Do you want to have an elevator pitch that is both memorable and influential? There are a few secrets to the best pitches and I’m going to share them.

This month on the blog I have reviewed some reader submitted pitches to give us all an opportunity to learn what to do…and what not to do.

Let’s take a look at John’s elevator pitch:

Elevator Pitch Do’s:

  • Enunciate and speak clearly
  • Use a paced cadence for people to understand and keep up with you
  • Keep an open torso
  • Aim your torso at the person you are speaking with

Elevator Pitch Dont’s:

  • Don’t freeze or tense up your body. Use movement purposeful to add warmth and energy
  • Wring your hands or crack your knuckles. Use explanatory hand gestures to demonstrate concepts
  • Sound memorized or stagnant. Tell a story or example to add emotionality to your voice

Overall, Johnn did an awesome job! You want to see more about what he does? Check out his LinkedIn.

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