2. I’m practically addicted to ___.
  3. My idea of Heaven on Earth is…
  4. My biggest life hack is ___.
  5. I could talk about ___ for hours on end.
  6. My biggest personal goal for this year is…
  7. I once had a recurring dream of ___, and I think it meant…
  8. I have an irrational fear of ___.
  9. My favorite type of art is ___.
  10. My favorite random fact is ___.
  11. My favorite podcast is ___ because…
  12. The craziest thing I ever did was…
  13. I once won a huge prize for…
  14. The best book I ever read was ___.
  15. My earliest memory is…
  16. The first car I ever had was a ___.
  17. My first job was ___.
  18. My most embarrassing job was ___.
  19. My biggest pet peeve is…
  20. I once met [celebrity] and talked about…
  21. My most prized possession is my ___ because…
  22. The weirdest thing about me is ___.
  23. If I could describe myself in one word, it would be ___.
  24. My astrological sign is ___, and it does/doesn’t fit me because…
  25. My favorite thing about where I grew up was…
  26. The coldest place I’ve ever been was…
  27. My favorite city in the world is…
  28. My all-time favorite drink is ___.
  29. The strangest place I’ve ever fallen asleep was ___.
  30. I once walked X miles to…
  31. My favorite animal is a ___ because…
  32. The first concert I ever went to was ___.
  33. My favorite ice cream flavor is ____.
  34. My hometown is known for ___. Can you guess where it is?
  35. The bravest thing I ever did was…
  36. The weirdest first date I ever went on was…
  37. I have always had a superstition that…

If you want to make more friends and create a lasting positive impression, remember to:

  • Share things that people can ask about later. 
  • Keep the focus on you. If you tend to talk a lot about your partner or your kids, try to use a fun fact that highlights your experiences with them. 
  • Avoid negative comments or dislikes. Instead of sharing things you hate, focus on what you like.
  • Avoid sharing stories about immoral or illegal activities, political opinions, or controversial ideas.

Funny facts about yourself

  1. My secret talent is ___ and you’ll only find out if ___ happens.
  2. I’m practically addicted to ___, and yes, I have considered seeking professional help.
  3. My idea of Heaven on Earth is ___, with an endless supply of ___.
  4. My biggest life hack is ___ and I am unashamedly proud of it.
  5. I could talk about ___ for hours on end, especially if you bring up ___.
  6. My biggest personal goal for this year is to finally ___, even if it involves ___.
  7. I once had a recurring dream of ___, and I think it meant I should/shouldn’t ___.
  8. I have an irrational fear of ___, which only intensifies when ___.
  9. My favorite type of art is ___ because it really highlights the beauty of ___.
  10. My favorite random fact is ___ and I bring it up at every socially awkward moment.
  11. My favorite podcast is ___ because it makes me feel ___.
  12. The most unusual item in my home is ___ and it’s there because ___.
  13. If I were to win the lottery, the first ridiculous thing I’d buy is ___.
  14. I’ve always wanted to ___ but only if ___ happens first.
  15. My go-to dance move is ___ especially when the song ___ comes on.
  16. The weirdest thing I’ve eaten is ___ and it tasted like ___.
  17. I have ___ phobias, and the strangest one is being afraid of ___.
  18. I can’t help but ___ when I hear the word ___.
  19. My favorite word is ___ because it sounds like ___.
  20. If I could have a superpower, it would be ___ but only if it came with ___.
  21. My go-to karaoke song is ___ because it showcases my hidden talent for ___.
  22. The most overused app on my phone is ___ and it’s mostly for ___.
  23. My signature dish is ___ even though it once made someone ___.
  24. The strangest compliment I’ve ever received is “___.”
  25. My favorite conspiracy theory is ___ because it makes me question ___.
  26. The first job I ever wanted as a kid was ___ and now I think that’s ___.
  27. My most memorable fashion mistake was ___ during ___.
  28. The weirdest place I’ve been to is ___ where I encountered ___.
  29. My most embarrassing moment involves ___ and a room full of ___.
  30. My dream travel destination is ___ but only if I can do/see ___ there.
  31. My spirit animal is ___ because it totally gets my ___.
  32. The last thing I binge-watched was ___ and I regret nothing/everything.
  33. My favorite quote is “___” because it speaks to my ___.
  34. If I could meet any historical figure, it would be ___ so I could ask about ___.
  35. I’ve always wondered why ___ even though ___.
  36. My weirdest habit is ___ and it drives ___ crazy.
  37. The most adventurous thing I’ve done is ___ with ___.
  38. I can’t stand ___ even though everyone else seems to love ___.
  39. The most unforgettable book I’ve read is ___ because it made me ___.
  40. I would trade all my ___ for just one ___.

Here are some tips to keep it funny but not overdo it:

  • Try to choose facts that others can relate to or find amusing. A shared laugh is a step closer to a lasting friendship.
  • Humor varies from person to person. What’s hilarious to you may not be to someone else, so avoid subjects that could be sensitive or triggering.
  • While it’s fun to share something outlandishly funny, strike a balance so people can still take you seriously when needed.
  • The best humor comes from a place of authenticity. Don’t try too hard to be funny; instead, let your own unique brand of humor shine through.

How to Create Interesting Stories About Yourself

Even the most interesting person in the world can have trouble coming up with an “interesting story” about themselves on the spot. With eyes on you and everyone anxiously awaiting some epic tale, somehow your mind goes blank…

A meme of a man with grey and white hair and a black suit, leaning in with a beer on the table in front of him. It says "I don't always forget my most interesting facts, but when I do, everyone is waiting for me to tell one

Chances are, you’re actually super interesting! You just need to remember your favorite stories and practice sharing them in a compelling way.

  1. Start by learning how to tell a great story
  2. Grab a sheet of paper and brainstorm 5-10 random memories. These prompts may inspire some fun memories:
  • The best gift/surprise I ever received was…
  • My favorite childhood memory is…
  • The hardest physical challenge I ever tried was…
  • My most peaceful experience was…
  • The most beautiful natural phenomenon I’ve ever seen was…
  • When I was 16, I decided it was a good idea to…
  • The scariest moment of my life was when I…
  • One of the biggest obstacles I ever had to overcome was…
  • Once when I was traveling in ___, and I had a big miscommunication when I tried to…
  1. Circle one or two memories that are appropriate for most occasions. Avoid stories that have controversial, illegal, raunchy, or offensive details.
  2. Next to your choice(s), jot down a few vivid details to make the story more amusing, such as:
    • The setting and surrounding environment of the story
    • Smells and aromas
    • Emotions you felt in that moment
    • People who were there
    • The sounds you remember
    • Funny quotes or dialogue 
  3. Create a brief outline of the story’s summary. You don’t need to cover every detail. Instead, think of the highlight moments.
  4. Practice writing a short script for your story or rehearsing in front of a mirror. This will solidify the right words in your brain for the next situation where you want to share. 
Do’s for Interesting StoriesDon’t’s for Interesting Stories (Avoid)
Do tell a story in 2 minutes or less.Don’t talk forever or share the entire story of your life.
Do pick a story that is positive, inspiring, sweet, funny, or lighthearted. Don’t share a story that is traumatic, dark, sad, or depressing. 
Do tell the highlights of your story.Don’t go into every detail.
Do include a few relevant sensory details that make the listener feel like they were there. Don’t be too vague or waste time with irrelevant details.
If you want to tell a funny or embarrassing story, choose one where you are the butt of the joke. Don’t tell a derogatory story or make jokes at someone else’s expense, especially if it is someone present.

Key Takeaways: Use the CAP Rule for a Captivating Introduction

Ultimately, the “share a fun fact about yourself” icebreaker game is an opportunity for a more captivating introduction. Instead of dreading it, think about this icebreaker as a “get out of jail free” card. If you share a good “fun fact,” you don’t have to go through another boring round of small talk (thank goodness!

People are more likely to approach you afterward if you share a fun fact that is:

  • Conversation-Sparking: The main function of a “fun facts about me” icebreaker is to help people get to know each other. Instead of sharing your favorite color or what you did today, prioritize fun facts that can spark conversation. 
  • Appropriate: Avoid anything too personal or uncomfortable, like your financial situation, sexual orientation, or controversial topics.
  • Personalized and Prepared: Don’t be generic! Prepare your fun facts ahead of time by reflecting on your life and what makes you unique. 

Ultimately, sharing fun facts about yourself is a lot more interesting than simply stating your job title or industry. If people keep asking you, “What do you do?” and you want to avoid the small talk, here are 10 anti-boring ways to Answer “What Do You Do?” (And What to Ask Instead).

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